1. Rayfishowner

    Bichir slime coat loss or bacteria fungus?

    Hey guys, Recently I moved my 15 in lapradei bichir to a smaller 30 gallon tank for the time being since I wanted to rescape my aquarium. That would prove to be one of my worst decisions since the bichir was super unhappy and kept jumping and hitting the glass for 2 days. Started developing red...
  2. amazontank

    Fungus question on plecos

    I have a group of L397 plecos. A few of them have small fungus growth on fins. I raised the temperature to 86 and dosed salt 1 Tablespoon for 3 gallons. My question should I quarantine the plecos showing signs of fungus or treat the whole tank? How contagious is it?
  3. A

    Growth on Venustus’ anal fin

    Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here but I can’t find anything online to help diagnose this issue. My venustus has had this for a few weeks now and it’s gotten bigger. Not sure what it is, and was hoping someone on here can help me determine what it is, and how to cure it...
  4. A

    Whats on my fire eel?

    I have recently purchased a fire eel, he is about 6” long and I have had him for about 2 weeks, he is in a tank with a betta, 2 cory cats, a pleco and a snail, I had a molly and some fry but got rid of them today since they produce so much waste. I just noticed something on its side, it looks...
  5. D

    Hurt Marble Goby

    Hi all, I have a moderately sized marble goby that recently jumped out of its tank over night. When I found him I assumed he was dead as he’d dried up a bit but he moved slightly when touch and after holding him near some moving water he woke up and seemed to return to normal. However, the skin...
  6. Jacob._.merc


    Is this fungus? I have dealt with fungus before but have never had it this severe. I've had this fish for about 5 days and I've been treating him with meds for about 4 with melafix, putting in salt and turning the heat up. Any ideas what to do? Does it go away
  7. T

    Growths on Arowana?

    Hoping someone can help me out here. My asian aro has developed these growths towards his tail. I thought it might be fungal growth but its not white like ich would appear, its the same greyish colour as his scales. Any advise on what it could be/how to treat?
  8. A

    Treating fungus the safest way

    I purchased cardinal tetras two weeks ago and noticed a small spot on one in the beginning but thought he had just got scratched on something however several have it now and it's definitely fungus. I have a vampire shrimp, bristlenose pleco, and Kuhli loaches in the aquarium with them however...
  9. C

    Flowerhorn Potential Fungus?? Please Help!

    Hi! I have a flowerhorn that is about 1 or 1 1/2 years of age. It started having white spots for less than a month now. The white spots started off small and slowly grew to what looks like big blisters. At this point, my flowerhorn has stop eating and just stands in the corner of the tank most...
  10. viper0397


    just was curious if this looks like fungus to anyone or if it is just a love bite.
  11. Adictd2Fsh

    FUNGUS! what the?

    So i put this new piece of wood in my aquarium and two days later it has this crazy white cloudy stuff growing on it. I took it out immediately! My royal pleco was loving it tho. should i treat my tank for fungus or what? this stuff grew so rapidly on this wood. what to do. Do my fish need...
  12. A

    Unfertilized Eggs?

    My Husband has a pair of gold severums that laid eggs the other day. Three out of hundreds of eggs are white which I was told meant they were infertile. The other eggs are still a sort of orange color and look like they did when she laid them. Will the white eggs end up covered in fungus and...
  13. Nano Vanisher

    Leucistic Convict X Firemouth Eggs (maybe)

    Good morning, My male pink convict and female firemouth have had a loose pair bond for a couple of weeks. Her female papilla was out all day and I observed them looking for a place to lay. They were taking all day , when I woke up she was guarding the clutch. I did not see him fertilize the...
  14. Michibi

    Help! Sick African Lungfish!

    Hi everyone! Huuuuuge fish noob and forum noob here please bear with me. I work at a fish conservation lab at my uni and I'm concerned for this lungfish we have. To get straight to the point we have an African lungfish who I haven't seen eat in months (we feed reptile pellets and worms which...
  15. S

    Sick motoro stingray

    I've had my stingray for a little over one month. He's been acting fine up until a few days ago. He hangs out by the filter pump pretty much all day as of recently. He normally swims all around the tank or stays by the heater. A week ago I notice some fungus on his barb, but it has not been...
  16. R

    Fungus on severum

    I've noticed something wrong on my severum & looks to me its fungus but still need some help to identify it... Also need to know is it possible to cure this thing without medication ?? Please help out
  17. detto

    Bad Dovii parents - what's the deal?

    Have had my Dovii pair for over 3-4 years now. I know them pretty damn well. The tank is in my bedroom so I virtually see them all the time. I have finally came to the conclusion that they are just **** parents, I'm so damn frustrated. I know it's always mostly the owners fault but I have tried...
  18. R

    Is this FUNGUS ?

    Folks ! Herewith attaching my severam pics as it has some white things on its fins after having some fight with my sinspilim.... If it's fungus please help me out how to cure it ! I'm not so experience to handle this please please help !!!
  19. freshfishin727

    36w uv sterilizer on 200 gal still have fungus growth

    Hellppp. White fungus growth , strange even tho I'm running a uv sterilizer
  20. Kaia

    Help! Velvet? Ich? Parasites?

    75 gal set up in January using the filter and water from the 35gL fish were fine until added the 4 new rainbows I received for Valentine's Day - which I added without quarantining ;( big mistake never had a bad fish from this store before and didn't have a quarantine tank set up at our new...