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  1. kody929

    Rare Compatibility question

    Hello everyone how's the fish lol I had a question a few advanced SA aquarist Can answer. I recently received 3x Herichthys bocourti(Golden Mojarra), 3x Caquetaia myersi, those beautiful new Red Tiger Severums, 4x Astratheros/Criboheros robertsoni and some wild Colombian Oscars. They are all 1"...
  2. kody929

    Ornatum Venting

    Hello everyone I hate to ask due to my inexperience but I recently moved my Mesoheros ornatums/gephyrums and I was able to snap a few photos. I'm far from an expert on this species and was sold these as a male and female. After looking this may not be the case but I'd love any input from you...
  3. M

    Just wanted to show off my tank

    Old pics but current stock 7 red terrors 1 saxatilis pike 1 venezulean pike 2 unknown (pos. Sax pikes) 1 vieja argentea 1 marbled goby 2 com plecos
  4. O

    How many SA in a 75 gallon?

    Aqadvisor is saying this tank is overstocked - do you agree or disagree? Stock is: 3 jewel cichlids 2 acaras 2 firemouths 2 blood parrots 1 blood red severum
  5. E

    South American Cichlids Brooklyn

    I am getting rid of my tanks and the fish need to go first no matter what. Here's what I have: Midas Parrotfish Flowerhorn Vieja Catfish None are babies, they are medium sized fish, not small. Give me an offer. You don't have to buy all of course.
  6. Nativefishkeeper904

    How many South American cichlids can I keep in a 55 gallon aquarium?

    I bought a 55 gallon aquarium with my Christmas money recently and I cycled it with the most hardy fish my pet store had. Convict cichlids. Just watching their personalities come out was just amazing and I grew attached. I have 2 males and 2 females in the 55 at the moment. They are not breeding...
  7. SeymourAndHisCat

    Blue Acara Or Green Terror?

    Hello, Recently I bought 3 "Blue Acaras" from my LFS for 7.50$ each, but after looking online and researching some more information about them im beginning to think I got 3 green terrors instead. I know i cannot house 3 green terrors, especially in my smaller sized tank and origionally i...
  8. B

    Achara catfish

    So I just bought an achara catfish maybe two weeks ago, it was about 5 inches now its at 8 inches. Mostly keeps to its self but has been getting bullied by my flowerhorn and red devil they seem to be obsessed with it. Any advice to help keep them occupied.
  9. K

    Electric Blue Jack Dempsy

    Can a EBJD live with a sengal Birchir? I have a cycled 55 gallon and I would get both at tiny sizes.
  10. jamntoast

    Will an Oscar get more aggressive as it ages?

    I've got a wc Oscar who is ~4.5" maybe more and I just moved it in with a group of geo tapajos and uaru amph Who are all pretty much maxed out for size so I'm not too concerned at the moment but can I expect that as he gets older and larger it will become more aggressive? I've never kept...
  11. Sizzy905

    Aggressive cichlid tank

    I'm thinking of starting another 75 gallon tank, I actually wanna get a larger one but due to limited space now since I already got a 75 recently, I think another 4 foot tank is the way to go. I want to stock aggressive cichlids in this one. I really love jags but I know 75 isn't enough for...
  12. Tyler_Wentworth_150

    call me crazy (I'm expecting it) new sa/CA grow out

    New CA and sa grow out set up :) 75ga standard footprint 1- red O 3.5" Rusty 1- albino tiger 3.5" Peaches 1- wild colorform w/ gold highlights 3" Bullseye 1- Midevil 2.5" Punk 1- JD 3.5" Curious George 2- Geo Surin.. 4" and 2.5" Laverne and Shirley 1- Savini 3" Sunny 1- Black ghostknife 7"...
  13. Truetommy

    cichlid ID

    I just got back from the fish store and picked up two intresting looking cichlids. They were losted as green hornets, however I havent been able to find any information on them. One of the workers at the stores said they were related to severums, if any one knows any info on this fish it would...
  14. SeymourAndHisCat

    species identification/sexing (geophagus type)

    Hey, this fish was sold to me under red head tapjos but I'm having my doubts as pictures of these fish online look very different. It's defiantly a type of geophagus but I don't think he/she is a redhead. Any help is appreciated
  15. SeymourAndHisCat

    Stocking Suggestions South American

    Hello, I have a 50 gallon tank with Fluval 405 (100 US gallon) canister filter Current fish; 1x Banded cichlid (Golden Severum) 8-8.5 inches 1x Torpedo Barb (Roseilene Shark) 4 inches 1x Electric Blue Crayfish 1x Some sort of Geophagus 4 inches, sold under Red headed tapjos, however looking at...
  16. Truetommy

    SA/CA cichlid stocking

    I just recently picked up a ~100 gallon tank. the dimensions are 5' long 18"deep and 20" tall. I currently have 1 convict, 1 Jd, 1 Texas, and 1 Firemouth (all juvinial) in a 55 gallon that i plan on putting in the 100 gallon. Are there any other aggressive cichlids i could keep with these guys...
  17. V

    Help me ID this cichlid

    I got 4 of these at the LFS today... No one at the LFS knew what these are...and I have no idea either.. if someone knows , please comment..