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Jul 25, 2017
So after about 8 years away from keeping an aquarium (I kept a 90 gallon aquarium with my father until I graduated high school), I have finally decided to get back into the hobby. I recently acquired a 300 gallon aquarium (dimensions - 96"L, 30"W, 24"H) at a garage sale for a steal and am eager to stock it with my favorite fish, American cichlids. I want this tank to be slightly under stocked, as I like the more natural look. The tank will have a lot of driftwood, rock structures and fake plants.

So far the stock I have in mind includes:
4 Jack Dempsey (1 male, 3 females)
6 Firemouth (2 males, 4 females)
6 Thorichthys aureus (2 males, 4 females)
1 Green Terror (female)
2 Nicaraguense (1 male, 1 female)

I would like some Central American dithers, but am not completely sure what those would be. If push comes to shove, I'll get a school of Giant Danios.

I will buy all my fish as juveniles since watching them mature is half the experience in my opinion, the significant price difference is nice as well. I do over buy (usually 2-3 more than I plan to keep) so I can get the most peaceful fish possible and a balance of sex.

What do you guys think about this stock list? Should anything be changed?



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Sep 26, 2015
If you are after a natural look,personally I would drop the nics and the gt.
Gt's being south American and nics not fitting the biotope for the other cichlids.
However I think a harem of JDs and a large group of say 12 to 15 meeki would make a very nice biotope and look very natural.
If you added a large shoal of yucatun mollies you would have a great tank of fishes found together in nature.
I'm not saying your original list won't work but it will not be as natural as the fish i named above.