1. UKA710

    Help ID catfish

    Can any body help IDing this TSN (I believe hybrid). I have 3 other TSN and they look different then these 2 guys.
  2. Bassmaster360

    Humor & Comedy: People who don't like hybrids are like Hitler

    "Species mixing is an abomination of nature" "Pure-bred cichlids are the only way to go" "Hybrids are muddying up the pure-bred gene pool" "Mixed-species fish must be eliminated" "Pure-bred cichlids are superior to mixed-species" :ROFL::popcorn:
  3. UKA710

    Need help with ID and gender.

    I have been told these guys are Midas. In reality though I bought them as Blood Parrots I knew they weren't Blood Parrots that's why I bought them. Could I get an ID on what they are? If possible the sex of bothe of them. Im pretty positive the white one is Male lol. I know they can be Midas...
  4. UKA710

    Salvini× Texas Cichlid

    Hello everyone, Iv been trying to cross my female salvini with my male Texas for just under a year now. I believe if this strain in properly line breed it could turn out some beautiful hybrid fish. Well they have finally had a batch of eggs. As of FEB-16-2022 I will keep posting updates as time...
  5. xenacanth9

    Unpopular Opinions - Hybrid Cichlids

    This may be controversial. Let's hear em.
  6. UKA710

    Texas cichlid X Midias

    I'm planning on trying to breed the Midias(Female-I think) and the Texas cichlid (Positive male) for a Red Texas Cichlid. Dose it matter that the Midias is mostly white? The Texas is currently trying to breed with my Salvini. Has anyone had this cross before TexasxSalvini? Is so let me know...
  7. J

    Help Identify this fish

    Sold as a Purple Parrot but I think it is a Flowerhorn Parrot Cross. Very interactive, fun personality but more aggressive than my blood parrots.
  8. E

    ID Please

    Hi guys, I got this poly at 6 inches, it came as an ansorgi x endli hybrid. I'm still unsure what it is and I want to find a new home for it so I have to be honest while giving it away! Please don't mind the tank, I snuck these photos in as I was doing a clean up.
  9. W

    Female jack dempsey hybrid

    Possible JD hybrid but I have no idea what she could be mixed with
  10. Benthebassmaster

    Hybrid angelfish

    What will happen if a koi angelfish and a black and white striped angel have baby’s. They have laid eggs before but they are the eggs or my Cory’s are them. How will they turn out. I’m not completely sure what type of angel the koi one is. It might be a sunset blushing.
  11. S

    Hybrid Red Tail? Does anybody know? Pics attached

    This guy was labeled as a Red Tailed Cat, but he has some features that I discovered were different from Red Tails. He has spots running down the side of him, as well as on his dorsal fin. Dorsal fin looks much different in shape as well. His colors are also duller than a typical red tail. He is...
  12. I

    Want to Buy  Rtc and rtc hybrids looking for whosale prices florida region

    Hi I'm looking for rtc rtc hybrids whosale prices in Florida if possible
  13. D

    Need help identifying flowerhorn!

    Sold as “flowerhorn” said someone brought it in did not know the type for sure. Looks kinda like a ZZ but not much of a head hump for being 3.5 inches
  14. M

    Alligator x common snapper hybrids for sale/info

    I'm looking for some ast cst hybrids for sale or working on breeding them myself, I could use any info or hybrids for sale to help with this imo super rad hybrid super turtle.
  15. R

    For Sale  Viejas

    7" Viejas for sale. $30
  16. S

    What is F1 Kamfa?

    Certain articles telling that a F1 kamfa or we can say a Classic kamfa is the result of breeding between Vieja species like Vieja synspilum & Vieja hartwegi. Some articles written that F1 is the result of ZZ flowerhorn & Red head cichlid (Vieja sp.). Please clarify which one is correct?
  17. Blakewater

    What The Heck is This Hybrid?

    Saw these online. The thing that blew me away was the second dorsal fin that doesnt match any of the other fins. What do you speculate theyre mixed with aside from an RTC
  18. CassowaryHunter

    Help identifying gender and type maybe?

    Hi all, I recently came across 2 flowerhorns, I have pics I need identified, was told big one male and yellow one female but dorsal fin marking suggest otherwise, please help.
  19. Cichlids keeper

    Anyone have any hybrid projects going on?

    Does anyone have any hybrid projects that they are working on, that aren't the typical hybrids(Flowerhorns, Red Texas, Blood parrots)?