delhezi bichir

  1. Stanv03

    125 gallon monster stocking idea?!

    Hello everyone, so I have a 125 US gallon fish tank (LxWxH/72”x18”x21”) and I currently have 2 Oscar’s, 6 silver dollars and a Rhino pleco. I have 2 FX6s running on each end of the tank. And I was considering getting an Ornate or Delhezi bichir, would I be able to do both?
  2. J

    How many delhezi in tank

    I’ve been tempted to get more dels but am concerned about aggression. I currently have a 4.5” delhezi in a 125 gallon tank filled about halfway. The actual volume of water that’s currently in the tank is 40 gallons. I like the look so would like to keep it filled halfway permanently. I have 3...
  3. A

    Want to Buy  Pittsburgh area Birchir?

    I am looking for a good place to pick up some odd ball fish. Preferably some adolescent Delhezi Birchir or something similar. Looking for someone or a shop near pittsburgh that cater to this sort of thing. I am preferably looking for a mating pair because I really would like to breed down the...
  4. A

    Going for Kilifish for the first attempt at breeding

    As the title says. First time trying to breed anything and going for something a little more robust. Looking to get up to breeding some Delhezi Birchir eventually. Any tips on the kilifish so I don't massacre them immediately? I have watched some videos on youtube and read about getting them...
  5. Liaker

    Got a Poly endlicheri and a poly delhezi instead of 2x delhezi, help?

    So I bought two juvenile Poly Delhezi that would grow in my 200L/52gal tank, to then be moved to a 540L/142gal tank when they have grown a bit. So everything was goin' fine and dandy, they were eating awesomely and they had nice temperaments. Until I noticed one of them was growing a slightly...
  6. Jjiang00

    identification of this awesome bichir?!

    Hi, I came across a spanish youtube video and made an entire account to figure out the identification of this bichir I’ve circled in red: I can’t tell if it is a Delhezi or Endlicheri or maybe even something i’ve never heard of. Anyways, if you could help me id this bichir for my 435 gallon...
  7. B

    Want to Buy  Delhezi bichir

    Hey all, Im keeping an eye out for a delhezi bichir in SoCal. My bichirs are 9-10in so I want at least 6in to be safe. Might be open to trade my black ghost and ornate. Or if you see some in a shop and could let me know thatd be awesome too. Thanks!
  8. Ashan Kavinda

    My Main Tank Setup

  9. S

    Delhezi Thickness?

    So I can find plenty of sources on how big a Delhezi Bichir will grown LONG. But I’m trying to build hides into their final tank that will be less than adjustable/moveable. I know these boys can hit around 14-18” long, I’m curious as to what diameter of PVC pipe won’t squish them in their adult...
  10. Sarahmander

    Stressed Out Delhezi?

    Hey guys, I've posted about my Delhezi being standoffish before and the problem was slightly alleviated when I added more bichirs to the tank (she was just housed with the albino senegal before, now there are two additional senegals, both smaller than her), but now she seems back to sulking. She...
  11. Sarahmander

    Started a YouTube channel!

    Let me know what you think!! :)
  12. B

    Bichir compatibility

    Any thoughts on keeping more than one Bichir in the same tank? I'm planning a 240g (96x24x25") and was hoping to keep an Ornate and Delhezi together. Is it possible? Any tips for long term success or should I avoid mixing and just get one? Also, could they live long term with a black ghost...
  13. Jacob._.merc

    Delhezi with africans

    Would a small delhezi (4.1 inches) be able to cope with 2 mbunas and 2 peacocks? They're each about 3 1/2 to 5 inches.
  14. Jacob._.merc

    Senegal bichir with delhezi bichir

    I currently own 2 bichirs in separate tanks. The Senegal is 5 1/2 inches while the delhezi is 4 inches. Would the Senegal be able to eat him?
  15. P

    180 gallon stocking

    Hey everyone very new to monster fish keepers looking forward to keeping some monster fish! I’m having trouble settling on stocking my new 180 gallon tank and would love some pointers. I’ve been in love with bichirs for quite some time but am concerned about mixing ornates with either delhezi...
  16. Bryan Crownover

    Bichir in danger

    So I forgot plecos eat bichir slimecoats when I let my girlfriend get a Delhezi Bichir for her 125 gallon african tank today. He's only about 2 or 3 inches right now, would it be a good idea to move him to my molly tank with about 20 adult mollies and a tiny bristlenose pleco until we can get a...
  17. B

    Free 6" delhezi bichir, 6 inches Orange County, Anaheim

    I overstocked my grow out tank, trying to give away a 6 inch delhezi bichir. Located in Orange County, Anaheim. Please contact 714.615.3983 text please, Pick up only.
  18. B

    FS, For Sale 2 delhezi bichirs for $20 Orange County

    One of my three bichirs is trying to eat the other two. I am selling the "other two". One is around 3 inches, the other is around 6 inches. Anaheim, California. Both for $20. Pickup only. You can reach me at 714 - 615 - 3983. Text please 6 inch one. Don't have a camera so used labtop...
  19. xDestro

    More buchirs?

    Could I add a delhezi bichir in my 75 with my roughly 6 inch senegal? If so how big would I have to get a dehlezi for him to be safe? Current stock: • 1 6 inch senegal bichir • 1 4-5 inch zig zag eel • 2 synodontis • 1 banjo • african butterflyfish • 4 red ruby barbs ( prob getting rid of) •...