african cichlid

  1. Zack333

    Keeping females with male peacock cichlids

    I know that it is boy recommended and many people say just don't because if the agression it can cause, but recently I saw a friend's tank who had beautiful male african peacocks and haps and he said they were so colorful because he had a couple of females in the tank (like 3 females with 15ish...
  2. R

    Need help identifying Cichlids

    So I know for sure I have a Flowerhorn (in his/her own tank), Maingano and an Auratus cichlid. (Or at least that’s what I was told when I purchased them.) But I’m confused as to what type of Peacock and African cichlids the rest are. I know I got them all in the assorted cichlid section at the...
  3. Zack333

    Tampa Bay Cichlid female return policy

    Anyone know Tampa bay cichlids return policy for a Garrenteed Male when you get a female? (Pretty sure because it has eggs on its its mouth) thanks
  4. C

    Convict cichlids !!??

    Convict cichlids about 16-20 weeks old, had them since fry and now in a 30 gallon tank, im not sure if its male or female. Theyre both about the same size but one is more darker and purple-ish, And the other is grey-ish color. Darker one has a greenish blue hints in the top dorsal fin , Grey...
  5. S

    Senegal bichir tank mates?

    I know this has been asked already, but I wanted some fresh opinions. Could a senegal bichir do well with maybe an elephant nose, african brown knife, or african cichlids? Please answer!
  6. koh the face stealer

    Red Zebra tankmates

    Hi all, I'm going to be trading a friend for a smaller tank soon and would like some stocking suggestions and such. I'll be trading one of my 60 gallons for a 45 gallon. The tank residents are two silver dollars and a red zebra cichlid. I already know the silvers need to go and mbunas...
  7. Jexnell

    Questions about a125gal Peacock tank

    I have been tossing around the idea of making a 125gal Peacock Male only tank. Would be filtered by an FX4, and would set up circulation pumps at either end to get that flow they like to swim against. Sand substrate with several big rocks for decore. My questions are, 1) How many would be a...
  8. N

    180 gal Malawi stocking

    Will be setting up a new 180gal (6x2x2) Malawi tank by the end of the summer. Was thinking this for a preliminary stock list. Going to get the mbuna at 2”, the haps and peacocks at 3” and the fronts at 5”. Would love some suggestions of the best online vendors for Africans and also for...
  9. J

    Where can I buy Frontosas?

    Does anyone know US vendors with good Frontosas online? Looking for fish about 6". Thanks
  10. M

    African Cichlid Tumor? Please Help

    Please help. I have an African Cichlid with a growth on its face. I think it might be a tumor but I’m not sure. I do a weekly 50%water change and I over filter. I treated the entire tank with Triple Sulfa which did not help. It started by looking like it had swallen nostrils and now it moves...
  11. L

    Help with Cichlid Types

    Hey everybody, I'm sure all Cichlid owners have the odd fish they wish they knew the type of! Please post good pictures of known and unknown Cichlid breeds and let's see if we can all help each other out!
  12. Reaperxvii

    125 gallon peacock tank

    Hello guys, new to the forms. I've been in the aquarium hobby about 8 months now and have a successful Community 75 gallon (granted its overstocked but over filtered :) )and two 29 gallon aquariums. Now I'm starting my next project which is going to be a 125 gallon tank and I believe I want to...
  13. Jacob._.merc

    What is this fish?

    Hey guys I just bought what I think is a Malawi eye biter. It was sold under dimidiochromis compressiceps but it looks nothing like how I've seen them or kept them. Could this be a different species or am I mistaken? He is also missing an eye. Kinda ironic haha.
  14. Jacob._.merc

    Delhezi with africans

    Would a small delhezi (4.1 inches) be able to cope with 2 mbunas and 2 peacocks? They're each about 3 1/2 to 5 inches.
  15. TheMoneyTank(TMT)


    So today I went fish shopping and whilst looking round at the oddballs they had (8inch gulper catfish £99.00) I was drawn to the cichlid section where I saw my dream fish I have been after for 6 years (hard to find in my area of the UK) A 4inch male dovii, I have been after a dovii for years and...
  16. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    What's the biggest jewel cichlid (guttatus) ever?

    Wondering what was the biggest jewel cichlid (guttatus) someone has owned post pics if you can share some monsters
  17. Narwhal

    The History of Lake Victoria

    I made this video about the History Surrounding Lake Victoria, and its ecological collapse. Has some footage of my fish as well. I hope you enjoy, and if you note some inaccuracies, please let me know
  18. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    What fish are these ?!?!?! HELP

    So I went the lfs yesterday and saw a pair of cichlids about 9inches long I had no idea what they were I was thinking a tilapia of some sort but I'm unsure so any help is much appreciated
  19. L

    16 days, no power, no food

    To start I will admit that I've been keeping and breeding fish for nearly 30 years. So after reading about my recent trials you may say; you should have known better! I took a 16 year hiatus from the hobby after joining the Navy and 3 months ago I caught the bug again. I still had a 90 gallon...
  20. M

    Yellow lab is not herself...

    So, after this last time of holding eggs for a month, my female yellow lab has been withdrawn. She is not eating well. She stays away from the other fish when they eat. She will only occasionally grab food off of the bottom. Since she had been holding eggs, we got 2 new fish. They have...