american cichlid

  1. xenacanth9

    Might start selling apistos

    Thinking about getting into breeding/selling Apistogrammas, wish me luck, I'll make a website and share it with you guys in the marketplace if and when I go through with this idea. I am probably going to start with double reds, and eventually expand to other strains, other species, and...
  2. E

    Blue Acara 200L Planted tank

    I want to do my first (heavily) planted tank. How many blue Acara could I have in a 200L (52gal) tank and what lighting and filtration would I need. I've seen alot of different responses on how many Acara I could keep. TIA
  3. mr cichlid

    For Sale  Female black nasty

    Approximately 4" Originally from COTA Good eater Ship available thru USPS priority extra $40 or if you have airport to airport account that is an option
  4. C

    65 Gallon American Stocking ideas

    Hey all. I have a 65 gallon (36x18x24) that I would like to stock with some american cichlids. It would be awesome if I could keep a little variety in the aquarium. I'm interested in the following species: Jack Dempsey's (And Electric Blue Jack Dempsey's) Green Terror Texas Cichlid Electric...
  5. riuqlav

    Sexing severums red spotted and rotkeil

    hello everyone, could you guys sex them on this size?
  6. Dumbud

    Can anyone help me id this cichlid

    I need help to id this cichlid it was sold to me as geophagus
  7. AlexCR

    New borns Convicts Cichilds

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to show you my newborns. On April 27th I found a lot of eggs in one stone and my couple of convicts bravery taking care of them. So I move them to a breed aquarium with a little hope of getting results since is their first time and they are less than 2 inches long. But...
  8. Cammo X

    Robertsoni Males Flaring

    These 2 get fired up after a water change and a feed, colours are always changing from green to blue as well. The gf has named the one on the right Marlo as he will be our breeding boy :)
  9. Fiberacci

    180 gallon

    Hi everyone, Heres my tank where I'm hoping to breed C. Myersi Stocking 1x ornate bichir 4" 1x fire eel 6" 5x red head tapajos 1.5" 4x C. Myersi 2" 5x giant danios 1.5" 2x Denison barbs(trying to sell) 3" I'm planning to use this thread to document the juvenile Myersi and see if my...
  10. M

    Can Green Terror Cichlids lay eggs without males in the aquarium?

    Heya! So, I have 2 Green Terrors at the moment. One of them had some eggs a few days ago but started being very aggressive to the other. I took the female out, thinking I'll let the other fertilize the eggs (I assumed the other was a male). However, the second GT ate all the eggs and today I...
  11. HybridFinatic

    Best temp for Central America cichlids?

    Now I know a lot of different people who like to keep their tanks at different temps for different reasons. I have heard of people keeping them at 68 degrees in the winter to act as it would in the wild. Most people seem to keep their tanks at 75-80 degrees. A amphilophus keeper on YouTube said...
  12. HybridFinatic

    Hardiest Central American cichlid?

    From your experience, what is the hardiest medium-large Central American cichlid you know of or have kept? I’m talking rock solid. A fish Resilient to diseases compared to others. A fish that is stronger than the others.
  13. J

    Advice on Green Terror for new American Cichlid owner

    Hi, I’m new to the forum and rather new to aquariums and fish as a whole. I’ve had cichlids for about a year and a half now. I had mainly Africans but due to me moving I’ve sadly lost all but 2 of my Africans due to the stress of it all (luckily they left a surprise behind them with 4 fry that...
  14. K

    Trimac Cichlids from Rio Naranjo

    I have a beautiful female Trimac brought from COTA. She'a an F1 from Rio Naranja. She doesn't have the classic Trimac spot, If i put her with a male also from rio Naranja thats also doesn't have the classic Trimac spots will the fry also have no spots or will some of them have spots? Would like...
  15. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    Cuban cichlid growth rate ?

    What Is the normal growth rate of a cuban cichlid about 2 weeks ago I purchased a small Cuban cichlid 1.5 inches long it is now 2 inches. It is nowhere near the top of the tank in dominance and was at the bottom when first introduced but has since outgrown my vieja argentea,salvini and is...
  16. TheMoneyTank(TMT)


    So today I went fish shopping and whilst looking round at the oddballs they had (8inch gulper catfish £99.00) I was drawn to the cichlid section where I saw my dream fish I have been after for 6 years (hard to find in my area of the UK) A 4inch male dovii, I have been after a dovii for years and...
  17. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    What's the biggest jewel cichlid (guttatus) ever?

    Wondering what was the biggest jewel cichlid (guttatus) someone has owned post pics if you can share some monsters
  18. TheMoneyTank(TMT)


    Let's see what everyone has In the way of American cichlids I'll start the thread with mine including ornatum cichlids,festivum,gold Severum,green terror,jack dempsey and a few others when I get a good pic
  19. TheMoneyTank(TMT)


    About a week ago I brought a group of ornatum cichlids between 3-4 inches they are surprisingly not as aggressive as I thought and i have a pair who are always together here are some pics
  20. J

    Texas cichlid HELP

    I have 1 male and 1 female texas cichlid alone in a 4 foot tank and the male won't stop trying to kill the female . They are divided at the moment and no matter how long I wait ( they've been divided for months ) he still tries to kill her . The water parameters and temp are all perfect . What...