1. mattybecks

    Cleaner shrimp hand snack

    Does anyone else enjoy having their hands cleaned by their cleaner shrimp? When they see me approach the tank they move to hang around the filter area where my hand usually goes in. Waiting to clean my hands. Do you think they would get much nutrition from this? I was wondering if rubbing sand...
  2. Dennis Kraemer

    Any idea what this is?

    Both of these fish were caught in my brackish canal but are know temporarily in my 75g any idea what either of these are? Thanks!
  3. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Reef tank setup update

    Reef tank is doing great and here are some recent pics below!
  4. K

    Help! Coral Positioning

    I re-started my salt tank to prevent disease and pests. I cured my rock and let my tank cycle. It is a 90 gallon. I use Hanna Checkers and API Master Reef testing kit and test everyday. For the past week these were my readings. Salinity 31-32, Ammonia 0-0.25, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 25, Calcium 520...
  5. Dieboldly

    Hair algae

    I have no idea why I got such a huge spike of hair algae but it’s crazy! My tank has been up for over a year I’d say now. I had hair algae and then it went away. Now it’s back! Along with that pink stuff that went away too. What is going on? How do I kill that hair algae? I purchased a slug...
  6. PGJE

    cool fish for 50 gallon tank

    Anyone have ideas for friendly community fish to put in a 50 gallon tank (preferably coral reef)? Some of you are going to hate me for this but I don't like clownfish that much because they are soo common and i'm going for a larger variety of fish. Thank you!
  7. PGJE

    Does this look good??

    I think one of my favorite things in the entire ocean is a kelp forest, and I finally found some incredibly realistic rubber kelp at my LFS. I also kind of want coral, so i was thinking a mixture? have kelp surrounding a small reef? The stocking is not going to match that of kelp of course...
  8. PGJE

    realistic wave maker?

    I'm a noob and I've never tried saltwater but honestly I am more intrigued by it than anything else, and I just wondered if there was any kind of wave maker that made more natural waves, (Moving slower with pauses in between) kind of what you see underwater with the fish slowly drifting back and...
  9. clm08k

    6 gallon nano/pico

    Hello, I have a 6 gallon Fluval Edge. It has been running for 2 years with a fire shrimp and live rock. Recently, the tank crashed, so I am having to start over. The tank reeks right now despite a 100% water change, new sponge media, carbon and good scrubbing. I kept the sand bed, the rocks, and...
  10. Dennis Kraemer

    New Pool Pond!

    Hey I just moved to a new house down in Florida and i love right on the intercostals. I am getting an above ground pool that is 1,800 gallons( I could...
  11. Dennis Kraemer

    New Pool Pond!

    Hey I just moved to a new house down in Florida and i love right on the intercostals. I am getting an above ground pool that is 1,800 gallons( I could...
  12. J

    Atlantic stingray help

    Hello everyone, my local fish store had an Atlantic stingray and sold it to me under the pretense that it could last in freshwater. After I looked into it more I have realized it needs a saltwater setup to really survive. I know I should have looked into it more before getting it, but I would...
  13. A

    My Saltwater Fish

    In this thread I will be posting pictures of my saltwater fish. I will post updated pics and more! Feel free to comment and enjoy the fish along with me. In my saltwater tank I have: 1 one spot foxface rabbitfish 1 blue lined decorated rabbitfish 1 niger trigger 1 dog face pufferfish 1 manila...
  14. N

    California law question

    so in california where I live, all sharks of the carcharhinus genus are banned which includes reef sharks. However, the whitetip reef shark is not of the genus carcharhinus so does that mean they can be kept. Note, as of right now I do not seek to keep sharks of any kind but I do have some...
  15. O

    Identification of this barracuda?

    Hey all this is my first post here not sure exactly where to post it but I needed help identifying this barracuda or should I say the exact species it is. It is about 7 inches long if that helps any. thanks for the help!
  16. B

    1500 gallon saltwater tank

    I'm starting up a 1500 gallon saltwater tank and looking for ideas on heating. If a hot water heater for a home is the way to go then that's what I will do but looking for ideas. Hope I am in the right place . I am new to the site.
  17. D

    Red Mangrove and refugum

    Selling 4 Red Mangrove for saltwater refugum. $20 each for the tall ones (30 inches) $15 each for the shorter ones (about 18 inches) Selling 20 gallon long refugum also. Drilled on both ends and includes bulkhead fittings for 3/4" pvc pipe. $40 firm Lincoln, NE Will ship mangroves.
  18. N

    900 Gallon aquarium on floor above basement

    Ok guys, here is a question that has been asked many many times just not with this size as far as I have been able to tell. I have read everything under the sun and even laughed at some info. Here is my build. I am building a 12' wide x 36" deep and 48" tall plywood aquarium in our "family...
  19. moray eel man

    recycling salt in your saltwater aquarium

    Has anyone ever recycled the salt when doing a water change? I've been thinking on how much does salt cost every time we do a water change, so I've been thinking there must be a way recycled assault I mean the water is the only thing that evaporates so if we could find a way to get the unwanted...
  20. M

    Any Diana's Hogfish keepers on here?

    Been considering setting up a saltwater tank again after I move in a couple months to a more permanent residence. Thinking a 75 reef, red diana hog, scopas tang, and some beginner corals blue mushrooms, green star polyps, maybe try acropora later on. Obviously no snails, crabs, shrimp, or stars...