1. S

    General cure API medicine questions

    Hey, my flowerhorn has been extremely boated and hasn't pooped in over a week. The other fish in there has white stringy poop so I thought he had parasites and maybe transfered it to my flowerhorn. I tried a salt soak and nothing happened. My flowerhorn is swimming and eating fine, just no poop...
  2. E

    Are these oscars sick?

    I have no idea what happened to them. It’s only gotten worse too. Yesterday I saw one Oscar with what looked to be an eye injury, thought they got in a fight and I was upset but brushed it off. Now I come home this morning after work and see this. He’s gotten worse and it looks like the other...
  3. Fishpony

    Sick Flowerhorn

    Hello Everyone. I have a flower horn that stopped accepting pellets and has a sunken belly. I had recently moved my 7" flower horn to a 29 tank, and after the tank move, he seemed quite normal. I understand that the tank is small for him, I'll deal with that in the future once he's back to...
  4. N

    Pleco poisoned by ichX treatment??

    Pleco sick from treatment??? 125gallon freshwater, partially planted, river rock substrate (sparsely covered) currently: (see below for prev details) I THINK the plan is to get a new carbon filter since the water changes seem to upset him and use that to clear the water giving a few days for...
  5. K

    EBAs suddenly very unwell- everything else in tank OK

    Hello, I have two 3 inch EBAs whose health has plummeted in the past two days. All other fish appear normal. 75 gallon tank, sand substrate, 78 degrees. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 20 nitrate and ph 7.8. 2x EBA, 1 heckelii, 1 severum, 1 BGK, 7 Congo tetras, 1 jewel cichlid. All are juveniles except...
  6. G


    Hello, I got a really nice SRD flowerhorn exactly a week ago. he was doing great until today. His head got a little smaller and he's colors are not that vibrant anymore. Also near were he poops the skin is weird, its like white and peeled off, you can see it in the pics below. Please help i...
  7. O

    Help Datnoid w/ Illness

    My Datnoid has a pink coloration to the pectoral fins, mouth and the base of his tail. There is constantly flicking or rubbing himself/herself against things in the tank. It’s still eating.. I’ve raised the temp and dosed the tank with salt. I’m not sure what else to do. I don’t want to medicate...
  8. N

    Pleco problem?!

    Hi, I’m asking this in breeding because I figured this group would know. Do sailfin pleco spray milt or do they have a penis? see picture. My son insists he’s had this for at least 6 months (that he noticed it a long time ago when he was in our smaller tank). I really hope this isn’t a worm, we...
  9. B

    Flowerhorn Help please** White fuzz/dots?!

    Hey everyone ... Tank 55g - only fish is this FH. Aquaclear HoB & Marineland C360 for filtration. Tank has been running for a year. Nitrite 0, Ammonia 0, Nitrates 50ppm (come out of the tap at 40) For maybe 2 weeks my Flowerhorn has been pretty itchy .. didn’t think anything of it as I have...
  10. A

    Whats on my fire eel?

    I have recently purchased a fire eel, he is about 6” long and I have had him for about 2 weeks, he is in a tank with a betta, 2 cory cats, a pleco and a snail, I had a molly and some fry but got rid of them today since they produce so much waste. I just noticed something on its side, it looks...
  11. F

    Floating Bichir

    hello everyone, I've recently got a bichir and he is looking pretty sick. He was fine, eating swimming etc until today when I noticed him floating up the top. I tried feeding and that helped for a little bit but he's back up there. What can I do
  12. N

    Sick pleco

    Pleas help. He’s sick and we need help, I originally posted this (link below) in the pleco bottom dweller forum but I thought I might get a better response here Only other notes: 1) we added the plant food yesterday Easy Green from aquarium co-op 2) Nitrates are high, close to 40 doing a water...
  13. N

    Emergency sick pleco

    He looks thin. His skin looks patchy and he’s been much more timid and hasn’t been out as much or swam with his frill out since we have switched to the bigger tank (from 35g to 120g) About a month ago. He has his old cave to hide in, but everything else is different. River rock now instead of...
  14. F

    My flowerhorn is acting weird

    I have just moved him to a bigger tank around 2 weeks ago. He was doing fine until yesterday after I changed his water and put some algae solution, he has been acting weird since. Could the chemicals cause him to react this way, because in the past when i use the algae solution, he was not...
  15. N

    Transfer went bad! :-(

    Help. Just need advice. Not sure what can even do differently now. Just ready to breakdown with this so mad at my help. Mad at myself. Temp was 76.2 Temp this morning only 71.5 (if accurate) As of 10am 73 We transferred our beloved pleco and goldfish to their 120 acrylic tank last night...
  16. N

    Sick? Stressed? Normal?

    Pleco finally transferred to his 120 tank. The transfer was stressful but we brought water parameters in line temp in line and ultimately only did one transfer tank to tank directly. He hasn’t moved though since we put him in I’m starting to get nervous… What should I watch for?
  17. N

    Another emergency?!

    Don’t want a dead fish in the morning -or at all! W/no help until *at least* morning but more likely Saturday, I need fix ideas now. Should I lower the flow on the air stone? Turn down the pump? Worried if I do either tank conditions will hurt the fish. I have live plants i could add but don’t...
  18. N

    Lockdown=No New Tank

    We have been saving for a new (used) tank for a long time now but lockdown out any plans on hold. I’m worried about our fish in the meantime: would you change water more often? Add another filter? Go colder? 35 (may be 37) gallon tank Freshwater Hypostumos Pleco 13.5 inches 2 filters Air stone...
  19. T

    Is my Electric Blue Acara sick?

    Hi guys, I had a large male Acara fish in my community 4ft tank going really well. I had him for 1 year and he is 2 years old, but yesterday he suddenly changed and went off eating. He turned a neon whiteish colour and kept in the corner. That arvo he died. I was really confused and didn't know...
  20. S

    Red Tail Catfish, At Top of Tank

    Hello all, a very young red tail catfish of mine, about a month old and about 1.5 inches long has been spending progressively more and more time at the top of the tank. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be cause for concern, but the catfish has gone from very rarely doing it, to almost always being at...