1. overdrive

    bichir newbie from texas!

    Hey, I'm a newbie to the monster fish arena - goldfish don't really count, despite their size and messmaking. I'm the proud owner of a fat albino bichir named Udon and a tiny little ornate named Brutus. Plus a blood and kirin parrot, as yet unnamed. Mostly here to do some further reading on...
  2. N

    can this workout?

    Hi,i want to ask for some advices from you friend has a 50 gal tank,but she doesn't understand about fish compability.his father already put 2 tinfoil barbs inside,so i dont have any choice but to keep these fish inside,although the tank is quite small for them (1 m x 45 cm x 60 cm).so...
  3. Hendre

    Help on possible predator fish stocking :P

    Good morning / evening guys and girls of MFK I thought this would be the best forum to go to for stocking ideas for a predatory tank since other forums didn't help much. (this is my first post and i put it in the most logical place on the forum) I am getting a fish tank in 2/3 months and am...
  4. H


    i bought a few polypterus for chirstmas today, i found this one with a few endli's and decided to buy him for cheap. i wasnt paying attention, i found out when i finally released it into the tank, poor fish didnt have eyes. im looking to id it, my money is on guinean bichir. but it might just be...
  5. E

    My new bichir is sick please help!!!!!

    My new del seems to have gotten sick..I'm still pretty new to these guys. Can someone please help me try to save him
  6. E

    feeding time

    My newest monster
  7. Sizzy905

    Delhezi bichir eat Convict cichlid?

    I have a 3.5-4 inch con right now and I have my eye on a 12 inch delhezi bichir? does the con have any chance or should i forget about the bichir? any experience with these two fish? tank is 75 gallons. the convict is all i have right now.
  8. L

    Looking for any tips on my young africans, and a quick Bichir question

    So I inherited my family tank. I was involved in the tank a ton growing up but this has been my first time setting it up on my own. It's an 80 gallon tall, with two power heads and a Fluval 600. I got my filter cycling beautifully and my ammonia has stayed below .25ppm through all fish...
  9. P

    Polypterus endlicheri sp. "Tikinso Guinea"

    WC Polypterus endlicheri sp. "Tikinso Guinea"
  10. Kangadrew

    Polypterus Senegalus Tankmates

    Hey guys, I have a 55 gallon cycled and ready for some fish to move into it. It's god some driftwood, large rocks, live plants, and gravel/fluorite subsrate - pretty much a basic setup, just got nice-looking plants and threw everything together. I'm moving my senegal bichir into it, as she's...
  11. W

    Sexing Ornate Bichir - Polypterus ornatipinnis

    Hi everyone! I have two Ornates that are about 30cm. One is a little bigger. I would like to see thoughts on sex, I took some picture last night and would really appreciate the help. Thanks (An album with lots of pictures of them -
  12. superbuddha

    Tankmates for 3 Senegalus

    I'm sure this is a semi common topic but i'd love to here what everyone thinks I have mostly finished setting up my 75 gal planted tank. My 3 Senegalus will soon be home sweet home. 1 male and 2 females between 7 and 10 inches. Is my tank size ok? atleast until the possible ghost knife gets...
  13. Sizzy905

    Need help stocking please!

    So I just bought a brand new 75 gallon tank. I'm using an Aqueon Quiet Flow 55/75 filter. I'm planning on having one Senegal Bichir, one Green Terror, and a group of medium sized schooling fish say 4-5 inches, that will go well with the aggression of a Green Terror. So my question is, will the...
  14. JustMFKhere213

    7-8" Purple wolffish $80 & 2x 8-9" Senegal $70

    I have 7-8" Purple wolffish for $80 very healthy eats anything from floating to sinking pellets, shrimp, tilapia and blackworms. I also have 2x Senegal bichir 8-9" $70 for both and 40ea. You can buy all for 130 So-cal pick up only or could possibly deliver if you're around DTLA at your own cost.
  15. Champagne Papi

    How big do albino segs get?

    I hear they don't get bigger than 10 inches is this true? All my other bichirs have passed him up in size except my delhezi. Has anybody have an albino seg that grew past 10 inches? I really want Dracula to get to 10 inches or bigger.
  16. A

    Guys can you help me my endli is not eating

    Guys just bought a endli last Saturday but he's not eating