1. Vertigon_z

    Flowerhorn Gender assistance

    Good Morning All, can anyone help in identifying the gender of my flowerhorn. Currently the fish is 3.5in-4in and I got it like two days ago. I would vent by taking it out of the water but I do not want to stress the new fish and also I think it may be too small to vent at this time. Based on...
  2. D

    Paratilapia Polleni, Sexing. At a loss need help lol

    Hi Guys, Must admit I haven't posted alot but I'm having real trouble sexing my Polleni, I have a feeling I have a Dominant male and a sub-dominant. But the Darker of the two is slightly bigger, darker at all times and has recently been headstanding etc which I thought was a sign of breeding...
  3. G

    What is the gender of my Flowerhorn

    Hi All, Can you please tell what is the gender of my Flowerhorn. Thanks.
  4. N

    Question about my Channa Auranti gender

    I just got this channa yesterday and I have been discussing with people about its gender and there's a lot of different answers that really made me confused. Do you guys have any thoughts about its gender?
  5. S

    Please help me with Peacock Cichlid sexing... and other things

    Hey everyone, I had posted this question before and there's another whole thread of me talking to people about this issue. I am posting this again as an "update" while in reality I still really need help and potentially some expert advice. I have also asked this same question to another forum...
  6. CassowaryHunter

    Help identifying gender and type maybe?

    Hi all, I recently came across 2 flowerhorns, I have pics I need identified, was told big one male and yellow one female but dorsal fin marking suggest otherwise, please help.
  7. H

    Is my flowerhorn a male or female?

    Just got a new flowerhorn can’t tell if it’s a male or female can someone help me
  8. C

    Sexing My Red Devils

    Was hoping the smaller one is a female so I can maybe get a spawn in the future, I’m pretty sure the bigger one is a male (white and orange). Any advice will help, happy fish keeping guys.
  9. N

    What sex are my blood parrots?

    Both fish are of similar size with red being a bit taller and blockier (fatter) so any chance i have a male and female? Here are some photos! Thank you!
  10. Jacob._.merc

    Fish gender help

    greetings again, I have a 6 inch Fossorochromis rostratus and I am having a bit of trouble identifying the gender. It has female coloration right now but I've seen some males with the same coloration. If it could be a male, how long does it take for it to get that bluish color? If it is female...
  11. D

    Is this a male or female?

    I though my flowerhorn was a male but id like a second opinion please.
  12. IgnatzMcJockel

    Delhezi sex determinition

    Hello MFK, Keeping Delhezi Bichirs has been a very big Wish of mine for the last few years. I prepared a long time , before buying my first two Dels this February (i often read that it's easy to gender polys). They were both worm-size (~2"). Becaus i wasn't shure if they'r male or femal i...
  13. J

    Help! Which Fathead is Female?

    Hi All, I would like to use some expertise on the gender of these fathead minnows. I am trying to observe the breeding behaviour for a school project. I have one that is surely male, and not sure if these are females. They are not breeding after months. Thanks!
  14. G

    Male or female?

    Hi and Merry Christmas! I am curious about the gender of my flowerhorn. I tried looking its vent but I cant seem to identify it. The first part of the vent is a little round but it becomes pointed at the top and that makes me a little confused. Are there double gender fish? I dont know how I can...
  15. H

    Sex of baby flowerhorn.

    i bought a baby flower horn,a week ago..i want to know the gender of my baby flowerhorn.... any help would be appreciated....
  16. R

    Flowerhorn body shape

    I got my flowerhorn from a friend about a week ago and started wondering what type of flowerhorn he is and will his body shape improve? not talking about the hump(kok) or the coloring but the actual body. Will it get better once it gets bigger? Thank you for the answers
  17. Zack333

    Don't assume my gender

    Had 8 garenteed "male" cichlids... 7 died to some reason and the only one left has eggs in its mouth Guess agression in the tank was higher than I thought it was. Therefore always vent or double check your fish if you want to establish an all male tank instead of a 7 male 1 female tank.
  18. C

    Dovii Sexing

    i just bought three doviis and was wondering if any of y’all can tell what sex they are. The first one is the first dovii, the second and fourth pic is the second dovii, and the third and fifth pics are the last dovii.
  19. C

    Jaguar cichlid gender

    I was wondering if anyone can tell if my jag is a male or female yet? I’m having a tough time but I’m guessing a male.
  20. C

    Jaguar Cichlid male or female

    I got two jaguar cichlids the other day and one is darker than the other one. Does anyone know what gender they are yet? And also why is there color different.