wolf cichlid

  1. Z

    Wolf cichlid gender clarification?

    Just ordered from imperialtropics.com having trouble identifying my wolf cichlid as female or male the spots are making me lean toward male but the rounded top and bottom dorsal fin have me saying female just need a little help pls.
  2. M

    Can two female Dovii cohabit?

    Hi, I have just acquired a female Dovii, about 7", and have her in a quarantine tank at the moment. I already have another female Dovii of similar size who is currently housed in with a group of six Spotted Metynnis and a large Common Pleco. In the short term, I was thinking of putting the new...
  3. S

    Central and south mericn fish in Canada

    Does anyone know where to order or any good fish stores that sell central/american cichlids?. Looking to get back in the game and get a pair of dovii or umbee or festae pair. Was going to travel to toronto to see if they had anything but I thought I'd ask the forum first.
  4. W

    Dovii Hybridization

    Here is a hypothetical: Dovii x Convict Cichlid hybrid. I know, I know, these are very different fish that will never get along. Again, this is just hypothetical. I just read a thread on cichlid crossbreeding, and it sounds like almost all Central American cichlids are genetically similar...
  5. C

    Jaguar or Dovii?

    My LFS sold me what I thought was to be a juvenile jaguar cichlid but after looking at the fish in my tank for awhile I believed that it was something different. I’m in between on if it is an actually jaguar or a Dovii. Someone please help me identify this fish
  6. TheMoneyTank(TMT)


    So today I went fish shopping and whilst looking round at the oddballs they had (8inch gulper catfish £99.00) I was drawn to the cichlid section where I saw my dream fish I have been after for 6 years (hard to find in my area of the UK) A 4inch male dovii, I have been after a dovii for years and...
  7. C

    New Dovii Owner. Looking for tips!!!

    I just got a dovii about 4-5 inches. It's in a 75 gallon tank right now with an aquaclear 110. I had it for about a week. Kind of shy still and eats about 5-6 pellets per feeding and loves krill. I feed it 2-3 times daily. I plan on doing my first water change by the end of this week and then...
  8. M

    Growth rate

    I want to know the growth rate for several South/ Central American cichlids? for instance Red Terror black nasty dovii jaguar cichlid. I have a 10 inch male Texas cichlid who is about 2 years old. I have a male Midas or Red Devil about 8 or 9 inches and he's two and a half years old I have a...
  9. detto

    Bad Dovii parents - what's the deal?

    Have had my Dovii pair for over 3-4 years now. I know them pretty damn well. The tank is in my bedroom so I virtually see them all the time. I have finally came to the conclusion that they are just **** parents, I'm so damn frustrated. I know it's always mostly the owners fault but I have tried...
  10. A

    Hello ,

    Hello from Newark New Jersey !
  11. H

    FS | Juvenile Parachromis Dovii Cichlids | $20 | CA 92677 | Local Only

    Hi everyone, I ordered some Doviis from Jeff Rapps at TUIC and would like to get some off of my hands. Reason for selling is because I ordered more than I needed (with the intention of increasing my chances at a male). So Im selling the leftover specimens. All appear to be between 2-3" in...
  12. H

    Juvenile Parachromis Dovii Cichlids for sale in 92677

    Reposted with proper title