L046 pleco setup


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Jan 5, 2018
Sucks for the loss. U should age your water for a few days before doing waterchange to be extra safe. I have a 55 gallon trash bin with a pump I use to age the tap water for several days before using it to do waterchange.
I just don’t have the space for aging that much water :-(

I did continue with my last 90% water change on this Saturday past and used my old method of pond prime and it was fine.
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Oct 2, 2008
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By way of followup- about 3 -4 weeks ago I discovered zebra fry in both my tanks. The old group had some youmger members added a couple of years back, But i really hope one of the two spawning is one of my older fish. The group of 25 also spawned in the same time frame. i have o clue who is spawning in that tank, But I did a minor rescape which involved adding a bunch more caves.

Als, in the last pics I posted they were L173s not my 236s. I have 3 groups of these one of which are super whites. I should be seeing spawns from the SW in the next few months. The superwhites and one of the two other groups are from the Budrovcan line. The third group of TR fish came in as super whites but were not. They appeared to be a mix of 236 from steps along the way to producing a super white line. Apparently, the breeder was dying from cancer and was not converned with what went out :-(

Both groups of my 173s, one wild caught and the other tank raised, are actively spawning as well. Covid really put a damper on my sales since i do not ship much any more. I am getting my first Covid vaccine today. Not sure if it will be Pfizer or Moderna. But it means I should be in shape to allow pick-ups or deliveries again. i am overrun with 236 and 173 offspring and will be offering some great deals come April. I need to move out fish. This should include some proven breeders and an assortment of offspring ranging from 1.5 inches up to almost ready too breed sized fish. i may even ship for orders larg enough. I can borrow a FedEx or a UPS account from friends and if an interested buyer has an account I am willing to use that to send fish as well.

When the time comes, I will post in the the for sale section here and planetcatfish and maybe another site or two.