1. Benthebassmaster

    Angelfish laying eggs

    My angelfish just layed eggs and the male angel is fertilizing the eggs. I don’t really know what to do. I did research about it a while ago. There is corydoras in the tank and the angels are being very aggressive towards the Cory’s. What should I do.
  2. D

    My first flowerhorn breeding.

    This is my first time breeding flowerhorns. Male blue thai silk and an unknown (wild?) Female that I purchased at a lfs. I will be removing the eggs to a separate tank tonight. What and when do I start feeding the fry? Thanks for the help
  3. Zack333

    Taiwan reef hap sexing

    Messed up on title suppose to say hap not happy oops I usually just wait until I find the fish with eggs in her mouth or becomes fully colored up to tell if the peacocks/haps are male or female, but my Taiwan reef seems to really want to stretch out the time for one of these to happen. So my...
  4. Justepic

    HELP! Salvini breeding and eggs have been lain.

    My 2 4 inch salvini have laid eggs on stones on the bottom of the aquarium, I don't know what to do! Can someone give me some tips on what to do, like freqeunt water changes or feeding frozen food. The real problem is that I have two similar size jack Dempsey's in the tank however they aren't...
  5. C

    Can a Salvini and Jack Dempsey produce a hybrid together?

    My salvini just layed her eggs with a jack Dempsey and I was wondering if it’s possible for the jack to fertilize the eggs.
  6. O

    Silver Arowana Laid Eggs

    Hi All, I have a Silver Arowana of about 16inches in my 5ft tank alone since it was a juvenile. The Aro was not as active and refused to eat since past week and was mostly at the bottom of the tank in awkward positions. Today i noticed that the aro was swimming fine and has laid about 15-20...
  7. C

    Severums have laid eggs, what's next?

    I have a male green severum and a female gold spotted, they are alone in a 55gal and have been a mating pair since the first day they were in the tank. They have laid eggs twice now and have eaten them. Since they are alone in the tank I am not sure why they keep doing that. I first thought...
  8. Jacob._.merc


    I think I may have found some eggs in my 40 gallon tank. But the only pairs I have in the tank are bichirs and blood parrots. They look like little white clusters on the glass. There are three clusters. Could the be eggs or something else?
  9. K

    Black in tank?

    Hello everyone, To start, I've read these forums for a while, but have only made an account to ask this question. My first post! I've had my flowerhorn, a ~4 inch king kamfa, for a little while now. So far everything has gone well. He (She?) eats well, seems to enjoy interacting by follows...
  10. IFLAquatics


    So guys we tried to find a girlfriend or at least just a friend to make our male kribensis, Trips, happy or at least give him some company so we got a little kribensis for him because he used to get picked on. We got him a friend and named (her we found out) Tracks. Now when we put her in there...
  11. The Dave

    An amazing video about the Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher)

    The Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher) is probably the easiest cichlid to maintain and breed. In fact, due to their small size ( 3-4 inches / 7.6 - 10 cm ), hardy, adaptable nature, and ease of breeding, this fish is probably the ideal cichlid for anyone that is taking their first steps into...
  12. A

    Unfertilized Eggs?

    My Husband has a pair of gold severums that laid eggs the other day. Three out of hundreds of eggs are white which I was told meant they were infertile. The other eggs are still a sort of orange color and look like they did when she laid them. Will the white eggs end up covered in fungus and...
  13. Nano Vanisher

    Leucistic Convict X Firemouth Eggs (maybe)

    Good morning, My male pink convict and female firemouth have had a loose pair bond for a couple of weeks. Her female papilla was out all day and I observed them looking for a place to lay. They were taking all day , when I woke up she was guarding the clutch. I did not see him fertilize the...
  14. The Dave

    Incredible surgery on a fish egg using 2 sewing needles !!!

    SURGERY ON A FISH EGG ! ( a tale of aquatic morality ) Hello, everyone I recently had a Golden Wonder Killifish that hatched from its egg, but failed to completely break free of the egg membrane. Its head was still stuck inside the egg, while only the tail was free! I found the fry about 24...
  15. S

    Rock Bass Laid Eggs. What Do I Do?

    Well i accidentally managed to breed rock bass in my 29 gallon tank. Before you rant that 29 gallons isn't enough for 2 rock bass i know that i had put my female rock bass in there as a temporary thing because my bigger tank hadn't arrived yet. Anyways i came home one day to a pile of fertilized...
  16. reapertheoscar


    My oscars have laid eggs twice now neither times have been successful I've been observing alot more now to find out what's going on below I'll have pictures and maybe someone can tell me what they think is happening
  17. reapertheoscar

    Oscars breed unintentionally

    Okay let me give you a background, I bought 2 albino oscars before Christmas, I got 2 for the price of one, there about 8 to 10 inches long, I noticed they moved gravel and they were vibrating there tails so I thought they were going to breed but I've never had this happen before so it was a...
  18. Larryfish

    Vieja fenestratus. Breeding help!!!

    Okay. So I'm breeding vieja fenestratus. And the female has laid eggs. We are now on day 3. Some of the eggs are white in color. From what I've read online. They're. Dead. But some of the eggs have like a black on them. Any idea what this is. I'll post pictures.
  19. The Dave

    How To Make A very Simple Brine Shrimp Hatchery

    In this professionally filmed, and produced short film, I introduce the viewer to a simple and inexpensive brine shrimp hatchery. For those of you who are not familiar with this creature, newborn brine shrimp are an essential, easy to raise, and very nutritious live food item for newborn fish...
  20. The Dave

    A very beautiful video of the underappreciated pink Ramshorn snail

    The ramshorn snail is often seen as an aquarium pest that people want to avoid. However, they only pose a problem in an aquarium that is unbalanced. When the aquarist adds too much food to the tank, the ramshorn snails take advantage of the abundance and breed at an alarming rate. Population...