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Sep 2, 2016
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A quick update.
unfortunately after 4months and only an inch in length growth I have lost the Juerense. Just not putting weight on and eventually he gave up trying.
on the positive side the jau is now around four inch and is in new 4ft accommodation with a new inmate, a 5" liarius marmoratus. I thought the jau had fast growth generally, like redtails , etc, but I bought the liarius at 3" and now 5" in just 2 weeks! !!! Never known growth like it!
The capa\ fila is doing well now and has hit 10" excluding tail in his 6 *2 tank with the bagarius and a tigrinus as tank mates. Still skittish but much less than he was and great to watch him circle back on his food before taking it. Starting to bulk out a bit now.View attachment 1373893View attachment 1373894View attachment 1373895
Just a quick on Dave, watch the tig with the piriaba, the tigs nip at them from personal experience. When I picked my larger capa up it was kept in a 7x3 with a 2ft tog. One had it almost a year and it one whisker what was removed at the bed hasn’t came back. (Tail, whiskers & all body fins were all trashed on the at the time 18” capa) it may be a adult thing, not sure on smaller specimens.

Ps. Excuse if I’m babling on, ive just got back from a night out with the lads.

Fishman Dave

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Nov 14, 2015
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Dave Wormwell
Nice one mate, thank you for the heads up. The piraiba is probably 3" longer than the tig but some mornings wakes up with splits in his tail. Looks like what you seen is happening here too. Talking to Richard at wharf and as soon as I mentioned your name came up.
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