native fish

  1. B

    Smallmouth bass tank size

    I know a large mouth bass needs at least like a 8 ft tank but does a smallmouth need that much room. I was wondering if it could be in a 180 gallon tank
  2. itrebebag99

    Carp Feeding off Method Lead

    Got some footage of some carp feeding off of a method lead, as well as a few other native species.
  3. R

    For Sale  look for 5-7 inch smallmouth bass and a largemouth or spotted bass

    willing to trade 5-7 inch oscar and 4-6 inch azul peacock bass
  4. vitaly

    Fish Trap Testing: South Florida Cichlids

    South Florida is the place to be, if you are a North American native fish keeper. However, in addition to native fish, there are also invasives and exotics. I went out to a lake near my house to test out my brand new fish trap. While I had no luck with it, I got a chance to see a ton of Mayan...
  5. vitaly

    Oyster Reef Gobies

    The South Florida Oyster reef is home to at least two goby species: crested goby (Rhinogobiops nicholsii), and naked goby (Gobiosoma bosc). These two amazing fish are very friendly and Inquisitive. They came up two me every time I have approached their oyster home. Two of them even followed...
  6. vitaly

    My Oyster Reef Report

    i went out to look for oyster crabs, but ended up finding some mud crabs and a blenny. check it out. the blenny is in my freshwater tank right now. also, please sign up to my youtube channel
  7. Lawton C

    pond stocking

    What do yall think about having North American native fish such as bass, channel cats, sunfish, and etc in an outdoor pond year round??
  8. K

    Stock tank in an unheated greenhouse

    I'm in the process of building a greenhouse (unheated) and I plan to put a ~100 gallon stock tank in it to help moderate the greenhouse temperatures (thermal mass). I hope and think that it will not freeze (or maybe just freeze over the top) but I don't know that. Also, even with vents open...
  9. A

    New muskie

    Got two new muskie in today in the quarantine aquarium for a few weeks until they're ready to go into the 240 with the other monsters.
  10. itrebebag99

    Should I Feed Fish in the Winter

    I keep my bullhead catfish in an unheated basement, and I figure that it should be fine, since they are native fish. However, since the water temperture has dropped, the bullhead has not been feeding very much, and is leaving lots of uneaten food. Should I stop feeding him, or reduce feeding to...
  11. S

    Rock Bass Laid Eggs. What Do I Do?

    Well i accidentally managed to breed rock bass in my 29 gallon tank. Before you rant that 29 gallons isn't enough for 2 rock bass i know that i had put my female rock bass in there as a temporary thing because my bigger tank hadn't arrived yet. Anyways i came home one day to a pile of fertilized...
  12. J

    Bluegill questions

    I am from Oklahoma and I want to do a native Oklahoma tank. I have a 36 gallon fully cycled tank. I want to catch wild bluegill and set up territories and such for them in my tank. Is my 36 big enough or do i need a bigger tank? If so, how many bluegill can I put in my 36?
  13. itrebebag99

    Silver Carp Control Methods

    What is everyone out there's opinion on the best method for controlling populations of silver and bighead carp? There is a lot people saying that a food market for them should be started. I think many Americans will have a problem with eating fish fillets with so many bones. Also, the small...
  14. itrebebag99

    Green Sunfish Behavioral Changes.

    A couple months ago I introduced a ~3 inch green sunfish that I caught hook and line into an aquarium containing a ~9 inch bullhead. Instantly, the bullhead came out and attacked the green sunfish. The sunfish had a pretty nasty wound on it's tail, and I thought for sure it wasn't going to...
  15. M

    Want to Buy  Redtail Pickerel/Smallmouth Bass

    Looking for a small redtail pickerel/ Smallmouth bass for my native species tank. Anything below 5 inches would be appreciated.
  16. Moontanman

    Native fish video

    Still a couple tropicals and a Pangasius shark that is 3" or so and a year old, eats like a pig but doesn't grow... Blue spotted sunfish, warmouth, gambusia, popeye mullet, mud minnow, and brown bullhead. Several others do not appear in this video but are hidden, mudpuppy, spotted bullhead...
  17. K

    Sick fish (Hog choker - Trinectes maculatus)

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and am hoping for some advice. (Sorry for the long rambling post and sorry if I couldn't find a relevant earlier post that addresses this . . .) 1 week ago (Thursday, 3/16)) I received 3 hog chokers ("freshwater flounders" or soles). The SG they were shipped in was...
  18. itrebebag99

    Bottom Dwellers on sand?

    Any concerns with keeping bullheads on sand? I was planning using pool filtration sand with my black bullheads, but I am concerned with them ingesting the sand when feeding on pellets off the bottom. Also, they are quite messy, so would having sand instead of a bare bottom increase maintenance?
  19. M

    Please Help Identify

    I caught a few darters in a Indiana creek a few days ago and am unsure what type of darters these are. I believe the colorful ones are rainbows and the the non colorful ones are juvenile and female rainbows. I have no idea what kind of darter the dark brown and black striped one is though...
  20. Deadliestviper7

    Pygmy sunfish

    Pygmy sunfish are a cool addition to a nano tank or a outdoor container in the warmer months. They do well even in water with extremely low oxygen levels,can produce two spawns a year,grow to less than two inches max,they breed best in aquatic plants but will breed in gravel if that is...