florida gar

  1. Jush

    Florida Gar & Salt?

    Hey, I've been attempting to grow baby Florida Gars from about August 2019. I purchased 3 back then, and quickly found it wasn't an easy task. I lost 1, sold 1 to a friend who wanted (that died) and had the final 1 until today... (that died overnight.) I also purchase 5 & then 22 babies...
  2. J

    florida gar spawning

    hi, guys and girls so I posted recently that I managed to spawn my Florida gar here in the UK so fare iv managed to hatch out 4 fry I haven't checked the pond they were spawned in but I'm guessing there will be more in there. the ones I hatched out were in a quarantine tank I wasn't prepared for...
  3. Jush

    Long Nosed Gar MAX Size in Captivity?

    What is a Long Nosed Gar MAX Size in Captivity? I've been told 6-7 foot, but I thought they stuck around 30 inch max similar sizes to Floridas/ Spotted gars
  4. E

    Wolf fish compatability

    Picked up a 265g the other day, 7'x2'x2', going to be housing some bichirs, a florida gar, a lima shovelnose, a female parachromis motaguense, and possibly a spiny eel, something like a dayi. Could a red wolf fit into this mix? Red wolf would end up being the smallest fish in the tank, and most...
  5. Iamfish

    Florida gar housing question?

    So I really want a platinum florida gar but I do not currently have the means to house one for life. I do have plans to get multiple bigger tanks once some medical issues get cleared up. I have read it would take a florida gar at least 2 years to outgrow my 125 so I was wondering if I could...
  6. L

    Baby Gar swim bladder disease? HELP

    Just found my 4" Florida Gar floating on top of the tank. Looks like a swim bladder problem since it can't swim down at all. Just did a 30% water change. Tank is at 80F. What do I do? He looks so lifeless. I don't want to lose the lil guy.
  7. L

    Is this normal for a Gar?

    I just got a 4-5" Gar sold to me as a Spotted Gar, but after reading a bit here, it's most likely a Florida. Anyways, I just watched the lil guy go for 0/15 in his attempts to catch the 20 feeder guppies i have in the 30g tank with him before I lost patience and left haha. Dude sucks at...
  8. Erkan

    Lepisosteus platyrhincus (Florida gar)

    Lepisosteus platyrhincus (Florida Gar)
  9. P

    Best Baby Florida Gar diet

    Hello,i currently have 1 florida gar and 1 florida spotted gar,they are currently feeding on bloodworms and small bits of tilapia,and they are 5 inches long,temp is 26°C and ph is below 7,what do i feed them to grow the fastest so i can pellet train them. Thanks,-Darren
  10. Hybridfish7

    anyone know how much a platinum florida gar is worth on average?

    I'm not getting one any time soon. I just want to know how much they would be... All I know about the platinums is they're quite rare, yet I still see a lot of them, they're gonna be more than a regular florida gar, and I know those rare golden/orange ones are like $15k. ^^^GOLD!!!
  11. Josh's Fish

    How to tell if you have a Spotted or Florida Gar

    The internet seems to be full of different ways to differentiate between Spotted and Florida Gars, such as snout length, markings and body shape, but in reality these ways are all false or too nuanced to definitively ID them. In truth, there are not really any true Spotted Gar (Lepisosteus...
  12. Josh's Fish

    Feeding video for HUGE (18 inch) Black Ghost Knifefish and other Ancient Fish

    Thought I'd share a video of feeding the Knifefish, Lungfish, Gars, Eels, African Arowana and Bichirs some carnivore pellets. Enjoy! :) Tank is 7x4x2ft
  13. chihuicahui

    Whats this bump on my spotted gar?

    This is my first post here, so hello! My boyfriend and I picked up a 7" Florida spotted gar today. Upon getting him in the tank, we noticed a strange, possibly infected bump on his head. Hes in a 125 gallon with cichlids, some various catfish, and a clown loach. Does anyone have any idea...
  14. S

    Unidentified problem - Florida Gar

    My Florida gar looks like she has a long, brownish-pink furrow running for .5 inch on the underside of her jaw. There are no problems with the tank, I've had her for about 3 years and have not introduced anything new into the tank for a year. Water tests fine, temperature stays between 79 and...
  15. G

    Is this a Lepisosteus Occulatus “Platinum var. Florida Gar”

    I have these Gars from 2 years.. They have hardly grown from 6 inch to 10 inch (usual gars grow over a foot in a year) n also I feed them every single day until they are full. They had very minimal faded markings when they were young n now the markings are disappearing one by one every month...
  16. resimodos

    rookie gar keeper

    Hi fellow fishkeepers. first just wanted to say thanks for the site and members who have provided me much info. ive been keeping fish my whole life ( mainly SA cichlids) but recently purchased a baby "spotted gar". when it gets a little bigger ill ask you guys to identify it, could be a florida...