tank mates

  1. L

    Fish suggestions

    I have a 40 gallon breeder tank I am going to use for my red ear slider and bottom dwelling turtle as a temporary tank for a good while since there small and I want to get a softshell or musk turtles for it too eventually. But I need fish suggestion on what fish and clean up crew to put in it!
  2. N

    Tiger barb 20 gallon long tank mates

    Hello, I currently have 9 tiger barbs and 2 dwarf gourami in my 20 gallon long, I am looking for a third solitary tank mate, any ideas? Something that is more available will be nice.
  3. Benthebassmaster

    Giant betta 10 gallon tank

    Would a giant betta be fine in a 10 gallon tank. Also If there could be tank mates with a giant betta what would it be
  4. JustinJay1996

    Blood parrot tank mates

    I haven’t been on in awhile due to phone not being active and not affording internet but I’m back! I bought my girlfriend 3 blood parrots for our 75 gallon. It has a geophagus pearl cichlid and a geophagus balzani. The geophagus pearl cichlid looks like it’s not doing to well and is in...
  5. N

    Tank mates

    I posted this under setup, hoping for some more answers on tank mates etc sailfin and pleco shared 120g tank. Other parameters on the original post... https://www.monsterfishkeepers.com/forums/threads/pleico-goldfish-shared-tank.730708/
  6. ydnim

    Sunny D.

    I ended up buying my first tank-mate today 😍 He is an "Assorted African Cichlid" -- which to be honest, I hate that certain stores cannot give you more information on the "type" than that... I have decided to name him Sunny D and he is currently acclimating through a cool little gadget I found...
  7. N

    silver Arowana tank mates

    Hey guys, i purchased a silver arowana over a month ago and he is about 7" now so still juvenile. I have him/her in a 75 gal tank for now, and im quite aware that i will need to upgrade soon. Today i purchased an Oscar that is about 8-9" so about the size of my hand and larger than the Aro. i...
  8. A

    Green Terror tank mate suggestions?

    Hello, I am looking for some suggestions for potential GT tank mates, Gold Saum variety. My tank details are as followed: Brand - 55 gallon Ciano Measurements - 40”L x 15.5”W x 24”H Filteration - Fluval 406 External Filter My GT seems to be the odd relaxed one. He’s currently in with...
  9. LimaShovelnoseSaltwater92

    Gulper cat and flowerhorn- smart or insane?

    Ok, I’ve noticed a lot of people putting flowerhorns in with smaller types of bichir. As most people know, the mentifact is that you should keep a flowerhorn alone in a 75g + tank. My question is: could I put a middle aged SD fader flowerhorn in with a 4-4.5 in. Gulper catfish? If they grow...
  10. S

    Tank Mates for Gibbiceps?

    Tank Mates Question. Ready to upgrade and want to know what may be best to add. Currently: I have a 40 gal/ the upgrade likely to 90 gal. Gibbiceps is 5 or 6 years old. He is in a freshwater tank and is almost 14 inches long. Artificial plants. As of 2 days ago, I have two more fish- I was...
  11. Z

    Fire eel safety?

    Hi all, long time lurker first time Poster! I'm recently finishing building my 180g acryllic and 75 gallon sump, she's beautiful! As of now I will be stocking with a few clown loaches, some angel fish, a very passive frontosa, an Oscar, ornate bichir and of course a fire eel at only 10 inches...
  12. G


    Could I keep a single Oscar with a school of 5 or so tiger barbs in a 75 gallon?
  13. P

    75 gallon stock idea's

    Howdy y'all, My name is George, I'm new to the site, but not fish keeping. I had a 75 gallon tank with a pair of adult green terrors in college and a 220 with a few Oscars and a JD. It's been about seven years, but my sister just gave me her boyfriends 75 gallon tank so I'm going to clean it...
  14. G

    Can they go together

    I was wondering if I could keep the following in my tank: Bala Shark African Leaf Fish X2 Kissing Gourami X2
  15. J

    African cichlid tank mates?

    i have a 125 gallon tank with 6 peacocks and 10 mbuna can I add a chocolate cichlid how would they get along aggression wise ps - all the fish would be around the same size
  16. M

    Tank mates

    Hi all, I am looking to add tank mates to several tanks. I have 100g with a dinosaur bichir fish, 20g with red tail shark, and 10g with a veiltail betta (male). Any recommendations for tank mates for these fellas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Serpentine

    Female Red Terror + Male Jack Dempsey?

    I am growing out a group of wild true M. festae babies and wondered if it was at all possible to later put one female in a 90 gallon tank with one male Jack Dempsey (garden variety JD, not EBJD). I picked this guy up as a rescue and thought perhaps he might be able to survive in a setup with...
  18. T

    Tank Mates?

    Alright, sooo... I posted about adding an Oscar to my tank with Tiger Barbs and Crays, but have decided against it... However, I now took out the more aggressive, two-pincered Cray and put it into my father's large tank after one of the barbs had lost a fin on one side and couldn't swim, only...
  19. L

    Tank mates for an African lung fish and Florida gar

    I was wondering if a red fin wolf fish would be ok as an addition to my tank, my lungfish is roughly 12 inches and the gar is 10 inches, if this is not a great idea is there any other suggestion you guys have for me I would like a fish that eats live minnows or meaty food off the bottom like the...
  20. neko1

    searching for a surface fish

    Hello guys my tank is a 2meter tank. The tank is almost fully stocked but my polypterus senegalus died a few months ago and I thought why not put another fish in there. Most fish in my tank tend to hide so I dont see them at all.... o_Ounless there is food in the tank. The bottom is pretty...