1. Abyssalisk

    ID this disease?

    I ordered 6 bass from @fenderwai last Wednesday. Since then, One intermedia was found dead with torn fins and a small yellow discharge from his right gill. Now, 2 days later, my other intermedia (who has been a pig) is extremely lethargic, not eating, has severely torn fins, and a whitening...
  2. ZidanSanz

    Senegalus Bichir Swollen Anal Fin? Help!

    I just wonder why his anal fin swollen like that? He is eat and act like normal one (not like a sick or ill fish). Anybody can help me what's wrong with him? Thanks before :)
  3. C

    L029 Vampire Pleco mystery alement - Plausable Dropsy?

    My vampire Pleco has been nothing but healthy over the past year, but this morning I went to work after feeding him. I came home, and I noticed the food was not eaten. I looked for him, and as usual he was in his castle hiding but something was off. I took the castle out, which revealed white...
  4. M

    Synspilum disease (Help pls)

    Hi guys My sinspilum get sick, (inflation & white seeds) i put it on tetracycline and salt soluble in 20min and after that remove the white seeds with tetracycline powder and cotton swab but little bleeding on scars of white seeds. please look at the picture and tell me should i do something...
  5. S

    Freshwater Stingray

    Hey guys, I recently got baby motoro stingray like a week back. He's hardly eating and is housed with an albino bichir and an Asian arowana. He's housed in a 180 gal. The ph, nitrites, ammonia and nitrates are perfect. The bottom substrate is white sand. This morning I noticed a mark on his...
  6. S

    Flowerhorn hexamita help

    I started treating my flowerhorn with epsom salt today Dosage - 50 gram for my 30 gallon tank.(approx 3tblsp) What else should i do ? I donot prefer using antibiotics like metranidazole. Right now i only have access to epsom salt. Pls guide me how to continue the treatment I just bought him...
  7. S

    Pls help me identify the problem with my severum

    I noticed a red blister like dot on my red severums body. He is active and he eats normally water quality is also fine. It would be really helpful if someone could identify what is this blister or what is the reason behind this blister.It looks like it is water filled.
  8. R

    angelfish doing horizontal circles and gets worse with the light on???

    ok, firstly i want to say hello and thank you for allowing me to join this community. I have had my 55 Gal tank set up for almost a year now and have 7 small angels in there, but recently bought a breeding pair from a guy local to me. I went and picked them up, and while doing so we tested the...
  9. D

    Electric catfish with unusual swelling

    I have maintained a 65-gallon planted tank for my 15 year-old electric catfish for 6 months now, where she lives alone except for snails and other random swimming invertebrates. I feed sinking carnivore pellets, as that is what her previous keeper fed. Previously, she had been kept in a...
  10. A


    It is a silver-ish arowana, around 12" and 3 years old. It's head was not like that yesterday. I also don't know if the white spots on its scales are natural, it had them for a while now. It has been breaching the surface of the water like its head cant sink since this afternoon. What should I...
  11. B

    Giant gourami disease

    I have 2 giant white gouramis 4 inch, 2paroon shark 7-8 inch and red paroot about 5 inch in 100 gallon aquarium. Today one of my gouramis swimming on top very lethargic, tilting as well, some white patches on skin as well. After a while she pull out small bubbles from his mouth and is...
  12. Guestc1990

    Eartheater resting on the bottom of the tank.

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for advice about my eartheater. He's usually a very active fish and has recently taken to resting on the bottom of the tank. I've done a water change and this hasn't made him any better. He also has recently had hole in the head which I have treated and has cleared up...
  13. R

    Bichir disease

    Hi, Ive had a bichir for around a year, he is in a large tank and coexisted well with tank mates. He often hides in the driftwood and had been hiding for the last few days. Today morning he came out and i noticed a large part of his tail had turned white. He also seemed to have while patched on...
  14. SeymourAndHisCat

    Help! Potential Parasite Identification?

    Hello, the other day I noticed a small, white bump on the side of my Golden Severum, with what looked to be a very small thin, nearly transparent worm coming out of the middle a few milimeters. Its so tiny it would be impossible to get a clear picture, but the best way I can describe it is a...
  15. S

    Help! What is wrong with my Platy?

    Yesterday I noticed white dots on my black Platy, however I don't think it's whitespot, because it looks as if it's not on the skin, it's like, hanging on, I don't know. It's eye has a white coat and the white things are as I said, not in the skin, but on it. I looked it up and I found something...
  16. Kolossus

    Treatment Suggestions Needed

    TREATMENT HELP NEEDED. I just pulled this lice-like bug off of a recent wild caught ray. Haven't ever dealt with any thing like this before so wondering a few things: 1) Who has dealt with this before? 2) What treatment did you employ? 3) Were there any adverse effects to the treatment? This...
  17. C

    Water Cow Fungus

    So about a week ago my tank developed a horrible fungus that nearly killed my entire tank....thank God my water seems to be recovering as he is definately my favorite! Unfortunately he hasn't started eating yet and I'm really getting worried about him, the fish use to eat at least 10 fish every...
  18. B

    BN Pleco with bloody mouth and strange growth

    Hello, I have been away for the weekend and I noticed my BN pleco (plec) with a bloody mouth and an odd air bubble like growth coming from one of it's gills? I didn't notice anything strange with him before I left for my trip this past weekend. my water params: 55Gal/208L with 20G/75L sump...
  19. D

    flowerhorn gill problem please help!!!

    My flowerhorn fish has developed some kind of boil on its one side of the gill I cannot understand what kind of disease it is. He eats well, does not have any problem like white crap. But since it has developed this boil, he is really getting aggressive for no reason. It also gaps for air not...