1. A

    New - Stock my 190 gallon

    Hey everyone. I need some advice stocking my new 190gal. Ive been reading on this site for years, now i need your help! I have been a fishkeeper for 8 years. I have kept a little bit of everything, in the last couple of years i have been into American Cichlids. I currently have: 1 Cuban cichlid...
  2. Xnhx

    Tankmates for Firemouth Shoal

    Hey all. I recently upgraded to a 75 gallon tank for my Firemouth and have decided to start a shoal of 5 to more closely replicate their habitat. I have australian rainbowfish and tiger barbs with him right now, but am rehoming the rainbows for a different schooling fish. Which leads to my...
  3. Xnhx

    Firemouth Shoal or Cichlid Mix?

    I am currently in the process of setting up a 75 gallon as an upgrade from my 55 gallon. I have 1 adult male firemouth, 5 tiger barbs, and 6 rainbowfish as well. I may leave the schooling fish in the 55 but they are honestly all some of the most docile fish, even the tiger barbs, so who knows...
  4. C

    Stocking advice + "plant-safe" SA cichlids?

    Hello everyone, I recently added fish to my 2 m/6.5 ft, 650 l/180 g planted aquarium which holds a variety of Anubias, java ferns and Echinodorus osiris, the latter of which has been anchored down. For filtration I am using 2x 1800 l/hr (= 514 g/hr) external filters. My current stocking is: 1x...
  5. S

    150 gallon stocking ideas/advice

    Hello, New to this site, been keeping mixed community fish for over 20 years. Generally tropical south american and different catfish. I am upgrading from a 55 gallon (48" long) to a 150 gallon (66" long..weird dimensions). I've never had a tank this large and have no clue what I'm doing with...
  6. H

    Stocking advice needed for Central American 125 gallon

    Hi guys! This is long but I wanted to give you a good idea of the situation so I can get the best advice possible. I got a new 125 gallon tank and am setting it up now. Trying to figure out what I want to stock it with once I get it cycled. I was going to go with South American (I love those...
  7. N

    20 gallon long "mini monster" stocking

    Hello, I currently have a 20 gallon long "mini monster" community, the tank holds 9 tiger barbs and 2 dwarf gouramis, the dwarf gouramis are a pair and the tiger barbs get along well with the gouramis, the tank is also short term and it gets 50% water changes every week, I am looking for another...
  8. Benthebassmaster

    What can I add to my 55 gallon tank

    I have a 55 gallon fish tank with 2 angelfish (that aren’t breeding) and 4 corydoras. I have kept them for about a month and the tank is kinda dull. I want a little more action in the tank
  9. N

    Best nano predator?

    Hello! I am new to this forum and have been researching in other forums and articles to determine stocking choices for my 20 gallon long it is currently stocked with tiger barbs but it will only last for a couple more months, so I am deciding for my second stocking decision in my 20 gallon long...
  10. O

    stocking regarding Gymnothorax Polyuranodon or freshwater moray eel

    Hey guys! First post here :) So my 7ft is going up soon and I've been thinking about adding an eel to my stocking because I'm very interested in them and one has come up for sale in my area which is decently rare. I've been doing some research to try and make sure I know what I'm getting into...
  11. M

    200 gallon stocking

    Hello, I'm almost finished plumbing my 200 gallon to its 75 gallon sump. Sump will have 2 7" sock filters, sponges in the baffles, and 1/4 to 1/3 of the sump will hold bio balls. I'll have an fx6 on the 200g as well. For stocking I'm definitely going with 2 oscars. For tankmates I was...
  12. F

    Idea on a 400 gallon tank.

    Hello All, I have built a 7X3X3 ft concrete tank outside my home. Please suggest the filtration system and fish stocking. Thanks
  13. A

    40 Gallon Tank Cichlid Stocking Options

    Hi All, I recently purchased a 40 gallon tank and it is close to being cycled. There are a lot of plants and open-ended pots for plenty of shelter. I am interested n stocking the tank with South American and Central American cichlids. Specifically, I am interested in firemouths, electric blue...
  14. PGJE

    10 gallon nano stocking

    Of course, I’m still going to wait a while but my cycle is pretty much finished. I was wondering what the options were for a 10 gallon, I’m up to anything. im looking for a non aggressive fish, as there will be a cuc in there with it Anything helps!
  15. F

    What to do? What to do? What to ?

    I have a 40 gallon long with a Florida Gar that will soon go into my 180 gallon. I want to stock the 40g long but, keep changing my mind. option 1: 4 Silver Dollars 4 Horse Head Loaches 6 Dwarf Puffers Option 2: 2 fancy Goldfish Option 3: Crayfish option 4: something completely different
  16. P

    Arowana mixing

    Hello everyone hoping for some quick tips, I have a foot long Asian arowana in my 180 gallon tank 6x2x2 and I’m thinking of adding an albino silver or black arowana, I don’t have one picked out I’m just doing some preliminary research. Would this matchup be acceptable and are there ways to...
  17. L

    130G Stocking

    Was thinking about some good mix, but really don't know wich and how many :) The size of the tank is 112x72x61cm Thanks to everyone that can help me in this decision :)
  18. J

    55 gallon bichir tank mates

    Hello all, I recently upgraded my 2 young angel fish and my 4 in Senegal bichir into a 55 gallon tank and I’m curious about if I could put something else in there. Like an acara or Firemouth or something of that sort?
  19. Blakewater

    How Many Cichla Can I Cram Into A Glass Box?

    In all seriousness.. how many pbass, if say I went with smaller species like Kelberi and Intermedia, could live life comfortably in a 96x30x26? Theres enough filtration for a fully stocked tank twice its size so thats not an issue. Just want to know how many swimmy bois you guys think I could...
  20. Greenboy

    Surface dweller stocking

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a surface dwelling fish for a 4ft 120gal(ish) aquarium. It's stocked with your basic amazon community at the moment, the biggest and nastiest fish in there are a couple of adult angel fish. Currently i have hatchet fish, but I'm planning on...