1. S

    Is this Oscar behaviour normal?

    I have two Oscar ( bigger one slightly bigger them 6inches and smaller one around 4.6 inches). Had them together since young. Recently I have notice them clearing a spot in the tank. They take turn clearing gravel from the same spot( created an empty spot 1inch by 1inch) using their mouth. They...
  2. agent1207

    Odd Aggression Behaviour.

    Over the course of a year absolutely no violent behaviour from the Jaguar Cichlid, until a couple of days ago where the Jaguar cichlid would non-stop continually attack an Oscar. The Oscar is now separated to allow it to heal. This is where the odd behaviour part of the question begins. I...
  3. Beau_kirch

    Green Terror Aggression

    Hi, I’ve got a 6x2x2 tank with a juvenile Oscar (About 5cm) , juvenile Saratoga (about 12cm) and a juvenile green terror (about 8cm).... the green terror seems to be extremely aggressive, it’s relatively constant chasing of both.... as if the green terror is saying... “no you’re not going...
  4. U

    Compatibility questions + please help identify + Bala Shark in 70Gal?

    Hello, I have an ***h0le blue texas (25cm) and a common pleco(30cm) in a 45gal (obviously a nano tank for this fish, I know, please don't trow rocks at me, I water change religiously) with a bunch of snaks (guppies). I'm buying a 70 galon this weekend as an upgrade. The problem is , there...
  5. Blakewater

    B. Vaillantii Aggression/Territorial?

    Has anyone else had experience with their LauLau's [or other Brachyplatystomas] not necessarily going out of there way to chase/hurt other bottom dwellers, but becoming pretty territorial over a portion of the tank? Mine is around 6" and currently shares the bottom of the tank with two 8"...
  6. F

    Black Diamond aggression

    Are Black Diamonds or Black Diamond hybrids know to be the most aggressive of Freshwater Stingrays? My Motoro and unknow Hybrid Stingray just swim around a little and hide in the sand a little. My Black Diamond hides very little and likes to climb all over the other 2 Stingrays.
  7. Jacob._.merc

    Eye biter or other suggestions

    Hi I am in need of some help. I have an aggressive blood parrot, 7 in female. She won't stop harassing a red peacock cichlid I have. There is a 5 inch black convict in the tank, yes I know about the pH differences and it's a bad idea and stuff but they do completely fine together. The blood...
  8. P

    Green Terror Trying to Spawn?

    So a week or so ago I posted asking if my GT was male or female. Got mixed responses so unsure where to go from here. Although, GT has just cleared out a spot and is guarding it ferociously, even attacking me when I get down to look st the spot. It is completely on the other side of the tank...
  9. slava2929

    Cichlid custody dispute among rainbow cichlids. Divorce pending?

    I have a breeding pair of rainbow cichlids who have successfully bred and raised fry before and have been together without incident for at least 6 months. Their latest batch of fry has led to a real mystery and something I never thought I would see with fish. The male has about half the fry on...
  10. Nilsafeller

    Red hook silver dollar and giant red tail fighting

    Dont know what to do guys! I have a 210 gallon with some oddballs... the red tail is still a juvie... about 8 or 9 inches long... same size as my red hook ,and goes after the silver dollar sometimes visciously! But every time he goes after the SD he gets torn up fins since the SD is an...
  11. islandguy11

    Aggressive Asian Arowana

    When I first got my GHXB I kept him in a 4ft. temporary tank until his new 7ft (325g) home was ready. During that approx. month he was always quite calm and cool. However, since putting him in the 7ft'er he has become increasingly aggressive, especially towards nets or siphons and it's gotten...
  12. clm08k

    Bloody finlets

    I’ve noticed my albino Senegal with a few bloody finlets the past 2 times I’ve done a water change. I change about 75% of the water every 4ish days. None of the other polys or fish show open wounds. Wondering if the bloody finlets is from aggression (he’s the smallest poly) or potentially from...
  13. slava2929

    My rainbow's aggressiveness is no longer cute

    I have had a fully grown male rainbow cichlid for a year now and he's an incredibly aggressive fish. I have had Jewels, convicts, keyholes and firemouths and yet my male rainbow is FAR more aggressive than anything else I have had. He goes for my hand every time I put my hand in the tank to move...
  14. Wyvlen

    Pictus Catfish and Rainbow Shark

    Hello! I've been fish keeping for a while, but I've found I always come across more things to question. My rainbow shark, for one, has been difficult to accommodate, but he is worth the heartache in my opinion. He's much MUCH less aggressive than he was originally, since I took steps to calm him...
  15. A

    Green Terror Sexing and aggression problems

    Hello, I have recently ran into some issues with green terrors and aggression in the tank. I have a 55 gallon tank currently with all juvenile cichlids. -1x 2.5" Firemouth -2x 3" Green Terror (One slightly larger than other) -1x 2" Jack Dempsey -1x 2" Common Pleco The tank is decorated with...
  16. CristianV

    Trilogy of Fantasy Fish Battle: The Winner

    Within the past two threads, out of all the possibilities, it has been whittled down to two finalist. The Aimara Wolfish & The Golden Dorado Place your bets on who would come out on top. Any experiences and knowledge will help us come to the conclusion, one fish left.
  17. CristianV

    Fantasy Fish Battle

    Hi guys, I’ve been following MFK for a while now and recently became a member so please forgive me if this thread is not in the correct place. If been pondering this question for a long time and I’d be interested to see what y’all had to say. Situation A) What fish would you say would be...
  18. RocketGarStar

    Diamond Tetra VS. Krib Cichlid?

    Okay, so, I've absolutely never seen this before - but I recently just bought a pair (Male and female) of kirbensis cichlids for my 29 gallon community. I have had a school of 6 diamond tetras for since I got the 29 up and running, and the leader of this school is the biggest, flashiest diamond...
  19. A

    Synspilum aggression advice

    Hi, was hoping to get some opinions and/or advice on my latest tank issue. We have a 6ft tank which currently has 2 oscars, (about 7 and 10 inches) 3 largish silver dollars, 1 female convict, 1 Pundamilia nyererei and one synspilum (about 10 inches). I don't know what sexes any of them are...
  20. The Dave

    An amazing video about the Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher)

    The Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher) is probably the easiest cichlid to maintain and breed. In fact, due to their small size ( 3-4 inches / 7.6 - 10 cm ), hardy, adaptable nature, and ease of breeding, this fish is probably the ideal cichlid for anyone that is taking their first steps into...