Black in tank?

Kyle Matzinger

Feeder Fish
Mar 15, 2018
Hello everyone,

To start, I've read these forums for a while, but have only made an account to ask this question. My first post!

I've had my flowerhorn, a ~4 inch king kamfa, for a little while now. So far everything has gone well. He (She?) eats well, seems to enjoy interacting by follows fingers and swimming up to faces, he even lets me pet him although I like to restrain myself from having my hand in the tank. I do 15 gallon water changes from his 75 gallon tank every other day, sometimes once every three days when work picks up. So I have just finished doing the water changes for my tanks, this one included, and as per usual, tested water parameters. Nothing stuck out to me, tests came back as they usually do.

however, after settling down, I took a look into my flower horns tank and noticed these little black balls resting in the corner of the tank. Also worthy of note in the transparent entity (resembles an air bubble) in the middle of the collection. Their distance from each other, their color, and the flowerhorn's disinterest in them tells me that they are not eggs, although I may very well be wrong. The only guesses I have are that they are loose carbon from the canister filter that have made their way through the return, but that doesn't seem to likely as this tank has been running for a long while now with nothing similar happening.

Any response is appreciated, and I thank you all in advance!
P.s I've never been an avid forum user so if there are any problems with the post, please inform me and I'd be happy to amend them.