puffer fish

  1. P

    MBU puffer has an ulcer-like sore on his cheek?

    Hi guys! The MBU puffer is about 2 years old. He has grown big in his 65 gallon tank. He lives with a dinosaur bichir and a Jack Dempsey. He will be relocated to a bigger tank soon, although his tank mates are peaceful with each other. pH is 7.4, ammonia and nitrites - 0, nitrates are 5-10. The...
  2. C

    Found this on my Mbu Puffer

    His display tank is 270 gal with a 180 sump. No other fish in tank. He's about 12-14 inches at the moment. 78F water temp. 5ppm nitrate, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite. Was doing a water change and found this thing on his back. I don't want to just throw medicine in the tank and hope for the best...
  3. C

    For Sale  Mekong Puffer fish

    Freshwater Mekong puffer fish About 8 inches long GREAT EATER big personality Open to price negotiations
  4. G

    For Sale  Selling two 10 gallon tanks

    Looking for someone to buy my two 10 gallons tanks. one of them has 3 goldfish, and the other one has 2 fig 8 puffers. tanks include hood lights filters decor and heaters. please text me for any additional information at six two six 554 two 9 four 3 thanks!
  5. J

    Spotted Congo puffer

    Does anybody have a spotted Congo puffer ?? I’ve been looking for 1 year a a half for one and it’s so hard to get my hands on one ? Let me know
  6. AquaScape

    8-7-19 Stock List!!

    -Piranha- Red Bellies (Pygocentrus nattereri) .75”-1” $10.oo Ea. Or 10/$80.oo 1.5”-2” $15.oo Ea. Or 10/$120.oo 2”-3” $25.oo Ea. Or 5/$100.oo Caribe (Pygocentrus notatus) 2.5”-3” $35.oo Ea. Or...
  7. JunhoxPark

    Fahaka Puffer 6-7”~

    Re-Homimg my Fahaka Puffer FRESHWATER PUFFER About 6-7” in length and does well with tank makes for me. Readily eats frozen shrimp, clams, crawfish, crab, bloodworms $60 obo located in 92606
  8. B

    New Family Member/ Name Suggestions

    Hi all! I recently got this cutie yesterday (Fahaka 2"). Drip acclimated him into a 75 with a 210 on standby. The 75 has an fx6 and the 210 has a wet-dry sump and fx6 working in concert. Food wise my 75 has tiny snails everywhere that he immediately started eating. I also have 50 ghost...
  9. B

    FS pick up/meet 08081 nj Dogface puffer 5-6 inch

    Need to sell/ rehome my dogface puffer. Started a reef tank and the second i added coral/anenomes. He attacked them and would not stop even when my hand was there lol. Nothing is wrong with him. Eats frozen food and clams. Being quarantined for the time being
  10. W

    Fahaka Puffer, when/how to transition to hard food?

    Good Evening, I have a rapidly growing Fahaka Puffer and have been unable to find information about when I need to start worrying about transitioning from blood worms and thinly chopped seafood to food that will wear down his teeth. His tank has MTS and Ramshorn Snails so theoretically he has...
  11. AquaScape

    Africa Shipment In!!

    Got our African shipment in today!! 2" Tetraodon miurus (red) (congo puffer) - $65.oo Ea. 2.75"-3" Aba Aba Knifefish -$30.oo Ea. 5"-6" Vittatus Tigerfish -$225.oo Ea. 7"-8" Polypterus palmus polli -$125.oo 8"-10" Rope(Reed)...