1. i Aqua

    For Sale  For Sale iAqua Carbon

    " About our product:iAqua Carbon supplies a custom-designed range of carbon and a mixture of Lava rocks to maintain the carefully controlled conditions of the aquarium environment. Decomposed organics and even trace levels of residual disinfectants such as chlorine and chloramine. The Superior...
  2. A

    Seachem Paraguard and inverts

    So I have a 10 gal aquarium with a pleco, a betta and two cory cats, recently I have noted ich on my pleco and do not want it to spread but I do not have another tank to quarantine it in. I have seen paraguard but know it is bad for inverts, and there is also a snail, a crayfish, and some ghost...
  3. G

    For Sale  Selling two 10 gallon tanks

    Looking for someone to buy my two 10 gallons tanks. one of them has 3 goldfish, and the other one has 2 fig 8 puffers. tanks include hood lights filters decor and heaters. please text me for any additional information at six two six 554 two 9 four 3 thanks!
  4. Jush

    White Worm whenever I water change?

    Hi, whenever I seem to do a water change these white worms appear in my tank, now Ive heard theyre a sign of bad water but I have good water (tested it a few times) and they only ever appear in this mass when a water change is done. What are they and how can I get rid of them? Ive cleaned the...
  5. Jush

    Datnoid Cloudy Eye

    One of my 3 datnoids in a specific tank has developed a cloudy eye, only on one side, I haven't treated yet due to it being just the one & I don't know whats caused it. I have the tank stocked with silver aro, African aro, stingray, 3 dats and 5 bichir. I've read it can be water parameters, but...
  6. JunhoxPark

    WTB: Water Cow Goby 5”-9”

    I’ve been looking everywhere and i can’t find any near this size.... anyone have any for sale, know where they sell them or would be willing to ship one to me would be awesome. Located in Socal 92606 Very serious, please someone help
  7. Oz fish guy

    To dechlorinate.. or not to dechlorinate

    So i have been wondering.. say my fish gets sick. Ich or sunken belly or what not. Can i keep the fish in plane old water to eliminate the bacteria/parasite thats infecting the fish.. i wonder this because we put all types of funky things in our water to keep it free of bacteria. So if tap water...
  8. J

    Need help, with my fish and tanks

    I don't know what's wrong. My flowerhorn is 4" and right know he is in the hospital tank. Because for some reason every time he is in the 55 gallon he starts acting weird. He starts being scared, hitting himself, sitting at the bottom of the tank. I have test the water and everything is okay...
  9. koizilla714

    FTS | Danner Mag drive 24 pump | $130 | santa ana CA | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FTS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Danner Mag drive 24 pump What are your prices?: 120 Where are you located?: santa ana CA Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: too strong for my needs. $120 or trade to any quiet large commercial air pump or fish...
  10. koizilla714

    is food coloring safe for fish?

    Hey guys, I wanna visually see the water flow/circulation in my tank will it be safe to add food coloring in my tank without harming my fishes? Or is there any special kind of dye for that? Thanks
  11. D

    Need dovii advice

    So I have a male and female dovii both about 6 inches. They got along for a few days then the female went ape **** on my male took some fins and left a gash. He is healed up now and I have them separated with light defuser. I figured since the male is not aggressive with the female I just need...
  12. koizilla714

    FTS | Mag drive 24 return pump | $150 | Santa ana | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FTS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Mag drive 24 return pump What are your prices?: 150 Where are you located?: Santa ana Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: 2400 GPH maximum flow 18' shut off Impellers are newly replaced. Shipping method...
  13. koizilla714

    filter media on return section of a sump?

    Is it okay to stock with any filter media (seachem denitrate to be specific as there would be lesser flow) on section/chamber of the return pump?
  14. G

    help: stingray has red mouth

    Hi guys, need some help. My stingray suddenly developed redness in its mouth and i see it opens its mouth widely when it climbs the glass or glides on water. It has been like this for a week now and it also stopped feeding. It is still quite active but probably because it is irritated /...
  15. G

    heater for large tanks

    hi guys. I currently have a 350 gallon tank running with a 150 gallon sump tank filter. I need to bump up the temp to 31 degrees celsius since one of my rays is not eating well. I am using 2 pcs of 300 watt heaters on the tank. I notice that when i set the heater temp to 31 the tank's temp is...
  16. Truetommy

    Cloudy Water Help

    I just finally filled up my new 100 gallon tank about a week ago, about two days ago i took the cycled filters off my 55 as well as a secondary filter and put them on the 100, i also transfered the fish from the 55 up inyo the hundred gallon. For the first few days everything seemed fine, and...