silver dollars

  1. i Aqua

    Vendor  6-7 inch Black Bar Silver dollar!!

    For sale are 4 healthy 6-7 inch Black bar Silver Dollar’s. $25 each will no
  2. MetalRavioli

    Pacu Foster

    Thought I’d show you guys a photo of one of the red-bellied pacu I fostered a while back! They were dropped off outside of a pet supplies plus and had nowhere to go. There were 3 of them, and they were about 4-5 inches long at the time. I had an empty 20-gallon, so I decided to take them in...
  3. Z

    Recommended fish to put with my current inhabitants on my 150 gallon

    Hey there! I recently purchased a 150 gallon aquarium along with all of the filtration and setup required, which is a huge step up considering I've only ever had a 55 minus the larger DIY ponds I've built lol. I currently have 4 silver dollars, a common pleco, and a Jack Dempsey in the tank...
  4. S

    Rescued a massive Silver Dollar, will it shoal with smaller Silver Dollars?

    Hi everyone, I saw the Silver Dollar at my LFS. I figured I'd get it since I have a mostly empty 125 gallon tank. I wanted to see if anyone would know if the Silver Dollar would shoal with smaller ones. I have never seen a Silver Dollar bigger than 2in diameter at a fish store, this one is...
  5. mattybecks

    Tank Size Opinions

    Hi guys, Just wondering what everyone's opinion is on the tank size for: 6 x Tinfoil Barbs 15 x Silver Dollars
  6. 275ti03

    For Sale  F/S - BIG SILVER DOLLAR'S - WIDE BAR & SPOTTED - 7"-8"

    hey guys, got some big silver dollars f/s (3) Wide bar SD's (1 is blind in one eye - see pics) - $60 each or take all 3 for $160 (3) Spotted SD's - $40 each or take all for $100 Range from 7-8inch... pretty much eat anything you throw at them, including mealworms... Take all 6 for $250 Pick up...
  7. WOLF2013

    For Sale  Oscars and more West Palm Beach Florida

    I am moving next weekend and need to rehome some fish ASAP. I am shutting down one aquarium for now. Will trade for silver dollars of any kind or catfish or willing to sell. 4 5'' Oscar cichlids (3 red and 1 tiger) $30 for all 4 1 6-7'' gold red severum $25 1 3-4'' jack dempsey free with...
  8. M

    200 gallon stocking

    Hello, I'm almost finished plumbing my 200 gallon to its 75 gallon sump. Sump will have 2 7" sock filters, sponges in the baffles, and 1/4 to 1/3 of the sump will hold bio balls. I'll have an fx6 on the 200g as well. For stocking I'm definitely going with 2 oscars. For tankmates I was...
  9. F

    Biology and socio-cultural value of herbivorous Serrasalmidae in French Guyana

    For silver dollar enthusiasts- In an interesting paper [Pagezy & Jegu 2002. Bull.Fr.Peche Piscic. 364:49-60, free online], the authors describe the feeding ecology and cultural appreciation for the fish (“kumaru” - large silver dollars) and the fishery for them in the Wayana region of French...

    Good Score or Ripoff? (Silver Dollars)

    Hi, so I got these two blackberry juveniles (I think they're Myleus Schomburgkii) for ~$50 a piece. So, is that their normal price or too much? They're ~5cm or 2". I just want to know if I'm overpaying because I plan on getting 2 more. I know their tank is small but they're just here...
  11. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-


    I have a group of 5 nice thin bar silver dollars “Myleus schomburgkii” that are around 5-7 inches and a tiger stripe silver dollar that I’m looking to get rid of and selling only as a Group. They are healthy and have a large appetite eating all different kinds of food.
  12. mattybecks

    Changing up my tanks a little - advice on stocking

    As some of you may know already I have 15 x silver dollars and 1 x Jardini in my 180 gal. Then 7 x Geophagus Tapajos in my 40ish gal. As of now everything is balanced, no aggression, great water quality (water change once a week as soon as nitrates reach 20ppm, sometimes every 5 days if its a...
  13. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Trying out this aquarium photography thing

    Going to be exploring something different and trying aquarium photography, these pictures are of some of the fish in my 125. Let me know what y’all think
  14. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Ideas for DIY canister filter

    I have a 125 gallon South American setup currently filtered by a fluval fx6 and a 80 gallon HOB filter. Looking to get rid of the HOB and do a DIY canister filter made out of a 5 gallon bucket, Anyone have any good tips, designs or ideas for this ? I was originally gonna purchase a fluval fx4...
  15. Iamfish

    Do different species of silver dollar school together

    I was looking into getting some silver dollars for my 125 and was wondering if it was possible to get 1 of a few different species and have them school together. Would it also be possible to just get a group of 3 since they are not going in a huge tank or do I really need to get 5.
  16. Rojo1991

    My Leichardti arowana

    Thought I'd share some pictures of my Leichardti arowana. Recently posted on marketplace for sale but I'm definitely having second thoughts about selling it lol it's currently pushing 12" I bought it around August of last year at 7". Very good eater and definitely a much better fish then any...
  17. Harold51162

    FS | 4 Black Bar Silver Dollars | $120 | LongIsland NY | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Four Myleus schomburgkii black bar silver dollars at about 4 inches What are your prices?: 120 Where are you located?: Shirley, longisland NY Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: Beautiful silver dollars... Eat...
  18. B

    Geophagus in a 125 gallon

    I am going to be setting up a 125 gallon tank in the summer and plan on stocking it with some Geophagus, however which species, how many and what tank mates are problems that I have. For tank mates, I like the idea of some silver dollars or perhaps some other species of cichlid- such as green...
  19. Kingster

    New THREAD: Is this overstocked?

    SOUTH AMERICAN TANK 1 x Oscar 2 x guianacara gaeyi 4 x Silver Dollars 2 (3) x Pimelouds Maculatus Be too much for a 120 gallon dual overflew, with a trigger 36 sump? BTW need recommendations for cool natural substrate, plants, and rocks
  20. Kingster

    Too much for 120 South America?

    Hi, I am looking to stock my 120 into a South American tank, with abit of plants and wood. the sump is trigger systems crystal sump 36 READ THIS: I plan to keep all the fish from fry or small size and not have to upgrade to keep them after they grow up! STOCKING IDEA: 5 x Pictus Catfish -...