1. H

    Cichlids & Bass hitting food top water in 3000 gallon aquarium

    Just a fun video of my South American Cichlids and Peacock Bass hitting their food top water in their 3000 gallon planted aquarium.
  2. aquaticeye

    Cichla Collection (Fogo and Orino Meta)

    I went from ZERO Cichla 6 months ago to 9x Fogo and 9x Orino Meta. I can definitely understand the fascination with these fish now. Just got in the batch of 9x Fogo from @mrdee about an hour ago. Perfect packaging. Fish all came in super alert and energetic. Expert shipping. They'll go...
  3. Blakewater

    For Trade  Wild Brokopondo For Trade!

    Looking to trade my 4.5" Brokopondo for other decent quality cichla around 3.5-6.5". Only species I am not interested in are monoculus. Also possibly open to trading for certain plecos like L600s, L014s, L160's, etc. or a black arowana. Willing to drive up to 40 miles to meet. My broko is...
  4. Jjiang00

    Juvenile fogo bass for sale?!

    Hi just wondering if anybody has experience buying the fogos from predatory fins and if those are true fogos. I thought they were more rare and ridiculously hard to get your hands on? Dude gets a new shipment virtually every week lmao.
  5. Jjiang00

    Help!! Peacock bass not eating, spitting out its food!

    Hi, so i’ve recently had an ich outbreak due to some datnoids which i should’ve quaranteed and have treated the tank for around 2 weeks with ichx. I had 3 tememsis bass which were all monstrous eaters in the beginnig but slowly 2 of them stopped eating and exhibited the same symptoms and went...
  6. Blakewater

    For Sale  4-5" Wild Brokopondo

    Shutting down tanks and bringing in cash for some new.. exciting additions. So Im selling my Brokopondo growout from Wes. Wild, straight out of Suriname. Eating everything but prefers tilapia or shrimp still. Great spangling and potential on him. Pickup only north bay area 94928. $125 just...
  7. FuriousFish

    Foods to try with a picky bass

    I have 3 bass, I got them off craigslist of all places for next to nothing, they were in sort of rough shape when I got them but have cleared up nicely and are totally settled in. 2 are between 14-16 inches and the third one is a bit smaller at around 10-11 inches if I had to guess. The small...
  8. S

    Want to Buy  Peacock bass

    Hey I am looking forward to buy some peacock basses. I am mainly looking for some juveniles but message me for more info if you have anything else.
  9. M

    For Sale  Peacock Bass has Nice Red already

    Hi Selling this roughly 6” peacock bass that already shows some nice color. I was told in the forum that it is a mono.. $70 meet up near 91792
  10. Blakewater

    The Suriname Cichla Growout Thread

    Finally received my highly anticipated package from our import lord, Wes. Got two 3" wild Sp. Brokopondo and one 3.5" Rio Suriname C. Temensis. I actually broke my rule of not buying bass under 5" for these guys so I figured I'd use the opportunity to start a growout thread and track their...
  11. Blakewater

    Cichla Feeding Schedules?

    Just wanted to hear what people are using as a feeding regimen for their Cichla. What're you currently feeding? How big are your bass? How long have you been following that food plan? How does it compare to other feeding patterns you've used? Or anything else you can think of sharing in the...
  12. jackthefishmaster

    Is my peacock a Cichla Temensis or Cichla Azul?

    It was sold as a Cichla Temensis but the coloration and some blue colors in the fish are making me wonder whether it actually is a Temensis or an Azul. I attached the picture, it had a massive meal just before the picture that's why its so fat. The coloration of the fish in real life is...
  13. P

    Cichla bunch

    Very new here and just wanted to ask a few things to beef up my cichlas. Been giving them chicken heart and shrimps since day 1. Just wanted to ask a few other options to maximize their growth and enhance their colors? Attached their pictures 😁
  14. Jush

    African Tiger Fish & Peacock Bass

    Hello, I write this post with a mashed brain. I have owned a total of 5 ATF, in specific 1 FATF & 3 VATF. I own 1 currently because the other 3 were attempts at previously keeping them that failed & 1 I sold. My bass always seems to have a problem. It starts about 8months ago when I got my...
  15. Paradox2296

    Cichla id?

    Same fish displaying different colors I'm thinking mono but I'm not 100% what do you guys think
  16. perun28

    For Sale  Monster cichlids and gar

    Hi guys. I'm shutting down my tank and have for sale :
  17. Blakewater

    My Little Punk Rockers

    So far my Pinima are growing out and fattening up nicely. When I first got them I got so worried thinking their fins were all nipped up. But I realized after a minute Pinima just have some intense little mohawks. Naturally, I named my guys Sonic and Punk. Glad to see they’re maintaining that...
  18. jancibie

    my cichla temensis

  19. Blakewater

    The Magnificent Seven

    Welp, as of last week I finished my thinning. Bringing down my bass school from 13 to 7. The trade off is the water looking crystal clear even after a week without a change and the new hierarchy and space had made all the cichla grow and color up even further in almost no time! Especially the...
  20. Blakewater

    For Trade  12"+ C. Brokopondo For Pinima/Intermedia BAY AREA CA

    Looking to see if anyone would be interested in trading bass. Im open to trading one of my 11"~13" WC sp. Brokopondo in exchange for a Pinima over 4" or a nice Intermedia over 6". May consider trading for a very nice azul. Im willing to drive up to 2 hrs to meet up. I live in 94928 / North Bay...