central american cichlids

  1. B

    Fry dying - killing each other or disease?

    Hey everyone, My Vieja Guttulatus and Vieja Hartwegi recently started to breed after they hit about two years old. One batch of fry is about two and a half months old now, and I've been finding dead ones each morning. Sometimes I will find two or three, and sometimes I will wake up to ten dead...
  2. B

    Stocking a 125g

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I have a 125g tank that currently houses a jack Jack Dempsey. I would like to stock it with other cichlids, I tried adding my firemouth wich is the same size as the JD but they fought too much so I removed him. I've decided to add multiple cichlids at once to reduce...
  3. Sarah J

    I don't know what the eff is wrong with my fish

    Okay let me start by saying I know internal parasites can be common or are common with aquarium fish. Well, I have never dealt with it. My water parameters are exactly where they need to be and don't really change. I am not visibly seeing any parasites. So, about 4-5 weeks ago I started...
  4. nutty

    New Central American cichlid book

    Hope this is of interest? My new book is ready to pre-order. The book contains 298 pages of aquascapes, keeping and breeding and profiles of many CA cichlid species. There is only a limited order time until the end of the month so be quick. Shipping will be through November. The book...
  5. Sarah J

    opinions, opinions, opinions :)

    Ok friends,, I have felt for a long time that my 125g was missing so much, but I liked my 5 fish living in harmony LOL. Recently, I found out that instead of 2 male EBA's I thought I had, they were actually a pair and bred, but she ate them. Then, I thought both of my Sajica's were male...
  6. Sarah J

    EBJD concerns.. very long post

    Very Long Post! Ok, good morning everyone. I saw few posts on this but they didn't seem to pertain fully to my situation. I've had my EBJD since February when he was about an inch (now 3 inches). He has always had the most personality, ran the tank, and my favorite fish hands down. Yesterday, I...

    Red Devils sp.Zapatera Isle

    Red devil fry growing out showing good characteristics big lips and barred patterns which more than half will retain as adults. Parents F2's
  8. C

    Jaguar cichlid gender

    I was wondering if anyone can tell if my jag is a male or female yet? I’m having a tough time but I’m guessing a male.
  9. Sarah J

    Tank Mate Opinions lol

    Ok, I have 2 -two inch EBA's, 2 -one inch EBJD, and a 1.5inch Diadema cichlid in a 125g. Im so hesitant to add anything aggressive because I want all of these fish to survive. Does anyone have experience with meeki fire mouth aggression? I was also going to get 2 more EBA'S. I don't want...
  10. Sarah J

    New 125g Setup and Stock opinions

    Hello All, Im new here. I have had a 50g African Peacock Cichlid tank for a year now but just discovered my love for South American cichlids. I will be purchasing my 125g and will be taking my time with setup and figuring out how I would like it and what would be best for the fish. I will be...
  11. GoldFinger


    Spill your beans (or fish food), and post your feeding schedule and what you feed. Ideally Central & SA Cichlids but also what you may have in with them. I’m new and hoping to steal some ideas and create the “ideal” diet, albeit every fish will vary. Please list your stock & tank gallons, plus...
  12. C

    Costa Rica or nica Dovii???

    so I’ve had this guy for about 4 years now he’s in a 250 by himself he’s about 26 1/2 inches just want to know if he’s Costa Rican or Nicaraguan and he’ll wiuld be much appreciated
  13. Addi_13


    Hello guys, Guys I have a Jaguar cichlids which is about 5” - 6” in a 300 Gallon. Please can you help me identify it’s sex as it’s growing up and I want to know if it’s male as they get very aggressive towards other fishes. Regards, Additya
  14. I

    Need experience!

    I want to get experience so I can breed red tiger motaguense. Before I drop 108$ to get them shipped in, what's a good, widely available, cichlid to get experience. Im not new to fish by any means and know a decent amount about community fish but I'm looking to get into central/south american...
  15. C

    Is this a true Hogaboomorum?

    Got this fish a couple years ago from a coworker who had it (along with an oscar and jack dempsey) dumped on him by a friend that moved away. He looks like a hoga but it just doesnt make sense that the guy (who had them all in a 20g) would have such an uncommon fish. Pics are all within weeks of...
  16. S

    New 300g CA (mostly) tank stocking suggestions

    So after about 8 years away from keeping an aquarium (I kept a 90 gallon aquarium with my father until I graduated high school), I have finally decided to get back into the hobby. I recently acquired a 300 gallon aquarium (dimensions - 96"L, 30"W, 24"H) at a garage sale for a steal and am eager...
  17. B

    Female convict getting bullied in CA tank

    Hello all, I'm new here and just thought I would start by introducing myself and providing some background. I just started my first cichlid tank with 3 young CA cichlids. I grew up with tropical community tanks and worked at a pet store for several years while I was in college and have been...
  18. Aquatank

    New Oscar breed ?

    Guys in your opinion can we make a new breed of Oscars from selective breeding of them, Guys let me know you ideas and I some are suitable then let's give it a try. Is that legal to creat a new strain of cichlid at your fishroom or do you need some kind of permits
  19. spencer0t

    Pair of cichlids

    are there any aggressive south/Central American cichlid pair that I can house in a 75 gallon
  20. Tomt37

    My baby Green Terror (Golden Saum) Female - or too early to tell?

    Only just coming up on 2" - opinions on sex?