300 gallon

  1. W

    Want to Buy  Looking for a 300 gallon tank (Virginia)

    Hi all. I'm getting back into the hobby after a 5-year hiatus and I'm looking for a reef ready, 96" 300 gallon (or thereabouts). Will gladly pay a reasonable price based on condition, features, etc. I'm in the Hampton Roads area of VA but would be willing to travel to come get it if it's not...
  2. F

    Glass for aquarium

    HI i have 2 questions: i'm from india a i wanted to have my LFS make a 300 gallon 68 by 30 by 30 inch aquarium with bracing and 12mm glass. my LFS says it's impossible without at least 19mm glass even though most charts and calculators say it's more than enough! and he says a 68 by 30(w) by...
  3. F

    peacock bass with angelfish

    can i keep peacock bass with 40 adult angelfish in a 400 gallon aquarium?
  4. F

    ideas for oscar tankmates

    i have a 300 gallon south american style tank and it has one oscar. i need some suggestions for schooling fish i could put with him (maybe angelfish?) the than has amazing filtration and can filter upto a 2000 gallon.
  5. F

    oscar with angelfish

    hi! i have a tiger oscar ( not agresive) in a 300 gallon and want to add some angelfish (around 16 adults ) to the tank, but not sure if that is possible. the 300 gallon tank has a lot of hiding spots and has very good filtration( capable of supporting a 2000 gallon) any thoughts on this
  6. C

    Want to Buy  200-400 gallon fish tank

    Looking for a bigger fish tank in north california
  7. F

    Marineland 300g alternative

    So I was planning to upgrade my 180g to a 300g Marineland in October, but in my post a few months ago I posted that I have read many negative reviews on the Marineland 300g and many of you confirmed the leaking issue. I saw on line a Tsunami 245g bowfront. The dimensions are 72”L 30”W 30H...
  8. P

    300 gallon filtration

    Hello fellow addicts , I have a 300 gallon aquarium in storage and I’m trying to brainstorm some seriously overpowered filtration, obviously planning a sump but I was hoping you fine people could help me out as I’ve never had one , what can you recommend for pumps, builds and, setups. This will...
  9. F

    Large non nipping fish for goldfish?

    I just upgraded my sun room pond to a 300 gallon and leave it at 75 degrees (I live in Florida and my goldfish can handle the heat waves) I have 5 fancy goldfish and 2 comet, I was trying to find a large interesting tank mate that could coexist with them and not bother the fancies. Or perhaps...
  10. coreybecker

    8 foot stand and canopy build

    Starting to build stand this weekend. Tank i ordered is 96*30*24. Will be wooden 2*6 frame wrapped in med-x MDF (wood countertops made of water resistant) and painted. Some input required What height would you recommend for cleaning purpose. Never had such a tall tank before. (Filtration is 2...
  11. coreybecker

    Just ordered 300 gallon setup suggestions welcomed

    So wife wants new hardwood floor and my 120 gallon has a small crack on a seam. Holds water now just fine just don't wanna risk moving again. So I just ordered a new tank. 8 feet long 30 inches wide and 24 inches deep Starfire from Pannell regular glass all other panes. 3-4 weeks away. Now the...
  12. J

    300 Gallon Pond Stocking

    Hi Everyone, I'm planning to build a pond that has the dimensions of, 6 feet x 3 feet x 2 feet. It is 300 gallons. I would like to put 2 oscar fish. I want some other large predator fish, what do you guys reccomend? Please give me a whole stocking, ie (2 oscars, 1 clown knife, ) etc. I want...
  13. GoldFinger

    305 Gallon Build W/ 120 Gallon Sump

    Finally made progress on my sump and tank. I will post as much information as I can in hopes it will help other newbies such as myself. Please feel free to critique as I will be filling the system soon to test everything! Tank Specs: 305 Gallons 3/4” Starphire (all walls) L 84” W 30” H 28”...
  14. S

    New 300g CA (mostly) tank stocking suggestions

    So after about 8 years away from keeping an aquarium (I kept a 90 gallon aquarium with my father until I graduated high school), I have finally decided to get back into the hobby. I recently acquired a 300 gallon aquarium (dimensions - 96"L, 30"W, 24"H) at a garage sale for a steal and am eager...
  15. GoldFinger

    Help with sump set-up

    Hey guys I would love some help figuring out how to build my sump. My tank will house an Asian Arowana with possible discus and a ray or eel. The tank is going to be 84x30x28 with a 3 foot external ghost overflow at the back coupled with Bean Animal drains and two returns. I would like to go as...
  16. Addi_13

    Glass Thickness for New Aquarium.

    Hello Guys, I have a 16" Silver Arowana, Shortbody Flowerhorn, 2 Oscars, 4 Blood Parrot and few loaches in 150 Gallon tank. But as the fishes are growing up, I am planning to upgrade my aquarium to a 300 Gallon setup. The dimensions are 78 L X 30 W X 36 H. I asked my local...
  17. M@T!@$

    340 gallon tank on Craigslist?

    So this guy has a "340" gallon tank on Craigslist for sale for $200, even though in the pic the tank looks tiny? He said its 96 x 30 x30 Hope to hear back from him What do you guys think? It looks like a 125 imo
  18. Diesel Street

    Transferring Taco the Pacu. A LITTLE ADVICE HERE!!!!

    Okay........Hello to all (by the way)! Pretty new to MFK's.com but been keeping fish since the 9th grade (im old as F**k, now!). Taco had been in a 29 gallon for thr 1st 6mo's of his life, then a 55 gallon for the next 12-14 mo's up until now. Taco's next move is the 300 gallon Rubbermaid stock...
  19. C

    Adding Smaller Cichlids with Larger

    Hi all! I have a black belt cichlid that needs to be moved out of its grow out tank since it is beginning to show aggression to others. This fish is 4 to 5 inches. At what size can I add this fish into a 300 gallon with much larger 9 to 10 inch cichlids (Jag, Bifa and Mayan)?