red terror

  1. M

    Growth rate

    I want to know the growth rate for several South/ Central American cichlids? for instance Red Terror black nasty dovii jaguar cichlid. I have a 10 inch male Texas cichlid who is about 2 years old. I have a male Midas or Red Devil about 8 or 9 inches and he's two and a half years old I have a...
  2. joegriggs

    Festae Cichlid Progression Thread

    Here's a picture of one of my Red Terror grow outs, a real stunner considering he's only just pushing over 3.5" and showing the majority of his colors already. He has been kept in a tank with a more dominant RTM and a smaller Texas recently, so the colors would normally be much brighter...
  3. JF Sirois

    Festae in mtl canada

    Hey, I was looking to get some festaes, preferably f1 or f2 but i didn't want to pay tons of money for shipping. I live in montreal canada and i was wondering if anyone knew about a place i could buy some or somebody who breeds them near by. Size doesn't matter, i can get them pretty small...
  4. cinderellaterra

    Breeding Festae

    I have recently purchased 4 terrors in the hope of getting a female out of it, they are currently in an 8ft display tank. I really have a liking for this cichlid and would like to have a crack at breeding them. I have a 4ft in the garage and was wondering if anyone who has bred them could chime...
  5. RampageRR

    FS | Festae fry - entire group for sale | $60 | Martinsburg, WV 25401 | Pickup

    Looking to sell my group of approximately 30-35 festae fry (1/4-1/2 an inch or so, a little over a month old). My pair just spawned again, and I'm afraid they're going to clean their first batch out before the new one hatches if my experience with other cichlids holds true. I'm in Martinsburg...
  6. NotablySardonic

    Red Terror Eating Disorder.

    Hello, all. New to the forum, hopefully you guys can help me get some resolve with my issues. Let me set it up for ya As the title suggests, I have rescued a small red terror from an unaware friend who had it in a community tank. It was around an inch when i got it and now it's around 2 1/2...
  7. L.Z.

    Red Terror (Festae) Cichlid

    Selling my Red Terror! Need to get rid of my Red Terror Female, beautiful colors! 5 inches long!
  8. cichlidsickness

    Festae Pair - Stomper x Lucille

    Just thought I'd post some pics of my festae pair today. The female is Lucille and the male is Stomper. I've raised Lucille since she was just an egg from my first pair I no longer have. I got Stomper at my local fish store at about and inch in length. She is about 7 inches and he is about...
  9. C

    Trading 5'' Flowerhorn for Young Cichlasoma Festae Group|Natick, MA|Pickup Only

    Hi I have a 5 inch Flowerhorn that I would like to trade for some Cichlasoma Festae (preferably a young pair or a group of young fish). I bought this fish off a guy a few months back and he said that the fish was around 6 months old. Let me know if you are interested and we can pick a place to meet.