1. G

    Bichir setup questions

    Hi I am looking into the fish hobby after my turtle died and I have a few questions about setting up a bichir tank. I have a 75 gallon tank and am looking into getting a 270 gallon indoor pond. I was wondering if I should be able to house 2 Senegal bichirs and 1 delhezi bichir in a 75 gallon...
  2. E

    Electric eel questions

    I have several questions about electric eels Do the males or females get bigger as I have read from different sources that the females do and others that the males do? Are they Cannibals? Does anyone have electrophorus voltai(strongest electric eel as a pet) Do they get aggressive and...
  3. Cichlids keeper

    Red Texas Flowerhorn Hybrid Appearance?

    If I mixed a faded Red Texas with a Water Kok flowerhorn could I get a Red Texas with a fairly large kok and a flowerhorn body shape while still keeping the pearls and the red color?
  4. P

    New here some questions?

    Hey I just signed up today :) and have a few questions about this forum 1. Where do I find the rules? 2. Why am I a feeder fish and how do I not be a feeder fish? 3. Is there a unanswered threads section?
  5. Zak03

    Piranha Legality.

    hey guys, I have a hypothetical question here. Red Belly Piranhas are illegal in Washington state, which kinda bummed me out for obvious reasons. Then a friend of mine told me, "How is this a big deal? Who is gonna come into the house and look and check?" I continued to do research, and I read...
  6. Zak03

    Concerned about mystery snail

    Hi guys, I recently (about 2 weeks ago) bought some more blue mystery snails to put into my planted 20 gallon tank. A few days ago, I noticed that one of the snails had these spots (photo provided) on the back of the shell. At first thought I believed them to be eggs, but after doing some...
  7. Cthulhubone

    First time, and I got some questions...

    Excuse the length ><. I just recently got into the hobby, and I started with basic stuff, a simple 10 gallon with some cory's . The goal was to get into aquascaping and just have life that helped maintain the tank... & then I saw my first bichir. Bought her, and immediately bought a 40 gallon...
  8. T

    Oscars changing color

    Hello I am new to keeping Oscars and have a question nobody has been able to answer. I have had five Oscars so far, but two currently, (My Red Devil killed three of them...grrr). but both of the Red Oscars have changed color frequently, while the Tigers have stayed the same for the most...
  9. R

    Stocking Ideas

    I'm thinking of starting an aggressive 100 gallon tank. I was wondering if anyone had ideas for stocking
  10. R

    Catfish for a pond?

    I'm looking for a catfish that I can put a pond that is approximately 8.5ft by 6ft. The stocking will be an oscar arowana and the catfish
  11. R

    Arowana Questions

    I'm new to keeping large fish and i was wondering if a pond of approximately 8.5ft by 6ft would be suitable for a silver arowana
  12. J

    Jerad's Einstein Project

    Hello, after getting rid of all my fish while I stay at someone else's house (Fam's Selling house and building a new one) I am getting ready for my first new fish. For a while, I have only had smaller fish, and what really drew me to larger fish are their personalities. So, after much research...
  13. P

    More Black Piranha Questions

    Hello, I once again have more questions. I was wondering why black piranhas get bumps on their chins and why these bumps sometimes turn white. I was also wondering if you guys think I'd be happier with a black piranha in the long run. I have never owned any pygos or serras, so I do not know...
  14. P

    Black piranha potential size

    Hello, I am here because I have a question. I was wondering how big black piranhas get when raised from a juvenile in a tank. Now, I've heard tank raised black piranhas only reach 12 inches, I've also heard people say that they reach 16 inches when tank raised. Also, are black piranhas better...
  15. P

    Favorite piranha genus?

    Hello, I am here wondering one thing. I wanted to ask what piranha genus you guys prefer, and what species. I am almost sure I prefer Serrasalmus, but I must experiment further more to make my full conclusion. I know this topic has come up many times before, but I am really curious what most...
  16. P

    Final decision

    Hello, I have decided to go with a black piranha. I have a tank that is over 100 gallons, I am not sure how many gallons it can hold, but it is 6 feet long, 22-24 inches tall, and 18 inches wide. I was wondering if this it big enough to raise a black piranha for it's whole entire life. If it...
  17. P

    Red Belly Piranha info?

    Hello, I may be re-thinking my decision on a black piranha and go with red belly piranhas, I wanted to ask you guys everything I will need to know, also if they breed what should I do with the eggs, I do not know where to sell them at. Also I am planning on not getting a tank bigger than 100...
  18. P

    Black Piranha Information?

    Hello, I have decided to get a black piranha for my 100 gallon tank, please provide details and information if you are experienced. Also what tank would be good for it's whole life, and how often should it be fed?
  19. P

    Red belly piranha question

    Hello, I was told that red belly piranhas will sooner or later kill each other. I was wondering if this was correct or if it would only be if they weren't taken care of correctly. Please respond if you know answer to this question, Also if this is true should I just go with a Serrasalmus...
  20. X

    Beginner in need of help building a tank for Catsharks

    So recently I've started to gather information on shark ownership, and I realise I am not ready at ALL to own a shark. But instead of giving up I decided to get more information so I can own one and know how to take correct care of one. Since I'm a complete beginner in not only shark...