Need help with fish decision!


Feeder Fish
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Jan 26, 2019
So I have an empty 36 gallon bow front tank rn and I wanna put a fish in there that I can grow out before tranfering it to my 250(I’m in the process of building the 250 because my 225 is currently being used for a salt setup and I don’t want to add any more fish to my 350). I want to keep these fish in my 36 for at least a year so I’m looking for a slow growing fish. I’m really interested in peacock bass and datnoids. Right now the 36 gallon tank is in a main living area so I would prefer the fish have some presence to them, I was thinking if I got 2 dats(or peacocks) around 4-6 inches how long will I have until I can put them in my 36. I’m running a fx6 on my 36(I know it seems like overkill lol but I had it around and decided might as well). If you have any other recommendations for some type of predatory/ large slow growing fish that can live in a 36 for a year or so lmk(not into cichlids, so no green terrors or oscars or jags, kinda had my “period” with those already. I’m most interested in dats and peacock bass but lmk what y’all think! (Can’t really fit another tank in here so I’m stuck with my 36 and my large tanks so getting a new growout is not really a option)


The Necromancer
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Aug 6, 2016
How about a freshwater drum? Get a small one, they eat a variety of foods and love to eat snails.

Or get a young warmouth