1. S

    Please help... Fenbendazole-resistant Camallanus and I live in Canada

    I’ve come to this forum in hopes of getting some help or advice.. I’ve seen several posts on these awful parasites before and the advice given has been helpful, as people here seem to be knowledgeable and experienced with how parasites work. It’s my worst nightmare.... I noticed red worms in...
  2. Plec123

    How to kill parasitic copepods

    I recently acquired a larger wildcaught L350 pleco and he seems to be having a tough time acclimating to my tank. Hanging out at the surface, breathing fast, blowing bubbles, etc. Params are fine, pH around 7.2, ammonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates <30ppm, temp 77. I believe part of this stress is...
  3. N

    Transparent rounded dots on aquarium glass!!

    I have a lot of transparent white dots like jelly on my aquarium glass and spawning slate which are only visible on glass while doing water change and once water is added, they are invisible. Is it harmful to fish and if yes how to get rid of it? They are not nematodes or other common worms. I...
  4. Blakewater

    Off to a Rough Start

    So while my 325g tank is finishing cycling I decided I’d start purchasing my grow outs and keep them in my 55g acrylic quarantine tank (that my fiancé decorated so colorfully). The first guy showed up today, a 7” Spider Kelberi but I had a couple questions about his current health as it’s been a...
  5. J

    Green Terror with sunken belly. HELP PLEASE!

    Hi guys! I have a juvenile green terror along with 3 blue scars cichlids in my 75 gallon tank. For the last month or 2 my fish have stopped eating. They’ll taste certain foods and then spit it out all together. I then noticed that my green terror has sunken belly which leads me to believe it is...
  6. Jakec96

    Treatment for internal parasites.

    Hi, I have a 12 inch Rivulatus in a 90 gallon tank with 2 plecos. The tank is being filtered by 2 Aquaclear 110s. I'm using a 250 watt aqueon pro heater set to about 78° Fahrenheit. Lots of big water changes and I'm currantly feeding (or at least trying to feed) Fluval bug bites pleco and...
  7. A

    Tiny white bugs in betta tank and on betta

    Just recently I noticed tiny white bugs on the glass of my betta tank. After research I was under the impression they were safe to have in an aquarium. I had doubts when numbers increased however the research still said the same. This morning I woke up to find the numbers exploded and now...
  8. CMTrey5

    Parasite on ATFs fin?

    Hey all, just noticed that my Golaith african tiger fish’s dorsal fin had these strands either hanging or attached to them. They were not there the night before. Wondering if anyone knows what they are/how to treat this. No other fish in the tank has this issue.

    Use of Seachem Cupramine has toxic effects?

    Has anyone had good results using Seachem's Cupramine? I have used it in the past but not with particularly good results. Recently I observed in my tank of Green Tiger Barbs that a couple of fish had what seem to be small little silvery colored bumps or extrusions to some of their scales...
  10. BMG94

    Possible Intestinal Worms In Mbuna

    Alright so about 4 days ago I was watching my fish and noticed that my Mbuna cichlid had a clear hairlike thing hanging out of her anus. I tried looking up types of parasitic worms that freshwater fish can get but I couldn't find a match, I immediately took out all filters containing carbon and...
  11. Y

    Question on treating for internal parasites

    hi all, I am new here and relatively new to the hobby. I’ll start by saying if this is posted somewhere already please let me know and I’ll carry on in that thread but couldn’t find anything for what I’m asking. I have 2 Gt’s in a 55 gallon tank, all my water parameters are checked...
  12. Zack333

    My fish were wiped by an internal parasite what next?

    A little over two months ago I got my first set of African peacocks and haps all juvenile males. Just two weeks ago I noticed what seemed to be symptoms of an internal parasite (lathargic fish, not eating, long stringy white poop). I took the charcoal out of the filter and dosed with prazipro...
  13. Lars6

    My fish are dying, parasites?

    My German blue ram is extremely bloated and has lost all coloration. He never moves or eats now. He started acting like this when I introduced him to a new tank with 13 cardinals (who also don’t eat). As of one week later, 9 cardinals have now died off. I am thinking that it might be an internal...
  14. F

    There are tiny white dots jittering around on my tank walls

    Hello After doing a routine inspection on my arowana tank, I suddenly noticed a lot of these white dot like organisms that are moving around in a jittery motion throughout the aquarium glass walls. If you look closely you can see that they have tail like structures and what appears to be two...
  15. M


    Im in a tough spot. My LFS has two 6” orb pups in store that he ordered in a week or so ago. Haven’t had confirmation of them eating yet, and one has stringy white poo which I’m guessing means internal parasites. That same ray is also amazingly skinny. The second ray seems to be a little...
  16. M

    Discus disease? Please HELP!

    Hello guys, I have a few concerns I wanted to share about my discus. I currently have a 75gallon tank with 4 discus 5 angel fish(1 adult and 4 fingerling) and one terra and 6 small bottom feeders. My female discus has been sick for a few weeks now and I am really not sure why. I am doing...
  17. itrebebag99

    Planarian in Aquarium?

    I just noticed a bunch of little white organisms, less than 1/16" long, on the glass of my aquarium. I assume that they are some sort of planarian. Are they parasitic, and will they harm the fish in any way? I have no problem with them if they won't I was just wondering if they pose a risk to my...
  18. F

    Help me to know the genus of parasites

    These are nematodes found on the shell of the brain Rhinoptera javanica. Help me to know the genus of parasites.
  19. J

    Please help... panicking

    Hey guys, been shadowing your forums for a long time but this is my first post. I do a lot of research and am very careful so I have not needed much assistance in the past. Unfortunately, I do now. Here's my story, 60 gallon freshwater, been established for a few months. Penguin 350 with 2 bio...
  20. M

    Ebjd treatment

    First off I would like to say hi to the mfk community. Even though I am just now a member this forum has been a primary source of information and inspiration for me. So about 2-3 weeks ago I picked up some ~1 inch ebjd fry. I know that there are a finicky fish but I have had a 4/4 success...