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  1. Vivekcichlids

    Please help.

    I have a 5feet long 90 gallon tank. I've had an Oscar in it for almost 2 years. He was really healthy and grew big from a very small size. But recently I lost him all of a sudden. He was gasping and died. I do the water changes weekly 40-50% always and it has worked for me really well. I brought...
  2. F

    aquarium video ideas

    hi! my name is varshil and i own the aquarium channel varshil MVH Pets. i'm doing a video series on making a 230 gallon turtle planted paludarium. the series consists of setting up the tank, setting up the fiteration, spending a few days boating to get some aquascape ideas, spending a few days...
  3. S

    55g South American Tank

    Hi guys, I am swapping out my African Cichlid tank for some sort of South or Central American cichlids, but I am not sure what I want/can have. I like the idea of having something breeding in the tank, but don't want 8000 babies that I can't t rid of. So, I have a 55g tank with gravel (I will...
  4. karpomatic

    DIY Polycarbonate Sump

    I'm going to take a crack at building my own sump for my 125 mostly South American 125 gallon aquarium. I have been using the one in the photo for 3 years now and it's okay but it was originally designed for saltwater and I'm hoping I can do better. The planned dimensions are 48" x 15" x 15"...
  5. mattybecks

    New Juvenile Silver Arowana

    Just sharing my newly added silver Arowana. I was returning my tinfoil barbs to the LFS (was planning have a Geo and Oscar only aquarium), and found the lovely huge piece of wood you see in the background. So I bought the wood and got a free silver thrown in haha. (I think for the tinfoils and...
  6. D

    For Sale  Red Terror Festae and Christmas Cichlid for Sale

    1 Large Festae (Red Terror) Male 8-9 inches $80 1 Medium Festae (Red Terror) Female 6 inches $70 1 Medium Festae (Red Terror) Male 6 inches $60 1 Xystichromis phytophagus (Christmas Cichlid) 5 inches $15 I am located in Santa Ana, CA. You can come here and see the fish first, we can meet, or I...
  7. C

    Umbee Sexing

    Two Rio Guatape umbees. Wondering if there both female or if one is male and other female. Was told one was male and other female
  8. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    For Sale  Geophagus red head tapajos’

    I have two red head tapajos ( Geophagus parnaibae, Geophagus sp. Tapajos ‘Red head’ ) that are around 3-4 inches healthy and eating most anything, I would like to sell together but will separate, 40 dollars together or 20 each
  9. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-


    I have a group of 5 nice thin bar silver dollars “Myleus schomburgkii” that are around 5-7 inches and a tiger stripe silver dollar that I’m looking to get rid of and selling only as a Group. They are healthy and have a large appetite eating all different kinds of food.
  10. C

    Jack Dempsey Sexing and pair

    I was wondering if this a a male and female jack Dempsey. Trying to get a pair going.
  11. C

    Texas cichlid sexing

    I have a electric blue Texas cichlid around 5 inches and was wondering if anyone knows the sex.
  12. salt_creep

    Assortment of South American fish - Central Florida

    I've got some earth eaters and plecos I need help rehoming. I'm not really wanting to ship as I've got a place I can dump everything for cheap if I need to. L256 Royal Sunshine Pleco (x4) LG $400 L014 Sunshine Pleco XLG (x2) $300 L114 Leopard Cactus XLG (x1) MD (x1) $100 and $40 XLG Proven...
  13. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Red Oscar update

    Well plans have changed a little with the trio of oscars I have. Today I got rid of 11 fish which cut the bio load I had in half leaving me with 8 fish, I did a large water change and then got things back to normal. I have been housing 3 oscars temporarily in a 20 gallon long set up as a lot...
  14. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Pothos added to 125

    Got some pothos yesterday, so today after work I got a piece of driftwood I had laying around that likes to float rather than sink and used rubber bands to attach the pothos to the drift wood, leaving the roots in the water with stem and leaves out of the water. Let me know what you think, never...
  15. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Oscars for the 125

    Just picked up these 3 oscars the other day . Two red oscars and 1 tiger, growing them up together and then keeping the two reds for my 125 g setup and getting rid of the tiger. There currently in a 20 gallon long for quarantine and most likely grow them up in this tank for a while till there...
  16. Zak03

    Oscar Died. What did I do Wrong?

    Alright. So I purchased two baby Oscars (red and tiger) from Petco a little bit over a week ago. They live in a 40-gallon tank ( i will upgrade later, don't worry) with two baby sun catfish and two baby common plecos (which I added today). I apologize in advance for the amount of reading you...
  17. L

    Stocking advice?

    I have a 75 gallon fish tank that I will be cycling with a fluval 406 and a aquaclear 110. I currently have a rainbow shark, blood parrot cichlid, and two convict cichlids who are both females in a 37 gallon. Could I add a shoal of Buenos Aires and maybe one or two electric blue acara to the 75...
  18. Lawton C

    Finally going to get it.....

    After 4 years of this hobby, I think I'm finally ready to get a tank bigger than 75g:). I'm looking at something in the 180-250 range for my living room. I'm cycling a 60 gallon for a pair of sajica and other fish atm. I have alwyas loved SA/CA cichlids and want to do a community including these...
  19. C

    Jaguar sexing

    i have around a 7 inch jaguar cichlid. When I vented it, it looked like this oO. Any guesses?
  20. C

    Identifying sex on 6 inch red devil

    Hi guys I recently put this red devil in my 125 was wondering if you could help sex it, thanks