tank mates

  1. Jacob._.merc

    Jade goby tankmates

    I currently have a 7 inch jade goby and I want to have a tankmate with him. I only need one tankmate due to size and stuff. I am deciding on 3 fish, a bluegill (one I want the most), cow goby or a flowerhorn. I know the bluegill likes more of a colder water but, they're tough fish. Which of...
  2. viper0397

    Tank mates

    Has anyone here ever kept mustache cats with their stingrays? I have a pair that need to be separated and am considering putting one in one ray tank and the other in a different ray tank. Not sure it the will bother the rays though.
  3. A

    Favorite Silver Arowana Tankmates?

    Ok, long-time reader but new member to MFK, so I apologize for any faux pas. I've finally picked up my own silver arowana, under two friggin' inches! I've been eventually planning for one so I've done a fair amount of research (and or course have long-term plans for housing) but the biggest...
  4. Sarah J

    Tank Mate Opinions lol

    Ok, I have 2 -two inch EBA's, 2 -one inch EBJD, and a 1.5inch Diadema cichlid in a 125g. Im so hesitant to add anything aggressive because I want all of these fish to survive. Does anyone have experience with meeki fire mouth aggression? I was also going to get 2 more EBA'S. I don't want...
  5. N

    Ctenopoma tankmate list?

    Hi. Right now i am having a 2,5 cm long leopard cteno. I want to put something nice for a bottom fish and something herbivore. Should i put 3 sterba cory since they are a bigger species of cory or a red fin shark since both of them are kinda passive aggresive fish? Or is it more suitable if i...
  6. L

    Tank mates

    Hello. I have a 75 gallon tank with one poly, a black knife, and a peacock eel. Them being mostly bottom dwellers I’d like to have some higher level and more colored fish and a clean up fish. I’ve read that plecos can eat the polys slime coat so I’m looking for recommendations.
  7. M

    Blue Panaque and Corydora

    Hello all! I’ve been a lurker here for a while but finally made an account to post some questions I have. I currently have a very established 75 gallon stocked with a motley crew of Corydora Catfish (a few Albinos, Juli, and Pandas) that essentially school. Most are fairly small. In the same...
  8. J

    largemouth bass tank mates

    Hey guy/gals i have a 75 gallon tank with 2 3" LGM Bass a 2"bluegill and a 3" bullhead. Im looking to get some some more fish to put in the tank with them i have Oscars, Bala sharks, and other cats i'm mind I have space for very large fish in a heated pond outside so. SUGGESTIONS?
  9. B

    tank mate

    Im about to buy a 100 gallon tank 5ft long about 2ft tall and about 2ft front to back. My plan for the tank is a cichlid tank not african. I was planing to put a jaguar in it with maybe 2 convict cichlids or maybe a madagascar cichlid what type of cichlid would be best with a jaguar cichlid. I...
  10. C


    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with salvini cichlids. Theres not a lot online. Ive heard that they are agressive and was wondering if its true and what would be suitable tankmates
  11. Miks786

    Gulper catfish tank mates

    Hey guys im looking at getting a 8cm Gulper catfish His tank mates would be a 20cm Channa Micropeltes and a 20cm Jardini Aro What are your thoughts on this? Is it advisable?
  12. L

    Arowana pool idea/need some help

    So ive wanted an arowana since ive started fish keeping. I think they are just a beautiful fish that i really want to keep. So heres where the fun starts. Im looking to buy a arowana thats about 4-7 inches(might get smaller) in length that im just gonna have in a 125 until i can get what i...
  13. T

    Asian Redtail nipping

    Recently bought a 7" Jardini arowana and moved him in today with my 5" asian rt. Has anyone who has housed these two together (or any arowana with a asian redtail catish) experience any nipping from the rt to the aro? Is the rt just displaying territories? From what I understood you could have...
  14. AG458

    Stocking Adjustment Question

    As the owner of three potential giants (CK, pbass, black ear pangasius) and a medium-sized pleco, I've been told my 60g is overstocked. As of now, everyone in my tank is doing well; none of my fish are over 7 inches. I wish I could keep them all, but my tank limits my options. I am looking at an...
  15. F

    Red Tail Barracuda Tank Mates

    Hello everyone, first post! I recently bought a 75g aquarium and was planning on putting a Red Tail Barracuda in it. I currently have a 14" Tire Track Eel and 4" Eclipse Catfish in my 55g and was planning on putting them in the 75g tank with the Cuda. Are they compatible with each other if the...
  16. G

    Green Terror tank mates

    It has been a long time since ive had setup a tank. The GT was always my favorite. I have a 60 gallon and plan on getting a GT and a blue JD ( i understand risks of aggression). i also want to have a con and a firemouth in the same tank. I plan on introducing all at same time. Does anybody have...
  17. AG458

    Ornate Bichir in 60g tank + tank mates?

    I know I've been told that I shouldn't add any more fish to my current stock (a juvenile peacock bass, small Clown knifefish, small pleco, smallish black ear pangasius) but I would like a bichir as well. This won't be my first time; I had a dinosaur bichir in my old tank who had quite a...
  18. AG458

    Tank Mate Ideas?

    My current 60gal tank consists of four fish: a black ear pangasius, a common pleco, a juvenile peacock bass, and a clown knifefish-most of which will outgrow my tank. So far, my only issue with the tank mates is that my CK is aggressive towards my pleco-not biting him or anything like that; more...
  19. A-Train


    Hey everyone I've had clown knives before and I've owned several other monster fish not something that is odd and has me worried is I just added a Jardini arowana ( 4-5 inches ) to my 220 gallon tank with my Golden clown knife ( 10 inches ) and I noticed today my clown knife was being overly...
  20. Narwhal

    Common Pleco Tankmates

    I have a roughly 16 inch common pleco an I am planning to do an overhaul of the tank he is in and give it some character. Right now it lives with a handful of tetras, but I was interested if discus can live alongside common plecos. From descriptions given, common plecos sound like vicious...