How To Culture And Feed Microworms To Your Fish

The Dave

MFK Member
Jul 26, 2016

One of the best ways to improve the growth rate of newborn fish is to give them ample supplies of healthy live foods. Microworms are a great choice for feeding small fry. These roundworms are a free-living (non-parasitic) nematode that is also known as the sour paste nematode. They are very easy to raise and feed to your newborns. However, they have two main drawbacks; one is that the culture medium begins to smell quite bad within a few weeks of creation. So, re-culture frequently and be sure to cover the culture.

The second drawback is that they are not aquatic creatures, so they sink into the substrate and die fairly quickly. As a result, it is best to feed these to your newborns in small amounts, and an even better method is to use a bare-bottomed tank where the leftovers can be vacuumed up before they degrade the water quality. Below you will find a great high definition video that illustrates how to raise these worms, as well as how to feed them to your baby fish. Enjoy. . .