1. J

    How many delhezi in tank

    I’ve been tempted to get more dels but am concerned about aggression. I currently have a 4.5” delhezi in a 125 gallon tank filled about halfway. The actual volume of water that’s currently in the tank is 40 gallons. I like the look so would like to keep it filled halfway permanently. I have 3...
  2. neko1

    how to reduce agression with bichirs?

    I got 3 bichirs, a delhezi, palma and senegalus. The delhezi and senegal are really nice and get along great. Only problem is that the palma has grown a lot and is sometimes attacking the senegal. He does leave the delhezi alone. Can i do something to reduce agression on the senegal from the...
  3. neko1

    HELP small delhezi with red spots on stomach?

    What is this? I have had him for 2/3 years, water seems fine. I got sand so he isnt hurting him self on stones or anything. Is it parasites?? and what can i do? pls help, thanks in advance
  4. IgnatzMcJockel

    Should I be worried?

    Today i noticed, that one of my dels got a white bulge on the left side of his face. Sometimes he's shaking his head, so i think it is iching. I can't tell if it is something dangerous or if i'm to worried... I added a few pics, so you can make your own opinion. I hope you can help me :)
  5. Liaker

    Got a Poly endlicheri and a poly delhezi instead of 2x delhezi, help?

    So I bought two juvenile Poly Delhezi that would grow in my 200L/52gal tank, to then be moved to a 540L/142gal tank when they have grown a bit. So everything was goin' fine and dandy, they were eating awesomely and they had nice temperaments. Until I noticed one of them was growing a slightly...
  6. neko1

    help with forming community predator tank

    hello, first of all. Im i in the right forum subject? Second of all I got a 2 meter aquarium around 800liters so thats 211 gallon My fish right now are : 3x polypterus (orni/delhezi/senegalus) 5x silver dollars 2x bullhead catfish (idk why but they are so friendly) 1x rope fish I wanted to add...
  7. Jjiang00

    identification of this awesome bichir?!

    Hi, I came across a spanish youtube video and made an entire account to figure out the identification of this bichir I’ve circled in red: I can’t tell if it is a Delhezi or Endlicheri or maybe even something i’ve never heard of. Anyways, if you could help me id this bichir for my 435 gallon...
  8. S

    For Sale  Delhezi Bichir

    Up for sale is my Delhezi. Had him ever since he was a little 3 inch worm, about 3 years ago. He is now 10 inches. I feed him pellets only. Pick up in Garden Grove, CA. $60
  9. B

    Want to Buy  Delhezi bichir

    Hey all, Im keeping an eye out for a delhezi bichir in SoCal. My bichirs are 9-10in so I want at least 6in to be safe. Might be open to trade my black ghost and ornate. Or if you see some in a shop and could let me know thatd be awesome too. Thanks!
  10. K

    Need advice in tank requirement

    Can i keep bichir in this tank size in a long term.. Tank dimension 3.5ft (long) x 2ft(width) x 1ft(height) ?? My bichir : 2 delhezi & 1 endlicheri. They still in 6-7 inch size
  11. P

    For Sale  Datnoids and Polypterus Buffalo NY

    (5) Indo Datnoids 1.5-2" (1) Silver Datnoid 3" (1) delhezi polypterus 3" (1) Ornatipinnis polypterus 3" all $125 pickup buffalo ny pics upon interest
  12. IgnatzMcJockel

    Hand Feeding Bichirs

    Hi MFKers I already had the first trys getting my poly pack used to hand feeding...but until now i only had success, if i put my hand lower then the half of the tank...but i would like to feed them near the surface (no wet arm every time^^). Has anyone of you experience in getting bichirs used...
  13. IgnatzMcJockel

    Delhezi sex determinition

    Hello MFK, Keeping Delhezi Bichirs has been a very big Wish of mine for the last few years. I prepared a long time , before buying my first two Dels this February (i often read that it's easy to gender polys). They were both worm-size (~2"). Becaus i wasn't shure if they'r male or femal i...
  14. Jacob._.merc

    Red (blood?) on bichir

    I noticed recently on my delhezi bichir that he has red marks on his underside. The almost look like cuts. He is housed with 3 other bichirs and 2 catfish. Is this something to stress over or will it heal over time?
  15. blufsky2

    rare polypterus platinum family from reddy aquarium

    Hello guys im reddy from indonesia want share my production fish farm welcome to reddy aquarium colection fish i hope you enjoy my colection :D GOD BLESS YOU ALL facebook : facebook grup :
  16. deradlerskartal

    Polypterus / MFK Ankara

    Hey, I generally had an endlich but now I have a group of polypterus that I really like them. I will update their video/photo that I can do; or (low quality) 28 cm endlich is with me for almost 6 months...
  17. S

    Delhezi Thickness?

    So I can find plenty of sources on how big a Delhezi Bichir will grown LONG. But I’m trying to build hides into their final tank that will be less than adjustable/moveable. I know these boys can hit around 14-18” long, I’m curious as to what diameter of PVC pipe won’t squish them in their adult...
  18. Sarahmander

    Did I Overfeed My Bichir?

    I have a juvenile Senegal Bichir (about 4in) that I have had less than a month. I have him in a 45gal tank with a Delhezi bichir of the same size. I was having trouble getting my Del to eat, and my Sen would end up eating his food AND half of hers. Now his back half is floating up awkwardly and...
  19. B

    Delhezi size compatibility question

    I'm going to be moving some fish to their semi-permanent home soon(it's a massive 300 gallon tote, huge score at $200, while I save up for an actual tank which is why it's semi) and want to have all intended inhabitants quarantined and good to go so I can add them all at once and not have to...
  20. Ricardo quezada

    Inactive barred bichir

    Is there a way to make them more active? They just stay at the bottom of the tank and don't do much. They are juveniles about an inch in length. Water conditions are fine. Living with plecos and feeder guppies. TEMPORARY HOUSING . Eventually moving to soemthing large with other predator fish. I...