1. C

    Grey bichirs in community tank

    My first post: Do u guys think it would be a good idea to have a grey bichir in my community tank with all the fish being larger than 3 inches along with discus tank setup plantedtank Sand Driftwood
  2. R

    I just got a clown knife, can he stay with this 10" gator gar?

    Can this knife fish survive this 10" gar? Please guide me.
  3. mattybecks

    South Amercian Community - newly added drift wood.

    Just added a new piece of drift wood into my aquarium, I was hoping someone would be able to help me identify the type of wood? when I google it there a few different types, but they look the same. I would like to find out how long it will take for the tannins of this particular type to finish...
  4. mattybecks

    Geophagus and Buttikoferi community update

    Hi guys Just an update on my Geophagus and Buttikoferi aquarium. 750L, 1.8m tank to recap. last month (beginning November) the Butti's paired up (got rid of the third one) and started digging themselves a breeding pit. As long as the Geos stay away from the pit, everyone seems to be getting...
  5. Blakewater

    Brachyplatystoma Vaillantii W/ Peacock Bass/Datnoids

    Would a "Lau Lau" have any issues with living in a 9x4 tank of Peacock Bass and Datnoids until it grows to around 2' and I move it to the pond Im building? The catfish will be about 5.5" when it arrives and the Bass are all around 7" and Datnoids are 6".
  6. Greenboy

    Surface dweller stocking

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a surface dwelling fish for a 4ft 120gal(ish) aquarium. It's stocked with your basic amazon community at the moment, the biggest and nastiest fish in there are a couple of adult angel fish. Currently i have hatchet fish, but I'm planning on...
  7. T

    180l tank ideas

    I have a 180litre tank that I have a ran for a couple of years now and fancy a change, I was told I could maybe over stock a mbuna tank or look at a lake tang tank. I’m looking for a tank full of personality but preferably not a single fish tank? Happy to consider non-cichlids too and any help...
  8. Zanzag

    Suitable community

    Just looking to see if theres any problems with my current stocking 2 blue acara 2 firemouth 1 large opaline gourami 7 bronze cory 4 SA bumblebee catfish 1 small pleco(about 4 years old and only 3") 11 columbian red-blue tetra And many many snails All but the cichlids have been together for...
  9. Rensille

    Large Cichlids that play nice with tankmates?

    Hi! I want to set up a new tank for medium to larger sized cichlids as they seem to be the most colorful fish around and I have no idea which ones go well in a community tank besides severums and geophagus eartheaters from what i heard most cichlids tend to be aggressive. I would like to know...
  10. Lawton C

    Finally going to get it.....

    After 4 years of this hobby, I think I'm finally ready to get a tank bigger than 75g:). I'm looking at something in the 180-250 range for my living room. I'm cycling a 60 gallon for a pair of sajica and other fish atm. I have alwyas loved SA/CA cichlids and want to do a community including these...
  11. PGJE

    any suggestions for community tank fish?

    I'm going to upgrade my turtles tank soon and free up my 50 gallon, so i was planning to move my angelfish, dwarf gourami, cory's and danios into it. i'm then going to add 2 more angelfish. If thats not fully stocked already, are there any other types of small fish that would be good in a 50...
  12. Kiryoku

    90G Tank Stock Ideas!

    Hello, Everyone! I have a 90G aquarium that’s 36x13x50 I know it calculates to 100G but the glass thickness is 1/2 inch so true size would be 35x12x50 which calculates to 90G. But anyways, i was wondering if i could get some insight on what to stock it with for a living room piece. Lace Java...
  13. P

    Hi from Sydney

    Hey everyone, long time lurker here. Iv been gathering from the wealth of information here for some time but recently decided to get more involved. I have recently moved on from my 6x2x1.5 and am in the process of setting up a 6x2.5x2.5 (ish) 280/290g? Ill be resealing the tank in the coming...
  14. PGJE


    I have a 23 gallon community with an algae bloom that won't go away no matter how many times i change the water. I have tried to reduce the light (can't do it too much because I have plants in the tank), I added algaecide, and I have added a pad in the filter that is supposed to reduce nitrates...
  15. PGJE

    Khuli loach in 23 gallon community tank???

    I have a 23 gallon community tank with: 1 angelfish 3 giant danios 1 dwarf gourami 1 Cory catfish Can I put a khuli loach in with them? Or is there any eel like fish that could?
  16. S

    Opinions asked

    So, first of all, hello everyone! Bit over a month a go was enjoying my established and a beautiful tank setup. Then Mr. Murphy and his damn hypothesis kicked in and i lost most of my fish. So, rebuild. Now, i have following fish coming in: - JD - Herichthys carpintis - Midas - Tilapia...
  17. R

    Stocking the 90 gallon

    Hi everyone, I’ll just quickly introduce myself; I am a new member to the site but have been browsing for a fairly long time. I am Canadian and am currently in a biology program hoping to specialize further into aquatic animals. I have had my current 90 gallon planted tank running for about 2...
  18. N

    Monster fish to small community fish

    I’ve been keeping monster fish and have a huge tank for years now Arowana, Gars, Bass, stingrays etc but have now sold as I’m moving house. I’m thinking of using this tank now as a community tank with small fish what doesn’t come with some of the stress these big fish sometimes give. My...
  19. Naos1984

    Giant gourami conspecific temperament

    I have a 360 gallon 8'Lx3'Wx2'H tank and in it is male 22" giant gourami. I am planning on adding another male of the same size. Do you think this will work? Have you experienced doing this same setup? My research tells me this is a disaster in the making but some videos tell me it can sometimes...
  20. Mbielek

    HELP!!! Sick Green Terror Cichlid

    Hello, so I've had my Green Terror for almost a year now and he's up to about 4.5 inches. Been very healthy since I've had him. Only recently has he been acting very slow and almost like he's weak and is always just laying low under things in my tank. His usual behavior is pretty energetic and...