community tank

  1. O

    Substrate options with bichirs, bristlenose plecos, community

    Not looking for sand, more of a small rocky substrate for ease of cleaning. Right now I have basic gravel black and red mix bought at the local pet store. Bichirs don't seem to mind it, but I'd want the rocks to be more rounded. I also want more of a natural look as I upgrade to a 55 G. I'm...
  2. Beau_kirch

    Green Terror Aggression

    Hi, I’ve got a 6x2x2 tank with a juvenile Oscar (About 5cm) , juvenile Saratoga (about 12cm) and a juvenile green terror (about 8cm).... the green terror seems to be extremely aggressive, it’s relatively constant chasing of both.... as if the green terror is saying... “no you’re not going...
  3. mattybecks

    Geophagus Tapajos & Tinfoil Barb community aquaurium

    Just an update on my 180gal community tank. Had the tinfoils for a month now. As you would expect have shown remarkable growth.
  4. Akeno071

    Bit of an odd compatibility question?

    I would like at some point to acquire lemon cichlids (Neolamprologus leleupi) but researching them has been odd and confused, so figured I'd see if I get some better opinions here seeing as I was concerned over potential aggression issues with them in a community tank. Its easier to ask now and...
  5. kody929

    210G set up advice

    Hey everyone! I’ve got some renewed passion for the hobby and I’m looking to turn my 210g into a planted community tank. Right now I’m looking for advice on the substrate and lighting. Obviously a lot of substrate is required for a 2’x7’ footprint. My thoughts now are Around 9 bags of ADA...
  6. J

    180 stock ideas

    I’ve finally set up my 180 and think Ive decided on a stock list. I’m concerned that it’s pretty bottom dweller heavy so would like feedback on the numbers and compatibility. Bristlenose Pleco-3 School of Cory-10 Giant Danios-10 Rope fish-3 Congo tetra-10 RH geophagus-6(not sure if I even...
  7. J

    S. American Cichlid Community Tank Ideas

    Hello Fellow Fish Lovers, A little background to explain my situation. For the last year I have been testing a "no water change" 220 liter aquarium for a company. The goal of this test is to determine if their filteration system works as they advertise - basically, beautiful tank with little to...
  8. Rensille

    Large Cichlids that play nice with tankmates?

    Hi! I want to set up a new tank for medium to larger sized cichlids as they seem to be the most colorful fish around and I have no idea which ones go well in a community tank besides severums and geophagus eartheaters from what i heard most cichlids tend to be aggressive. I would like to know...
  9. C

    Juvenile Dovii question

    I have a 2-3” Dovii currently in quarantine. I just got him a week or so ago. He’s in there with a 2-3” Convict that I’m treating as well. The convict chases him around from time to time. He also chases the convict from time to time. My question is...he’s seems a little shy. Can I put him in my...
  10. Blu TThe Blue Lobster

    Electric Blue Lobster + Classical Music = Relaxing to Watch

    This is Blu. I'm new to the MonsterFishKeepers community and wanted to show her off. My fish aren't "monsters" but I enjoy browsing the site looking at your tanks so thought I'd share mine. I have a 55G Community Tank of Glo & Black Skirt Tetras, Neon & Glowlight Tetras, Blue & Golden Ram...
  11. curiouskid

    Asian Arowana / African Arowana

    Asking if i am able to comm a African Arowana with a Asian Arowana? Currently have 1 12" African Arowana, looking to get a BBXB but am unsure if its possible.
  12. M

    Housing 2 asian baby arowanas

    I had one baby arowana and got another gift from a friend .. i have kept them both separated by a partition .. just want to know how i can keep them happy as they grow together
  13. xDestro

    Switching to community stock?

    As of right now I have in a 75 9" syno Notatus 5" syno decorus 5" Senegal 8" delhezi 5" eb acara 2" Bush fish I absolutely love my bichirs and synos but Iv been getting an itch for a community tank. My stock in mind was .. 15-20 Roseline's sharks 10 clown loaches or corys Group of glass...
  14. RocketGarStar

    Diamond Tetra VS. Krib Cichlid?

    Okay, so, I've absolutely never seen this before - but I recently just bought a pair (Male and female) of kirbensis cichlids for my 29 gallon community. I have had a school of 6 diamond tetras for since I got the 29 up and running, and the leader of this school is the biggest, flashiest diamond...
  15. Troy1015

    4 VATF 1 GATF Growout Community

    Over the weekend my new 225 gallon 6x30x2 was delivered. It is now set up and running. Been growing out a GATF in another thread which has had its ups and downs mostly due to me wanting every predatory fish I like and trying to make it work. I came to the reality that if I want the ATF to...
  16. aes1687

    Tank Size

    Hi guys, new MFK member here. Just wanted to see your thoughts. I have a 9 inch Salton Catfish right now, and im thinking of making a new home for him and some other fish. Would a 2000 gallon tank be too big for him? Is it Bad if a fish has too much space? FYI, with him i might put some other...
  17. Vikkram

    Silver Arowana in community Aquarium

    Dear Monsterfishkeepers, I have below fishes in my 240 gallon aquarium (96 inch length, 24 inch wide, 24 inch height) I am planning to move my 2 feet length Silver Arowana from my 75 gallon (4 feet tank) to my new 240 gallon. Can the Silver Arowana and my current fishes coexist and live...
  18. vind7

    Unusual community tank

    Hey everyone, First of all: I don't know galloons or inches/ft as I am from Europe so please bear with me using the metric system. :D I hope to get some good advice on here by experienced fish keepers. First off all, my tank measures 180cm x 40cm x 40cm (l/w/h) which is about 288 liters. I'm...
  19. Mbielek

    Is my Green Terror male or female?

    Been reading up on the differences between male and female green terrors, but I am still uncertain on which one I may have. Here are some pics to help out, please comment back and give me some pointers on what to look for when determining the sex if this cichlid. I'm very curious because I now...
  20. Mbielek

    75 gal cichlid community tank update!!!

    Hello all! So after battling an algae bloom, and finally returning water to normal condition, I have taken some updated pics!! Let me know what you guys think. Tank contains 2 blood parrots, 1 green terror, 3 silver dollars and one pleco.