polypterus delhezi

  1. jiyulsin

    My polypterus delhezi tank

    It didn't go up in the video, so I uploaded it as a picture😢😢
  2. J

    identification of this awesome bichir?!

    Hi, I came across a spanish youtube video and made an entire account to figure out the identification of this bichir I’ve circled in red: I can’t tell if it is a Delhezi or Endlicheri or maybe even something i’ve never heard of. Anyways, if you could help me id this bichir for my 435 gallon...
  3. giseok jung

    Breeding of Polypterus delhezi (W.C X C.B pair)

    Female parents from Indonesia. 37cm, 5 years old Male parents from Ubangi river, D.R.Congo. W.C 27cm, over 3 years old 2~3 hours after hatch. they born without any extra gills and eyes and barely move. don't have any action about light. 2 days old Still don't have any eyes yet. Swim...
  4. IgnatzMcJockel

    Is this already Platinum?

    Hello MFK, Today i found a Polypterus Delhezi at my local pet shop. He looked extremely white and had no red eyes...i thought it could be some kind of Platinum coloring...but he still got stripes. I immediately bought him, becaus in every case he's very beautiful (white with black stripes :D)...
  5. W

    New Polypterus babys

    Just picked up a couple little bichir the other day at Midway tropical fish in Washington. A little Ornate and a Delhezi.
  6. H

    Polypterus Delhezi care (Barred Bichir) and blood parrots

    Hey guys! I bought 2 18~20cm delhezi polys to go w/ my blood parrot pair, and so far, they're doing great. I've noticed a patch of weird looking things that look like sand. I'm guessing that its actually sand stuck to their slime coat? (i'll upload a picture later on) I just want some answers...
  7. SolidSnek

    polypterus delhezi and xenostomys nigri together?

    Hello I have Decided to go with a polypterus delhezi. I was wondering what i could put with it. I couldn't find anything about a delhezi. So i really like knifefish my favorite is the Clown Knife but it is way too big for now. Also could i get something else [with these 2 if they work]. The...
  8. Jacob._.merc

    Bichirs with tetra algae control

    Is it safe to use tetra algae control with bichirs? I have a Senegal and delhezi in a 40 gallon tank with an algae problem. Is it safe to use?
  9. blufsky2

    my first post,polypterus farm from indonesia

    welcome all to my fish farm from indonesia i just share my father fish farm,production,breeding etc just for share,but i can't share link in here -_- someone can help me ?
  10. Jacob._.merc

    Delhezi with africans

    Would a small delhezi (4.1 inches) be able to cope with 2 mbunas and 2 peacocks? They're each about 3 1/2 to 5 inches.
  11. Jacob._.merc

    Senegal bichir with delhezi bichir

    I currently own 2 bichirs in separate tanks. The Senegal is 5 1/2 inches while the delhezi is 4 inches. Would the Senegal be able to eat him?
  12. The Dave

    My Polypterus Hunting For Nightcrawlers. High Quality Video.

    In this professionally produced, high definition video, we will see the species Polypterus delhezi in action feeding on nightcrawlers. This is one of the best polypterus videos on the internet. These are incredibly intelligent and beautiful fish. Highly recommended. Enjoy ...