1. F

    120 Gallon Stocking

    Hello Everyone, I recently got a 4x2x2 (120g/450l) And i'm not sure what to put in it. I have a firemouth cichlid that has to go in it but i dont really want a "community tank" so to say. My ideal stocking would be 2: Firemouth 3: Pictus Cats 1: Firemouth 1: Oscar Tbh i really want a large...
  2. J

    Can I add a convict or Firemouth?

    Hello all, so I have a 55 gallon with 8 tiger barbs, 6 Odessa barbs, a rainbow shark, and a Siamese algae eater. I am wondering if it would be okay to add a convict or a Firemouth to the mix. Or would that be a total bad idea? Or are there any other cool cichlids that could work?
  3. Zak03

    Stocking Help

    Alright, so i have a 40 gal tank and i need some stocking ideas. im thinking of doing a cichlid community tank, but im not very versed in different types of cichlids. Basically, what im looking for is a community tank with color, personallity, and movement. (plus, having cleaner fish so that...
  4. Iamfish

    Will this be to much?

    So I want to add 2 more fish to my 55 gallon and was wondering if it would be to much with the fish I already have and dont want to overstock it. I want to add a Toxotes microlepis and a l239 pleco, I currently have Peacock eel Albino Rainbow Shark Electic Blue Acaras Albino Cory Catfish Hoplo...
  5. Kiryoku

    65 Gallon Aquarium Set Up Ideas?

    i currently have a 5 inch short body srd flowerhorn in it bare bottom. i was wondering if i should keep the flowerhorn or should i sell it, and set up the tank with discus or platinum angels or anything else? any ideas on stocking the tank? i'll probably make it a planted tank if i'm going to...
  6. xDestro

    Switching to community stock?

    As of right now I have in a 75 9" syno Notatus 5" syno decorus 5" Senegal 8" delhezi 5" eb acara 2" Bush fish I absolutely love my bichirs and synos but Iv been getting an itch for a community tank. My stock in mind was .. 15-20 Roseline's sharks 10 clown loaches or corys Group of glass...
  7. DanielAro501

    Possible additions

    I have a. 6x2x2 130 gallon tank that is currently stocked with one 7” silver Arowana, 6 silver dollars, 2 big tinfoil barbs, 2 clown loaches, 4 baby iridescent sharks, a 6” fire eel and two albino channel catfish.I do have plans for the Arowana, in about 3 months I will start construction of a...
  8. D

    How many Bichirs could I have in a 150 gallon?

    Hello all! I have a fully cycled 150 gallon tank with 4 angels and 5 clown loaches. I have a BGK and will be getting some Bichirs, so here is my question. How many Bichirs could I get and not be pushing an unhealthy stocking level? Only upper jaws. Nothing huge. I have a sponge filter, 575 gph...
  9. Kiryoku

    90G Tank Stock Ideas!

    Hello, Everyone! I have a 90G aquarium that’s 36x13x50 I know it calculates to 100G but the glass thickness is 1/2 inch so true size would be 35x12x50 which calculates to 90G. But anyways, i was wondering if i could get some insight on what to stock it with for a living room piece. Lace Java...
  10. xDestro

    Will this stock work in a 75?

    Since pet smart isn't having any Sales on 125 gallons I want to redo my 75.. Mainly the stock. Stock I'll keep: • 9" syno Notatus • 7"-8" delhezi • 4"-6" Senegal • 4"-5" eb acara • maybe 3" leaf fish Stock I want to add: • palmas palmas • retropinnus •Moke? IDK size on these guys so any info...
  11. AG458

    Golden Datnoid info?

    When I last visited my LFS, they had a small golden dat in stock. I hadn't heard of a datnoid before joining MFK, so I wouldn't have given it a second look; but, because I'm on MFK, I did. He was a cute little fish, hiding among the black background. One of the workers at my LFS told me that...
  12. Murrayt

    125-150 Gallon Aggressive Stock Suggestions

    Hi everyone, I have been out of the hobby for a while now and am eager to return. For years I have kept numerous Central/South American Cichlids. I was previously prone to overstocking the tank and adding numerous fish species that although were able to coexist, became stressful worrying about...
  13. Swoll929

    Upgraded tank, new tankmates?!?

    I just upgraded to a 240 from my 180. Standard 8' x 2' x 2'. 1 custom diy 1200gph fluidized 40g sump, 1 fluval 206, 2 1500gph powerheads. It is low light planted with pool filter sand substrate. I currently have 1 - lima shovelnose cat 1 - green terror 1 - senagalus bichir 1 - ornate bichir 2 -...
  14. D

    Need creative stocking for 75 gallon!

    Hey all! Im really struggling to find the perfect stock plan for my 75 gallon tank i will be setting up in about a week. The only fish I know I am going to keep for sure are Denison Barbs, probably 5-8 of them (if i get presented a stock plan that blows my mind I can take them out). I originally...
  15. R

    New Fish Suggestions?

    Hello, I am looking to add a unique fish to an existing tank (in memory of a passed relative). Would love some recommendations. Would prefer a single fish, but am open to suggestions that involve pairs or schools. Thank you! Tanks specs: - 125 gallon (70x18) - semi heavily planted - PFS...
  16. xDestro

    Jaguar vs gulper catfish

    I'm wanting to redo my 55, I was thinking about completely starting over and doing my first planted tank (lightly planted) and was debating on either 1 gulper catfish or get a jaguar catfish and maybe an acara and firemouth so what do you think? Also have any of you ever ordered from...
  17. Narwhal

    Where did all the Bamboo Shrimp go?

    A few years ago, Atyopsis moluccensis where at most pet stores I went in, I haven't seen one for a while now. Does anyone know why? You can find them online, but they disappeared from the stores.
  18. D

    I'm New: Please Help Me Stock and Setup My Tank

    I owned a 10 gallon a while ago and got the gist of maintaining aquariums, but never moved onto some of the more moderate-advanced fish. I stalked it with a Pepper Cat, 2 Rainbow Shark, and a few Black Mollies and Sword-tails only to have the Rainbow Sharks bully the Mollies and Sword-tails to...
  19. P

    Stocking Ideas?

    Any suggestions for stocking a 90 gallon freshwater ? I'm open for ideas. Also, feel free to post some pictures of your aquascape job/decor setup.