1. xenacanth9

    Underrated Eels and Where to Find Them - PART II

    I posted this thread on a couple of cool Anguilla ("true" eel) species that are underappreciated in aquariums about a month ago. Well, here is a continuation. Please note that this thread does not include spiny eels, swamp eels, or any other fish that is commonly sold as an eel without actual...
  2. xenacanth9

    Looking for fish

    Looking for Echidna rhodochilus in the US. Preferably under $50. Any size is fine but preferably 7-15". Is there any place you would recommend to find one? I live in Virginia.
  3. S

    Freshwater vs Saltwater fish, which one do you like better?

    Hi everyone, my first post here so I'm sorry if I made some mistakes. I was wondering what fish species do you like better in general, FW or SW, and why? I've kept both and while I love my Jack Dempsey and Green Terror I can't deny that I like SW fish more. I feel like they have more...
  4. N

    Pleco diet question & food safety

    Diet question & could it introduce parasites? our pleco shares the tank with a goldfish, 125g freshwater. It’s planted but not w/anything they like to eat. right now we do flakes AM for the goldfish veg wafers & shrimp Pellets PM for the pleco (Goldie steals them) Fruit or veg 1-2x per week...
  5. N

    Comparing products: ich-X, microbeLift, fritz copper safe

    First off thanks to everyone here! We have learned so much in the past 3 years being members! NEED TO COMPARE: Ich-X (can order would arrive feb 14) microbeLift (can order would arrive feb 14-16 fritz copper safe (have) full details and questions: looks like Goldie has ich his buddy the 15”...
  6. S

    355 gallon Freshwater filtration set up

    I recently bought a 355 gallon tank and am planning a freshwater sump. This will be the biggest tank I've had by far (185 was previous tank). The tank is drilled but did not come with any filtration. Previously I had a 75 gallon sump on a 185 tank with two overflow boxes. Honestly I am...
  7. R

    Help find pink sand-freshwater

    hey guys! I'm upsizing my setup soon, and am having a hard time finding the right sand for the aesthetic im going for. I want a nice soft pink sand, but the only ones I can find in the right color are live sands, not freshwater-fri
  8. M

    For Sale  Fluval FX4 High Performance Canister Filter, up to 250 US Gal (1000 L)

    This filter is AMAZING! I have only had it 2 weeks but I scored a deal on a 400 gallon tank and this will not be enough for me. Timing was never my strong suit - haha. But you can have a MINT perfect Fluval FX4 for much less than retail! This was plugged in to a (non planted, no fish, empty...
  9. N

    Pleco feeder?

    We bought the large from the pleco feeder site for the 35g but it doesn’t work on our 120g so I need ideas The top of our tank has a cutout (pic) which would require this to bend-which we can do but it’s still much too short and doesn’t really get into the...
  10. N

    COOL a big tank??!! URGENT!

    urgent our tank is running too hot without a heater! We have by the luck of life a goldfish and a pleco. We have kept our 37g tank at 75 degrees religiously but we are all set to move to our bigger tank 120g which is maintaining 4 degrees higher (close to 80!) no matter what we do. Goldfish...
  11. N

    Tank ready for pleco???

    Originally posted under setup I need help with upgrading the tank for my 15” pleco and his goldfish pal. tank is cycled (I think) but I’m thinking a tank to tank move- please read the thread here and give me suggestions...
  12. karpomatic

    DIY Polycarbonate Sump

    I'm going to take a crack at building my own sump for my 125 mostly South American 125 gallon aquarium. I have been using the one in the photo for 3 years now and it's okay but it was originally designed for saltwater and I'm hoping I can do better. The planned dimensions are 48" x 15" x 15"...
  13. C

    For Sale  Mekong Puffer fish

    Freshwater Mekong puffer fish About 8 inches long GREAT EATER big personality Open to price negotiations
  14. N

    Lockdown=No New Tank

    We have been saving for a new (used) tank for a long time now but lockdown out any plans on hold. I’m worried about our fish in the meantime: would you change water more often? Add another filter? Go colder? 35 (may be 37) gallon tank Freshwater Hypostumos Pleco 13.5 inches 2 filters Air stone...
  15. B

    For Sale  12" Fahaka Puffer for sale in NJ

    12" Fahaka. Beautiful, very personable. It eats Pellets, frozen shrimp,scallops and clams Pick up only. Located in NJ $175 Make me an offer. I am motivated to sell. Braking down my tank, so no trades.
  16. B

    For Sale  Marbled Motoro Stingray

    Female Marbled Motoro. 13"-14" Disc Eats pellets I have had her for 4+yrs Very motivated to sell. I have been in the stingray hobby for 10+ years, unfortunately I am getting out of the hobby and will not be looking for a larger tank for her. She needs a new home ASAP! Will not ship
  17. mattybecks

    Geos and SD stealing food from Jardini

    The Jardini needs to be quick, if he doesn't dash across the tank for his shrimp he looses it to the mob. He has given up trying to get it back from them once they have it haha.
  18. Adrianrios1085

    For Sale  fish tanks 92505

    90 gallon tank with stand 100$ 2-40 gallon breeder rack system complete with led lights filters air pump digital heaters 170$
  19. Rob909

    Does anyone have any experience with gobioides peruanus??

    From reading I’ve been doing, it’s a smaller version of the violet goby that’s able to tolerate freshwater better but does not tolerate full marine setups as well. Seems like each species is pretty similar looking or the image search is only revealing gobioides broussonnetii. If you’ve had the...