75 gallon

  1. 504 Fish Keeper

    75 gallon jack Dempsey

    JD, Salvini & convict in a 75 what kind of schooling / Dither fish can I put in with them? I was thinking tiger barbs, silver dollars or Buenos Aires Tetras.
  2. M

    For Sale  75g w/ custom alder stand, entire set-up

    I'm leaving the country and selling my 75g set-up. Stand was custom made by a master wood crafter from alder wood; base is 48” x 36” x 17”, top is 51” x 18” x 5”. It has three compartments, with adjustable shelves. (I paid almost $2k by the time it was done.....) Tank is custom also...
  3. M

    golden dorado with african pike

    Hello MFK I was thinking about getting a small golden dorado for my 75-gallon aquarium. (Yes am aware that I will need a larger tank) I want to house it with a similar-sized African pike (hepsetus odoe). What are your thoughts on this combination? Thanks
  4. Jacob6556

    Will this tank setup work? Opinions needed!!

    So this is a follow up from my last post for a great stocking idea for my new 60 gallon tank! My tank has two rock caves, a pot, and two pieces of drift wood. I also have a large filter under the tank and a power head to provide a good current in the water. So my stocking idea I got from my last...
  5. Jacob6556

    Will this 60 gallon setup work? Please help!!

    So I got a empty 60 gallon tank, it’s a little over 4 feet long and yes I cycled it threw and put a few small fish in it for the time being. So my idea was to buy a Jack Dempsey, a green terror, a convict, and then two African cichlids! This would be a dream setup as I been looking into moving...
  6. Jacob6556

    Goldfish in need of help!!

    So I just bought a used fish tank from a friend and the fish tank was completely gross, I’d say hadn’t been cleaned in a year or more, the back wall was solid algae. So anyway the tank came with a 8 inch goldfish in it, and anyway the goldfish has many problems now that it’s a new tank. I have...
  7. Jacob6556

    Large goldfish and a tiger Oscar together??

    So I have had this 75 gallon tank for about 5 years now and I now just have a single goldfish who is around 8 inches along with a few danios. I was just wondering if I take the danios out would I be able to add a small tiger Oscar to the tank? Yes I have slowly moved the goldfish water...
  8. Cichlids keeper

    75 gallon Cichlid pair

    Anyone have ideas for a pair of Cichlids that can go into a 75 gallon?
  9. Cichlids keeper

    Sponge Filters for 75 gallon?

    Are there any good sponge Filters that could be used for a 75 gallon tank with one Texas cichlid in it?
  10. M

    Stocking with a Green Terror pair

    I have a 75 gallon tank with a Green Terror pair in it. I also have a large common pleco in the tank who I am rehoming soon. I moved recently and I could no longer put the tank in my bedroom, so I am now trying to turn it into a display tank, which unfortunately means I can no longer keep the...
  11. LimaShovelnoseSaltwater92

    Gulper cat and flowerhorn- smart or insane?

    Ok, I’ve noticed a lot of people putting flowerhorns in with smaller types of bichir. As most people know, the mentifact is that you should keep a flowerhorn alone in a 75g + tank. My question is: could I put a middle aged SD fader flowerhorn in with a 4-4.5 in. Gulper catfish? If they grow...
  12. G


    Could I keep a single Oscar with a school of 5 or so tiger barbs in a 75 gallon?
  13. P

    75 gallon stock idea's

    Howdy y'all, My name is George, I'm new to the site, but not fish keeping. I had a 75 gallon tank with a pair of adult green terrors in college and a 220 with a few Oscars and a JD. It's been about seven years, but my sister just gave me her boyfriends 75 gallon tank so I'm going to clean it...
  14. N

    New 75 gallon tank

    hi everyone I’m new to the hobby so I’m still figuring things out and I hope y’all could help me. I currently have a 75 gallon tank with an emperor Marineland filter. I have a green terror and a tiger Oscar both fairly small 4” each, and two plecos. I’m just wondering if I could add more to the...
  15. OscarDaddy69

    tank mate for oscar in 75g

    I have an oscar who is a year old in a 75 gallon. I am thinking of getting another fish in the tank, any advice of which fish get a long well with the oscar? There are no other fish in the tank currently
  16. T

    Bichir and lesser spiny eel

    So for some background info, its a 75 gallon heavily planted tank with lots of caves and driftwood hiding places, I've had a lesser spiny eel in there for several months and its gotten along with all the other tank mates just fine, I put a senegal bichir in just last night and the eel will not...
  17. Dennis Kraemer

    What Could I put in my tank???

    Hey guys I have had this tank for awhile and it is kind of a grow out tank for my bullhead. I have one yellow lab Cichlid and two albino bristle nose Plecos. Are there any schooling fish that I can add?
  18. Lars6

    Stocking a 75 gallon tank

    I was wondering if these fish could go together in a 75 gallon planted community. - Rainbowfish -congo tetras - angelfish -Denison barbs I feel like it could have its issues when it comes to feeding time due to how slow angels are. Suggestions?
  19. xDestro

    Switching to community stock?

    As of right now I have in a 75 9" syno Notatus 5" syno decorus 5" Senegal 8" delhezi 5" eb acara 2" Bush fish I absolutely love my bichirs and synos but Iv been getting an itch for a community tank. My stock in mind was .. 15-20 Roseline's sharks 10 clown loaches or corys Group of glass...
  20. SolidSnek

    Predatory Fish for a 75 G?

    The Title says it any ideas, Tips, Average Price, Hardiness and Size Anything Does Catfish, Wolf fish, Bichir and Pretty much Anything that can be kept in a 75 Gallon [Id Rather have a Big fish than 10 Small Ones] [I currently don't own an Aquarium of this size but i am asking since i'm...