Bichir slime coat loss or bacteria fungus?


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May 2, 2017
Have you tested your water?
If I did not test my water...
...I recognize that I will likely be asked to do a test, and that water tests are critical for solving freshwater health problems.
Do you do water changes?
What percentage of water do you change?
How frequently do you change your water?
Every week
If I do not change my water...
...I recognize that I will likely be recommended to do a water change, and water changes are critical for preventing future freshwater health problems.
Hey guys,

Recently I moved my 15 in lapradei bichir to a smaller 30 gallon tank for the time being since I wanted to rescape my aquarium. That would prove to be one of my worst decisions since the bichir was super unhappy and kept jumping and hitting the glass for 2 days. Started developing red lips and losing slime coat. I decided to add her back into the main tank which is planted and much larger (something I was gonna do 1 month later to guarantee plant growth but had to do it earlier since I didn’t want my fish to die). Moving the bichir was a hassle and she ended up losing a bit more slime coat when I tried catching her to the main tank.

She has settled in now with no issues and her lips are growing in and not red anymore. However, I noticed these fizzy patches on her skin. I’m wondering whether this is just missing slime coat or a bacteria infection. Will be doing a major water change today and monitoring her. I would have dosed aquarium salt by now but since the tank is planted, I’d rather not since it would kill all my plants. Let me know what I should do and whether this is something to be majorly concerned about ( It has been 3 days since moving the bichir to the new tank and I didn’t see any patches in those 2 days). Thanks again everyone!






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Dec 24, 2005
Don’t looks like much. Maybe a little slimecoat left over. Don’t look like fungus. Keep doing the water changes. It should improve. Update as it goes.
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