1. B

    45g predator tank: Do you think this is overstocking?

    Hi. Long time lurker, first time poster. I have a lot of experience in freshwater aquaria, and recently I've been very tempted to try salt. I found a nice 45g cube-styled aquarium on LiveAquaria, measuring 26.5" x 22" x 19". Can't post a link because this is my first post, but it has a...
  2. B

    Freshwater Moray

    Hi everyone, I keep a 100 gal tank of Peacocks/Haps and have been wanting to add an eel, not just any eel, I want a challenge, I want something exotic, I want something that stands out. After much research in an attempt to find a freshwater eel that is not a tire track or a fire eel, I have...
  3. Deadliestviper7

    Worlds oldest eel dies!

    a eel who is at least 155 years old dies in Sweden. In the 1880,s a boy threw an eel in a well, (Common practice at the time, eels kept the well clean of dead insects) The eel (named Ale) spent all those years there, until recently when Ale was found dead :rip Ale is survived by a upstart eel...
  4. T

    Hide ideas for my new 400g

    Hey guys! So I just recently moved and set up my 400gallon tank in my new home. It’s 8 foot wide 2 foot 3 deep and 2 foot tall.. and succefully moved all my fish from the 120gal... I dropped a bichir but he’s fine :o . I transferred the canister with them and slowly acclimated them so the tank...
  5. T

    New eels new problems!

    Hey yall I got a new spiney eels he’s currently about 14 or so enches long and about an inch in diameter he’s truly beautiful.. but! He incessantly tries to swim into the canisters outflow and he knocks it off and has scraped his head once. Any idea on how to deter him from doing this and...
  6. T

    Worried about my large fire eel, looking for advice

    Hey everyone I don’t post often and I really should but I’m looking everywhere for advice and this is a likely spot. I’ve got 4 spiny eels right now one 15 inch tire track eel one 5 inch zig zag eel one 10 inch Borneo python eel and my beloved 16 inch fire eel I’ve raised from a baby. He has...
  7. S

    Tiger barbs with black spots?

    Got a 125g with 3 black spotted eels (roughly 12”, 14”, 16-18”), they’re all pretty established, no aggression issues, all got their little territories and swim right around each other peaceful enough. Now I want some active top/middle of the tank fish to add some movement to the tank when...
  8. B

    Need help with choosing new tankmates

    Here is the problem. I am an American and I live in Israel, in a small town in the Negev desert. Despite this aquariums are a common hobby in this town and there are 5 pet shops in this small town of 40,000 people. However the variety of fish available are limited and tend to rarely change...
  9. Miks786

    What eel is this?

    Hey guys I recently saw this eel at my lfs, looks really interesting and the guy says its freshwater, is that true? If yes I would love too keep him with some juvi peacock bass? Any info on this guy would be appreciated Thanks in advance
  10. Night owl

    Fire eel is completely white

    Hi I was wondering if I could get some help I purchased a fire eel and 2 bolivian rams at my lfs today and I noticed these white specks on the fire eels tail so I thought it was ich so I added 1/3 dose to the tank to see if that helps. We'll now the eel is completely white and I'm unsure what to...
  11. S

    New Tank, rescue Eel tankmates advice

    So after a lot of financial distress over the past couple of years I am finally at a stable and comfortable point. I have bought a 125 gallon tank and it's currently cycling and will be for around the next few weeks. I got a peacock Eel from a friend who bought it on impulse and had neither the...
  12. Moontanman

    NA native fish aquarium.

    Yes I know there are a couple tropicals in there, I had to take down their tank and but they will be restored to their own tank soon...
  13. M

    Where can i find garnet sand?

    I have been scouring the internet for red or garnet sand for my bichirs and eels.I haven't been able to find it and I wanted to help bring out my bichirs colors by switching my substrate from white sand to either red,black or brown sand.What is also a good 'size or grit' of sand for bichirs?
  14. Josh's Fish

    7x4x2ft (1400litres) Prehistoric Predator Tank

    The tank has a 16 inch tall open Riparium canopy with sliding glass doors, so emersed plants can grow and the fish can jump without hitting a lid. At the moment I keep: x2 Polypterus bichir lapradei x2 P. endlicheri x1 P. congicus x1 P. ansorgii x1 P. polli x1 P. senegalus x3 P...
  15. xDestro

    Dwarf giraffe catfish question

    I ordered a dwarf giraffe catfish from WetSpot tropicals!! Super excited when I saw it up for sale, I even lowered my stock and changed my tank around to soot him better. My question is I have a maybe 4 inch zig zag eel in the tank, he's always out and never really hiding so could he become...
  16. The Dave

    How to Culture And Feed Vinegar Eels To Your Fish

    One of the easiest ways to improve the growth rate of newborn fish is to give them ample supplies of healthy live foods. However, most live food cultures can be difficult to keep going over the long run. One exception is the vinegar eel. These creatures are incredibly easy to raise and feed to...
  17. A

    Anyone ever keep a California Moray Eel (Gymnothorax mordax)?

    I have a 2 ft one right now in my coldwater system and was just curious if anyone has an idea on what their rate of growth is? I've found their max size and age but nothing on their rate of growth? He gets a couple of large shrimp every few days on average right now. He picked off a few of...
  18. xDestro

    Peacock and zig zag together?

    Iv had a few people tell me you can't keep more than 1 eel together, I'm planning g on getting a zig zag and a peacock for my 75 so will I run into problems? I have 2 large pieces of driftwood for plenty of hiding places and a sandy substrate.
  19. Wyattshaw99

    Marbled Eel better known as the Mottled eel

    i recently purchased one of these monsters i currently have him in a 55 gallon tank with 2 breeder angel fish 2 gouramis and a pearl danio and a common pleco was wondering if anyone else had owned one of these before and what you could tell me. ive owned eels in the past but nothing from this...
  20. Experiment397

    Eel for planted indo tank

    Im trying to figure out what spiny to get for my 125. The tank is fully planted, with about 3" of a sand/soil mix, has lots of natural leaf litter and rockwork. The main inhabitants of the tank are some Bala Sharks all around 5-7" right now and an 8" kissing gourami, along with a dozen or so...