120 gallon

  1. N

    Tank ready for pleco???

    Originally posted under setup I need help with upgrading the tank for my 15” pleco and his goldfish pal. tank is cycled (I think) but I’m thinking a tank to tank move- please read the thread here and give me suggestions...
  2. N

    Used substrate? Tank transfer Q’s

    Our new 120 tank came with substrate he had fish in until 2days ago. We were going to re-use it, thinking it probably has good bacteria in it but the longer it sits in starting to wonder if it’s ok to use? we have 2 fish, a single 4“ goldfish and a 14”pleco. We want to add a few fish. If you’ve...
  3. C

    Want to Buy  NEED A BOX 120!!

    I need a box 120 gallon tank asap, preferably with a stand but will buy without, im in Massachusetts but will go as far as RI. Box 120 is 4' long x 2' wide x 2' tall. Let me know what you have text 5082098014 thanks
  4. Greenboy

    Surface dweller stocking

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a surface dwelling fish for a 4ft 120gal(ish) aquarium. It's stocked with your basic amazon community at the moment, the biggest and nastiest fish in there are a couple of adult angel fish. Currently i have hatchet fish, but I'm planning on...
  5. M

    Keeping Red Bellied Piranhas With freshwater Moray Eel And Walking Catfish

    Hi I just introduced my two red bellied Piranhasabout 4 inches and 20-23cm long snowflake moray eel with my already existing full grown two walking catfishs. After I introduced them my W. Catfishs didn't bother my eel but it was disturbing my 2 Piranhas. I did put some mud and sand to the...
  6. quasar

    Sun Sun 304B in 120g

    Hey everyone! So I have a 120g with a Gulper catfish and a Baby giant gourami. The tank is a fairly new setup (about 1.5 months). I'm running 2 Sun Sun 304B canister filters as my main filters. I was wondering if this would be a strong enough filtration for the gourami as an adult with the...
  7. I

    Threshold for solid contact between a stand and the tank

    Just a minor question: I've noticed there's some minute gaps between my 120 gallon tank and its stand where I can see light passing through the gap if I put my eye directly up against the stand-tank interface. From what I've read, you only need truly solid contact at the corners, but I'm not...
  8. I

    Correcting for a ~0.2286° slope in my floor?

    I'm setting up a 120 gallon aquarium, and in this process I've noticed that there's a very slight grade in my floor such that the water level is around 3/16" higher on one end of the tank compared to the other. From what I've read, such a small deviation in one direction is not an issue when it...
  9. S

    New to salt. Stock ideas.

    So I’ve been keeping freshwater since I was a small child (father bred angels, Uncle bred Oscars and before I was born, prize winning lionfish). Currently have over 2,000 gallons worth of FW tanks. I’ve never done salt water at all, but I’ve got a good grasp on equipment. Just clueless on...
  10. Kingster

    Name for a fraud laser cory?

    So I have one ORANGE LASER CORY which i got yesterday, why did i get one? well let me tell you a story I went to BIGALS at Kennedy in Toronto, yesterday, to trade in my 6 bronze corys for peppered corys + my uncle was buying me some fish, so instead of getting 6 peppered i took 18$ off and...