1. P

    Do these stingrays look healthy + Which genger should I get?

    Hi everyone. Recently I have been considering getting 2 female pearl stingrays. Question 1: The following photos are of the selection at my lfs. I wanted a more expert opinion on how they looked, and if anyone notices any red flags. They all did appear to eat, and have been at the store for...
  2. N

    Tank ready for pleco???

    Originally posted under setup I need help with upgrading the tank for my 15” pleco and his goldfish pal. tank is cycled (I think) but I’m thinking a tank to tank move- please read the thread here and give me suggestions...
  3. Cichlids keeper

    Health of wuddy Fireman's Dream?

    Is anyone who owns a fireman's dream FH willing to talk about their health? I think they are absolutely beautiful but I don't know if they live long and I actually want a FH that lives longer than a couple years.
  4. Blakewater

    Off to a Rough Start

    So while my 325g tank is finishing cycling I decided I’d start purchasing my grow outs and keep them in my 55g acrylic quarantine tank (that my fiancé decorated so colorfully). The first guy showed up today, a 7” Spider Kelberi but I had a couple questions about his current health as it’s been a...
  5. PGJE

    Does catfish skin heal?

    I recently got an eclipse catfish from one of my friends, and he has some pretty bad scratch marks on the back of his tail, probably from being with cichlids in the past. He's in one of my tanks now and seems to be doing well, with some strange swimming. I've heard a lot of weird things about...
  6. N

    HELP Pleco diet/stopped eating

    our big guy is several years old. He had stopped eating regularly and we have been noticing changes in his behavior since switching out his smaller hiding place for a reptile cave appropriately sized for him to hide in. He’s about 13 inches, and I’ve posted about him before. He’s had a variety...
  7. D

    How many Bichirs could I have in a 150 gallon?

    Hello all! I have a fully cycled 150 gallon tank with 4 angels and 5 clown loaches. I have a BGK and will be getting some Bichirs, so here is my question. How many Bichirs could I get and not be pushing an unhealthy stocking level? Only upper jaws. Nothing huge. I have a sponge filter, 575 gph...
  8. PGJE

    convicts breeding or fighting?

    I recently got two small convict cichlids. The male is always attacking the female, and she has some small bite marks on her tail. The person at the pet store told me the male was trying to breed with the female, but I found it strange that he would bite her fins. :( Help please!!!
  9. R

    Black Ghost Knife Fish - Split Fin?

    I recently bought a BGKF and the long fin below has a few splits in it? I bought it like this and it was in a bit of PVC pipe when I selected it - I have ordered a few hideouts for my fish who hide - but is this a normal occurrence in BGKFish or could this be a condition eg fin rot? please help...
  10. PGJE


    Hi, I am new to this forum, and I have a problem. I have a 5 inch texas cichlid in a 30 gallon tank, and i have had him for nearly a year now. I moved him just a few days ago, he used to be in a 50 gallon fishtanks with two turtles and a pleco. In that tank, he would eat and swim around, but...
  11. N

    half circle patch on fish

    Hi, i want to ask for tips from you guys. my friend have a 13 cm black ghost knife. she put it in 120 gal or so gal for now with a 12 cm parrot cichlid, 7 cm clown loach, 7 cm redfin shark, and 16 cm tinfoil barb. about 3 days ago, on its back there is a half circle mark that consist of small...
  12. C

    Green Terror not eating

    Hello, I'm new to this site so thanks in advance for any help/ advice. My green terror has been ill for some time now. He stopped eating maybe 6-8 months ago and was pooping white. i moved him to quarantine and treated him with general cure. He finally started eating again at which time I...
  13. R

    Does this Fire Eel look healthy?

    Hello, A little over one month ago I purchased a Fire Eel. I've put all sorts of food in the tank but I have never seen him eat. I'm getting worried he'll starve to death. I've asked before how to tell if he's eating when I'm not looking. Most of the responses were "see if he looks too skinny"...
  14. jeff meredith

    I need help!!! Fast

    Ok, my jaguar has been having some problems. I have apparently not been aware of said problems though. I've had him for almost 10 years now. Recently (about 30 days ago now) I put some convicts in the tank with him. And even more recently, some crawfish. So first he started losing interest in...
  15. PatrickMW36

    Small red bump of my fishe's snout

    So I noticed this awhile back and figured he got it from hitting the glass when striking his food. I kept my eye on it and it healed about 80%. Now it's there again. I'm not sure if this is an injury that he re irritated or something else. Otherwise he's acting completely normal. No signs of...
  16. T

    Solid red spots in fin?

    Hey everyone just got another question and I'm worrying about one of my fish I just moved so I had to move all of my fish but I also upgraded to a 120 gallon which is awesome, I can add some pictures if you'd like.. Tanks been up for about two weeks now I have been using safe start I transferred...
  17. Longfindragon

    Baby rtc feeding?

    I have a baby rtc (about 3inch) and I was wondering what's the safest way to minimize the growth rate without compromising health. I have him in a 65g now and have been feeding him blood worms and cut up raw frozen prawns. Is it safe to feed him every second day or 2 days on 1 off? I know his...
  18. shivam

    Payara has a broken fang

    I've noticed my 6inch Armatus's fang is broken and bent inwards. Is this a normal thing that happens or should I be worried?
  19. jamntoast

    will scales grow back

    I have a group of uaru and 2 have paired off and spawned which is great, baby fish. fun times, yadda yadda. problem is they are more aggressive now and the babies must look tasty so my other uaru have gotten beat up a bit and have lost some scales, which looks a little unsightly. is it possible...
  20. S

    Saratoga hit head, lost equilibrium - help needed

    Hi Our tank became high in nitrate after recent fish illness (pleco had a sore and sara had worms) and during water change saratoga hit his head, now cannot stay right way up. We have him supported with stockings and are desperately need any tips or advice people have. He is about 3ft long...