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  1. S

    Rescued a massive Silver Dollar, will it shoal with smaller Silver Dollars?

    Hi everyone, I saw the Silver Dollar at my LFS. I figured I'd get it since I have a mostly empty 125 gallon tank. I wanted to see if anyone would know if the Silver Dollar would shoal with smaller ones. I have never seen a Silver Dollar bigger than 2in diameter at a fish store, this one is...
  2. V

    For Sale  Wide Black Bar Myleus Schomburgkii

    8 medium sized wide bar silver dollars for sale. About 4-5 inches big. Just need more tank space. $200 for the group!
  3. AquaScape

    Check out some of these newer fish we still have available!

    4"-5" Blue Hook Silver Dollars - $45.oo Ea. 10" Black Devil Wyckii Catfish - $250.oo Ea. 10" Black Wolffish- $250.oo Ea. 5"-6" Jardini Arowana- $160.oo Ea. 3" Snowball Plecos- $25.oo Ea. 2" Clown Plecos- $15.oo Ea. 2" Spotted Rubbernose Plecos - $10.oo Ea. 2" Jaguar Cichlids- $5.oo Ea. Or...
  4. A

    FREE  Re-home: Silver dollars, parrot cichlids, plecos, leopard bush fish, convict (free)

    Hi, I am dismantling my 100g tank because I just had a baby and I can no longer take care of it. I would like to re-home the following fish: -4 silver dollars -2 parrot cichlids -1 leopard bush fish -1 convict cichlid -1 sm/med pleco -1 large pleco (all approx 2yrs old) Pickup only. Bring...
  5. festaedan

    For Sale  Getting out of the hobby sale

    Hello everybody For soon to be collegiate reasons, I am forced to let go of my collection. A vast majority of the listed fish have been in my care for well over a year, most of which have been with me for over two. Once all the fish are gone, I will be selling the set ups (300g, 120g, 40g, 20g...
  6. RampageRR

    For Sale  3 silver dollars - Metynnis lippincottianus

    Selling a small group of 3 metynnis lippincottianus silver dollars. Hard to guess at exact size, but I would say they're in the 4" range and close to 2 years old. I've kept them as dithers through several groups of large cichlids, but now that the tank is full of exodons, they're being bullied...
  7. C

    For Sale  Wtb: Schools Of Silver dollar, barbs etc.

    Looking to buy Schools of good size schooling fish like silver dollars, barbs or anything cool text me anytime 508 209 8014 let me know what you have
  8. F

    For Sale  % Silver Dollars For Sale

    I have 2 black bar silver dollars and 3 regular silver dollars for sale. Both very happy and I got all of them from Big Als. Regular silvers 5" black bars are 6" and nearing 7". Asking 30 each for the silvers and 50 each for the black bars. Take all 5 for 150 FIRM. They have been living...
  9. F

    Want to Buy  Wide Bar Silver Dollars (Schomburgkii)

    Looking for a group of Schomburgkii in Southern California.
  10. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Wide Bar Silver Dollar Info Thread

    So instead of asking a single question here and then repeating over and over again with other questions to gain more information, I would like to create a single thread where multiple questions can be asked and a discussion can ensure. I think that way, we can lower the potential drama that I...
  11. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Want to Buy  Looking to buy Myleus Schomburgki (Silver Dollars)

    Type of Listing: Want to buy Item/Animal: Myleus Schomburgki (Wide Bars, Thin Bars and Blackberry) Price: Determined by seller. Location: Eastern Ontario Pickup or shipping: Either is fine. Description: Looking for all three types of Myleus Schomburgki, preferably all types including Wide...
  12. mattybecks

    Geos and SD stealing food from Jardini

    The Jardini needs to be quick, if he doesn't dash across the tank for his shrimp he looses it to the mob. He has given up trying to get it back from them once they have it haha.
  13. T

    Metynnis Fasciatus in 5 foot tank

    Is my tank adequate enough for a small group of Metynnis Fasciatus? It's 60.5" long, 16.5" wide, 25.5" tall. If so, how many? They would be with 6 Geophagus Sveni that are now juvies at 2-3", but will be about 6-7" average at full grown. I want to make sure they have adequate space in a tank...
  14. G

    Changing Things Up

    I'm looking to change up my current set up and I'm looking to part with some of the larger guys that I have, I apologize in advance for the haze, the acrylic needs to be polished. 3 11" to 13" Wide Bar Emperor Blue Hook Silver Dollars - trio for $300 22" Albino Silver Arowana - $500 13" Wild...
  15. mattybecks

    Changing up my tanks a little - advice on stocking

    As some of you may know already I have 15 x silver dollars and 1 x Jardini in my 180 gal. Then 7 x Geophagus Tapajos in my 40ish gal. As of now everything is balanced, no aggression, great water quality (water change once a week as soon as nitrates reach 20ppm, sometimes every 5 days if its a...
  16. F

    Rehabilitating Silver dollars (a make feel-good tale)

    Not enough SILVER DOLLAR talk.... So, In the fall of 2017, I inherited 3 adult silver dollars, estimated to be at least 15 years old at that time (later found to be more like 20 years). This came from a science classroom aquarium at a local school. Although well cared earlier in their life, the...
  17. F

    Metynnis silver dollars and planted tank?

    I don't have the secret or claim to know any better. But my silver dollars (Metynnis spp., 3 different species) don't eat my plants. The tank is 75gallon, relatively heavily planted with several different species of plants: 3 Crypts (Cryptocorybe usteriana, C. affinis and C. sp.), Java fern...
  18. Bluesandtwo

    110G SA Riparium Build

    I wanted to try something new and give a riparium a go. Firstly I wanted something a bit more natural looking with another dimension. Secondly I wanted some greenery but have SD's... so no joy growing anything under the water!! It's all trial and error, early stages. But I wanted to share with...
  19. CMTrey5

    FS | WIDE BAR SILVER DOLLARS aka Myleus schomburgkii

    Selling a group of 8 wide bars. Sizes range from 5-7". All are very healthy and active, always swimming around the tank. 2 of the 8 are wild caught (most colorful ones). If you have any questions TEXT me at 5104322866
  20. mattybecks

    Help on ID for my Metynnis SDs

    Hi Guys, I got a school of 15 silver dollars. The LFS just labelled them as "silver dollars". They all looked the same, not much colour as I believe the poor little guys were obviously stressed being kept in smaller tanks. When I bought them home they were immediately more comfortable, some of...